Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Pills

You will find several dietary supplements on the market today that claim to help in enhancing your sexual performance. However, choosing a supplement that stands up to its claims can be quite difficult among the hundreds of male enhancement supplements out there.

We know that you want nothing but the best when it comes to your sexual health. Hence, to make things a tad bit easier for you, we rummaged through all the popular male enhancement supplements and picked up three of the best among them. These supplements are scientifically-proven to help in the enhancement of your penile chambers and also to boost your sexual performance.

By the end of this post, we assure you that you would have found the perfect companion for all your sexual woes. You will no longer have to be doubtful about your staying power every time you get in action, neither will you have to worry about not satisfying your partner in bed. Read on to find more about the top 3 male enhancement supplements chosen by us.

#1 – Massive Male Plus

Massive Male Plus

Massive Male Plus is your best bet if your main concern is small penis size. This male enhancement dietary supplement claims to help in increasing the size of your penis by three inches in just 3 weeks!

It is an all-natural supplement that contains some secret ingredients proven to help in enhancing the size of the penis.


The following are all the main ingredients present in Massive Male Plus.

  • Chinese Hawthorn – This herb helps in improving blood flow to the penis and thus has a direct impact on increasing the size of the penis. Increased blood flow to the penile chambers also assists in giving harder erections that stay for a longer period.
  • Muira Puama – This ingredient is observed to improve one’s overall sexual performance and is noted for its positive effect on an individual’s libido as well.
  • Ginkgo – It works by enhancing the relaxing effect of nitric oxide on the arterial walls of the penis. As a result, the blood flow to your penis increases and you notice an increase in its size.
  • Asian Ginseng – It is a Chinese medicinal herb that can help in increasing your libido and is also used to treat various sexual dysfunctions.
  • Tribulus – It can help in increasing both vitality and virility of males. Tribulus is also popular for its libido and testosterone boosting properties.
  • Catuaba – This herb helps in strengthening an erection and is also said to provide more powerful orgasms. It also has a positive impact on one’s sex drive.
  • Saw Palmetto – It is an herb that helps in giving you powerful orgasms while also giving you harder erections that stay for a longer time.
  • Oat Straw – It works by enhancing nitric oxide levels in the body. Oat straw also assists in improving the flow of blood to your penis and thus helps in giving you bigger erections.
  • Cayenne – This ingredient is a rich source of various nutrients that helps in repairing any damage to your penile area.

How Does Massive Male Plus Work?

Massive Male Plus works by enhancing blood flow to your penile chambers. This doesn’t just add a few inches to the girth of your penis but also helps in giving you harder erections. The phenomenon via which this supplement helps in increasing the size of the penis is referred to as hyperplasia or hypergenesis.

This supplement also has testosterone-boosting properties that further exhibits a positive impact on one’s libido and sex drive.

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#2 – VigRX Plus

vigrx plus

The second best male enhancement supplement in the market today according to us is the very popular VigRX Plus. While many supplements out there are all talks and no evidence, VigRX Plus is backed by clinical studies and is thus like a breath of fresh air. This supplement claims to help you achieve overall sexual satisfaction by having a positive impact on your libido, erection, as well as staying power.


The unique blend of ingredients used in VigRX Plus is as follows.

  • Bioperine – This is the main active ingredient present in VigRX Plus. It helps in better absorption of other nutrients in the supplement.
  • Damiana – This is an excellent remedy to strengthen your nervous system and it is also known for its libido-boosting properties.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – It provides mental clarity and also improves one’s sexual stamina.
  • Asian Red Ginseng – It has been used for ages to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This herb can be used to boost your sexual performance and also assists in enhancing an erection when used in appropriate concentrations.
  • Hawthorn Berry – This herb is extremely beneficial in promoting oxygen supply and blood flow to the heart and thus also provides an individual with greater sexual energy to last longer in bed.

How Does VigRX Plus Work?

VigRX Plus works so well due to its amazing blend of ingredients. One of the main reasons as to why it can deliver excellent results in enhancing your sexual health is due to its positive impact on promoting blood flow to your penis. An increased flow of blood to your penis provides you with a harder and bigger erection that stays put for a longer time.

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#3 – Male Extra

Male Extra Review

We give the third place to another worthy male enhancement supplement called Male Extra. This dietary supplement claims to provide its users with a higher libido, powerful performance, as well as an enhanced sexual stamina.


The success of this supplement is owing to its wonderful ingredient list. Some of the main ingredients used in Male Extra are as follows.

  • L-Arginine – This is an amino acid that is converted to nitric oxide in the body. An increased concentration of nitric oxide in your body causes your blood vessels to open wider and this, in turn, increases blood flow throughout your body including your penile chambers.
  • Pomegranate Extract – It also assists in increasing blood flow to your penis so that you can achieve harder erections.
  • MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane – This is a common ingredient found in most male enhancement supplements out there. MSM improves blood flow to the penis and also helps in keeping your penile tissues healthy.
  • Zinc – It helps in boosting fertility in men and also increases the quality of sperm.
  • Niacin or Vitamin B3 – It helps in the relaxation of blood vessels and thereby also promotes blood flow to the penis.

How Does Male Extra Work?

Male Extra works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in your body with the help of l-arginine. At higher levels, nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to expand and this makes the flow of blood through them easier. When your penis receives an increased supply of blood, it will be able to achieve bigger erections and you will also be able to stay hard for a longer period in bed.

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We have given our number one spot to Massive Male Plus and this is followed by VigRX Plus and Male Extra respectively. In our opinion, all three of these supplements give remarkable results in terms of sexual performance in males. However, you can decide which of these male enhancement supplements suits you the best based on their function and the ingredients present in each of them.

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