Closed until SATURDAY Sept. 27th - 10am


 If you are visiting the "Big E" this week drop by our booth in the

Connecticut Building on Tuesday & Wednesday and say "sup"...



If you have your Birthday Party with us during Pumpkin Patch you not only get to use

the birthday car for 2 hours for celebrations but the kids will ride to the Patch to pick

out their favorite pumpkin - and the cost differential is so very small - with a group...!!!

Check out the numbers for yourself...


 [click here for available dates and times]

[seven slots reserved - only sixteen left - don't hesitate too long]



If you can lift it and you like it - it is yours

 That time is getting close - be sure to mark your calendars - begins Oct 3rd




 RAILS TO THE DARKSIDE begins Oct. 3rd - 7pm


 The graveyard was moved just south of the Mainline in 1905 - no one visits anymore

(You can read the East Windsor history of the cemeterys' move here)




YouTube contest winning video...




Connecticut Trolley Museum Connecticut Fire Museum Connecticut Motor Coach Museum

The Connecticut Trolley Museum invites you to take a journey back in time and experience the transportation of yesterday. The museum features a variety of streetcars from the 1890s to 1950s, many of which are available for rides. At the Connecticut Trolley Museum, we provide a historically accurate educational experience through the interpretation, preservation, restoration and operation of an electric railway.

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