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About The Product

Bluechew is a chewable tablet service started in 2014 by some entrepreneurs to help the people who have erectile dysfunction. This tablet is chewable and convenient to use. It helps the man to gain confidence in bed. This service allows the members to connect with a medical team, who are well trained in dealing with the patients who have erectile dysfunction. Bluechew service is available in two plans, one is Sildenafil chewable, and another is Tadalafil chewable. To choose a plan, one needs to go for a digital physician consultant and choose the plan accordingly. Both of these medicines are capable of providing a success rate of more than 80%.



Sildenafil and Tadalafil are the two types of medicines that are available in the service of Bluechew. The ingredients that are available in each of the drugs are listed below.


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra and conceived to last about 4 to 6 hours. It comes in a black pouch. It stimulates the blood flow into the vessels of the penis and expands the muscles during arousal. The user should take one tablet before 30 minutes of having sex. Avoid High –fat food as this will prevent absorption.


Tadalafil which forms the main element in Cialis and designed to last about 24 to 36 hours. It comes in a gray pouch. It helps in lowering the blood pressure to ensure stiff erection during arousal. It should be taken before 30 minutes of having sex. For a better result, it should be taken in empty stomach.

How does Bluechew work

bluechew review

To get the subscription for the Bluechew service you need to visit the official website of Bluechew.

  • There on the home page, you need to click on the get started button.
  • Then you can choose the plan combinations available there according to your problem.
  • After choosing your appropriate plan you have to complete your profile by entering your name, date of birth, state, the reason of choosing Bluechew and the details about your health (physical fitness, medicines you are taking, your treatment details, etc.).
  • Then you need to enter your email address and select a password to create an account.
  • You have to add your full address, shipping method, and payment details to place the order.

After all the details entered, you will get an email saying that Bluechew will be suitable for you or not. This email is from the medical team who are present at the backend of the website. If the email states that you are approved for the Bluechew subscription, you will get the Bluechew package within a few days.

After you get the item, you can chew it as per the prescription provided to you by the doctor. The tablet increases the blood flow to the penis and allows it to erect. The ingredients of Bluechew also give more natural arousal to the user.

Benefits of Bluechew

Certainly, plenty of advantages of using Bluechew that the users can find. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bluechew offers free 30 days trial, and a user can examine himself during the course of this period it suits him or not. If the user is not satisfied, he can claim within the 30 days to get the full refund.
  • Each Bluechew tablet is wrapped individually, so it is easy to carry it to any place just in your pocket or wallet.
  • It helps in delaying the ejaculation; in the result, the sex lasts longer.
  • Bluechew tastes fine; it can be taken simply like a pill.
  • Their efficiency is excellent, and they are healthy.
  • It improves sexual performance and helps in stronger erections.
  • It works perfectly, as described by the organization.
  • Once the subscription is approved, Bluechew ships to you in the mail every month.
  • The treatment of Bluechew takes care by the real physicians of Bluechew in online method.
  • Bluechew is a trusted service, and it is safe to use.
  • Bluechew is easy to use.
  • It can provide an efficiency of about 80%.
  • Canceling the Bluechew subscription is very easy; they send an email three days before the end of your free trial. In that, they will be asking if you are willing to continue the service or not. There you need to click the link or reply to cancel the service. They will cancel it for you. This support is beneficial to customers.

Price and money-back guarantee and refund policy

Bluechew subscription plan can be activated easily in their official website and also can be deactivated easily.

Bluechew is available in four plans for both Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Sildenafil Plans

Sildenafil comes in a black pouch. It is available in four methods listed below:

  • Active: – Sildenafil active plan has six 30 mg Sildenafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 20$ per month.
  • Busy: – Sildenafil Busy plan has ten 30 mg Sildenafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 30$ per month.
  • Famous: – Sildenafil popular plan has seventeen 30 mg Sildenafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 50$ per month.
  • Pro: – Sildenafil pro plan has thirty-four 30 mg Sildenafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 90$ per month.

Tadalafil Plans

Tadalafil comes in a gray pouch. It is available in four plans listed below.

  • Active: – Tadalafil active plan has four 6 mg Tadalafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 20$ per month.
  • Busy: – Tadalafil Busy plan has seven 6 mg Tadalafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 30$ per month.
  • Popular: – Tadalafil popular plan has fourteen 6 mg Tadalafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 50$ per month.
  • Pro: – Tadalafil pro plan has twenty-eight 6 mg Tadalafil chewable tablets, discreet shipping, and free online physician consultation for monthly refills. It costs around 90$ per month.

The prices listed above compared to your problem and the benefit it is going to provide to you. These prices are most affordable compared to the other products available in the market for the same function.

Bluechew has a 30 days refund policy for its customers. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Bluechew, you can get the full refund. To get the refund, you have to claim it within a time of 30 days. But, you cannot get a refund of your shipping price.

BlueChew Pills Plans

Side Effects of Bluechew

As Bluechew is a medical service and physician’s prescription is required to get the service. Therefore, it has some side effects for each tablet.
Sildenafil Side Effects
The possible side effects caused by Sildenafil are: –

  • Nasal congestion, you may feel like your nose is closed, because of the more flow of liquids in your body.
  • Back pain, many people get back pain issues after starting this service.
  • Headaches, people also report that they have headaches due to this tablet.
  • Memory issues, some users reported having memory issue after using this product.
  • Hearing issues, not more but a few experienced this problem
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain, few people reported that they have muscle pain by using this product.
  • Upset stomach, this problem is not permanent and will be solved within one or two weeks.
  • Hot flashes in face, neck or chest
  • Diarrhea

Above there are some side effects of using Sildenafil.

Tadalafil Side Effects

Tadalafil has some different types of side effects from Sildenafil. These are:-

  • Indigestion, many people observed that they have a digestion issue after using this medicine.
  • Prolonged erection
  • Lightheadedness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Irritation in the throat
  • Acute pain in abdominal, arms, legs or muscle

and more….

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Who should evade using Bluechew?
Despite its libido boosting benefits, Bluechew should not be used by people with certain health conditions and ailments. For example, it should not be used by those afflicted with heart disorders or those suffering from kidney and liver ailments. It may also not be suitable for those who are taking antibiotics for some reason.

How long does it take for bluechew to work?
The effect of Bluechew kicks in within 10 minutes of intake in the majority of users. However, in some cases the users may have to wait for 30 minutes before they can experience the surge in libido. So, on an average it may work on your body between 10 to 30 minutes.

How can I get a refund?
Bluechew offers a money back policy for the buyers and it remains valid from 30 days of purchase. To get the refund, a buyer has to make claim within 30 days of purchase. However, the shipping cost is not refundable.

Does BlueChew work with alcohol?
Typically, taking Bluechew when you are boozing or have consumed alcohol should not cause problem. However, getting heavily drunk before you use it is not at all recommended. Doing so may pose hardship for the ingredients in it to work.

Who is suited for using Bluechew?
Bluechew is meant for adult men over 18 years who want to boost their sexual performance.

Is there any side effect?
Typically, most people do not face side effects after taking Bluechew. However, in rare cases, some side effects can take place. These include:

  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both of the eyes.
  • Erection lasting for several hours.
  • In such cases, immediate medical intervention is needed.

Can I get Bluechew outside the USA?
As of now, Bluechew is shipped only within the territory of the USA. However, in near future international shipping provisions may be made effective.

Can I use bluechew on empty stomach?
It actually depends on which variant of Bluechew you are taking. The one based on Tadalafil can be taken on empty stomach or after meals. However, the Sildenafil version works well on either empty stomach or when you have taken a light meal.

Is it possible to cancel subscription to Bluechew if I want?
Yes, at any time, you can cancel your active subscription. It is a simple process. You need to browse to the My Account page and then select the button- Put on hold. This will lead to deactivation of the account. There is no hassle or hidden charges involved.

Do I need to be worried about Bluechew for undergoing drug test?
No, you need not worry about getting caught in drug tests after using Bluechew. Sildenafil and Tadalafil are usually not included in the majority of standard drug screening tests. When legally prescribed, they are deemed as medications.

Why do I have to check my blood pressure to get my prescription?
Both Sildenafil and Tadalafil may be unsafe for those coping with blood pressure anomalies. That is why the blood pressure reading is required before Bluechew can be prescribed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on the customer reviews, Bluechew was the solutions for their many problems. There are many users they are happy due to Bluechew. Here’s a look what the users have said by using this product.

Jason, “I was taking steroids and feeling difficulties in remaining erect, so I obtained this item to solve this issue. I took one pill as a first trial, and I could feel my face begin warming inside within 10 minutes. At that time old pal woke up while doing some job at the PC. So, it works, and the steroid reactions have been bended. I will continue requesting it. I am happy with it. ”

Would you advise others to try this product: Yes; I would prescribe this to a companion.

Dan, “I was using Viagra and Cialis earlier. ”

When I came to know about Bluechew, I changed to Bluechew just because it is less expensive and comes with protection. I experienced a similar clog, same head-cold short side effects, and similar occasional flushing signs. More significantly, I get the equivalent expected output and a little cost to pay. However, the experience was excellent, and yes, it does taste bitter.

Bottom line: Definitely Yes; I recommend it to a friend.

Kyle – I tried several products before, but they did not work for me. And, then I got the reference of Blue chew from one of my friends. I was excited to try Bluechew, and I took one Tadalafil, chewed it, the taste was good. I did not eat anything for a few hours. After an hour, there were no signs at all. So I decided to try this a different day. I tried it on the next day, but there were no effective signs I got. I would love to use this product if it could work for me. It did not work for me. Now I am searching for other options.

Bottom line: no; I would not recommend it to a friend.

Daniel – I tried BlueChew to check the response, and yes, it is working fine. The taste is right; I am delighted using it. So, I am going to keep buying. It is cheap, and I do not have to keep calling the doctor’s office for help. I am happy to have it.

Bottom line: Yes sure; I would advise it to a friend.

Bob – It was difficult for me to get an erection and sustain it. So, I started taking Bluechew. I felt some improvements after the first portion of Bluechew. I took Bluechew as prescribed that is around 40 minutes before the activity time. I was very excited to see the results and happy to see my performance that night; it was amazing. I am delighted after seeing the changes in my body. I will not describe it in detail here. However, it was the best solution for me and that night was the most fabulous night for me after a long time.

Bottom line: Yes, worth every penny; Recommend to anyone who needs it.

So, should you buy Blue Chew

Blue Chew is the most trusted medication service for people who have erectile dysfunction. If you have a problem with your erection, then Bluechew is the solution for you. Though it has some side effects, it has excellent efficiency also and cured many people from erectile dysfunction. It has its own success story in its life. As there is no product with 100% efficiency in the world, we should not only consider the negative side of Bluechew, and it has a positive side too.

Bluechew is the subscription service that has many happy customers in the USA due to its efficiency, affordable price, and uniqueness. By taking a proper prescription and obeying all the rules described by the doctor, one can get benefit from Bluechew. Buy this revolutionary, all-natural product from the official website. Trust us when we say it does work! Waste no time buy your pack today! You will be glad you did!

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