Breathe Green Charcoal Bags Review

A bad smell is a disturbance that can affect your physical and mental health. You don’t believe it, but the air in your home also contains many harmful bacteria similar to the exterior of your home. You always are being surrounded by moulds and bacteria. Smoke, dust mites, pet dander, are some of the factors that cause allergic reactions to the human body.

An unhealthy and unpleasant smell is all around us. It is not easy to survive in this kind of bad environment. Lack of clean and fresh air makes you uncomfortable and increases the chance of illness. We face the problem of bad odour in our home, office, vehicles, and hotel rooms. There are several places in our house where the chances of growth of the moulds and bacteria are high, and hence the emission of lousy odour starts mainly from there. Some of these places include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and equipment like cars, gym bags, fridge, shoes, laundry bags, and your pet house.

Till now the people use air fresheners for removing foul smell from their living area. But no air freshener is entirely natural, and they contain harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. The use of these synthetic fresheners, even more, harms your body and provides you with an unhealthy atmosphere. Bad smell is not the only thing that is present in our home because it contains several numbers of harmful allergens, moulds, mildew, and germs. These microorganisms can’t be killed by ordinary air fresheners.

Nowadays anywhere you look for an air freshener in the market you will only find some sprays, oil, candles, and plugin fresheners. They can only kill the smell, not the bacteria. However, some of the brands claim that their product also provides you with a healthy environment by destroying harmful microorganisms. But the results are not satisfactory. The only and effective solution for you to fight against foul smell and moulds is using a bamboo-charcoal bag.

Bamboo-charcoal bag is the latest and most effective technology used worldwide for eliminating bad odour along with germs. But there are a lot of brands that manufacture bamboo-charcoal bags, but not all are the same. Some of them even don’t work, and they are only designed for cheating consumers. But the bamboo charcoal that we are going to share with you in this article is Breathe Green Charcoal bags. The product is 100% original and tested by experts.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags

What Is A Breathe Green Charcoal Bag?

Breathe Green Charcoal bags are fluffy and canvas made bags that contain activated and porous charcoal. The bag is made up of only natural and organic products that don’t cause any harm to the environment and removes all kinds of bad odours from your house. The bag keeps harmful bacteria, moulds, fungi, odour and germs separated from you.

The Breathe Green Charcoal bag provides you with instant effects. As soon as you place the bag in a region of unpleasant odour, the bag catches all the wrong scent and neutralises the air. This canvas bag can be effectively used in any place for filtering the air contaminated with allergens and bacteria. The bag soaks up moisture and works for a longer duration as compared to similar products.

The biodegradable pouch made for its manufacturing also contains a grommet that allows you to hang the pouch anywhere you want. You can also use the Breathe Green Charcoal bag in your car, closet or bathroom with the help of this grommet.


Activated charcoal is used for absorbing dust and foul smell. This compound is widely used in beauty products because of its dust absorbing properties. The Breathe Green Charcoal bag also contains activated charcoal for the same reason. The fluffy bag has many pores that increase the speed of transportation of air through it. The activated carbon present in the bag locks the foul smell, allergens, bacteria and allows only fresh air to pass through it. In this manner, all the air inside your room will be cleaned.

The Breathe Green Charcoal bag also contains bamboo because it is scientifically known to reduce the number of harmful chemicals, including ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and chloroform. This kind of chemicals usually enters our house with products like paints, rubbers, dry cleaning agents, plastics and more.

Sometimes we get addicted to some foul smells, and their presence doesn’t affect us, or our nose is not able to recognise them. But this kind of smell harms us internally. Also, it can affect more to a person who comes to that place rarely. So it is very important to use an air freshener, and we only suggest you use a bamboo charcoal air freshener because of the below reasons:

  • It is handy in eliminating bad odour, allergens, and bacteria.
  • It sucks up all the moisture of your room, bathroom, car and shoes.
  • Bamboo charcoal bags prevent the formation of moulds and fungi.
  • Use of bamboo charcoal bags in the kitchen keeps the food fresh for a longer duration.

A Japanese study states that activated charcoal used in Breathe Green Charcoal traps all the ammonia present near you and can keep it for many hours. One more research shows that this bag can effectively absorb gasoline vapour and harmful components of smoke originated from a cigarette.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags Review

Who Needs A Breathe Green Charcoal Bag?

Breathe Green Charcoal bags are one of the essential items you must keep in your home, office and vehicles. These organic bags prevent the origin of harmful bacteria and moulds. This product is handy for people who have small children in their home because germs affect them rapidly.

The person who is suffering from allergy should try this product. Because the most common cause of allergy is exposure to harmful air and this bamboo charcoal bag keeps the air fresh when installed. You can also keep these bags with you when you are going outside. If you rarely visit your house, then you will find some unusual smells. Breathe Green Charcoal bags are the best option to tackle these situations.

These bags are also beneficial for you at your workplace. There are a lot of people who simply throw all the dust and food near you. Also, some individuals smoke indoors, which can cause health problems for you. Use of a Breathe Green Charcoal bag at your workplace helps you keep all the unhealthy particles away from you.

Advantages Of Breathe Green Charcoal Bags

  • One bag of Breathe Green Charcoal bag lasts for two years which is much more than any other disinfectant.
  • It is capable of absorbing the foul smell from dustbin, kitchen, rotten food, and bathroom.
  • The company is providing fast and free doorstep delivery to all locations.
  • Breath green charcoal bags absorb all moisture from your surroundings.
  • The product is made up of natural products.
  • The use of the product is harmless to children and pets.
  • It prevents the production of moulds and mildew.
  • It also tarps all bacteria and allergens.
  • The product removes all the foul odour and provides you with only fresh air.
  • The product is light in weight and portable. You can use the product wherever you want.
  • The manufacturer is selling the product at a 50% discount. Hurry up and buy the product now.


Breathe Green Charcoal bags are entirely natural products, and they use only natural substances for it’s manufacturing. The company combines all the elements uniquely and helps you keep your surroundings safe. The list of all ingredients used is:

Bone Char

Bone char is a porous black material made up of animal bones by using a unique process called charring. Bone char was basically used for the sugar refining. Bone char is one of the oldest known water defluoridation agents. It is used in Breathe Green Charcoal bags because it has many antibacterial properties.

Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal

It is the best type of enacted carbon with several benefits. This product is known as a blessing of nature. The product is widely used in cleaning agents and toothpaste.


This is the last ingredient used in Breathe Green Charcoal bags. Peat is an overlooked oil(petroleum) item. In some countries, peat is used for cooking purposes. It is used in the charcoal bags because it has a significant amount of carbon present in it.

How To Use?

To use Breathe Green Charcoal bags, you have to place the bag in the region from where you want to remove the foul smell. The bag is handy in eliminating allergens, bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi. One bag can be used for two years. Along with lousy odour, the charcoal bag also removes all the moisture from your surroundings.

The device doesn’t need to be cleaned or any special maintenance. You only have to dry the Breathe Green Charcoal bag in the sun for one to two hours every month. When you dry the product in front of the sun, it loses all the moisture and bacteria trapped by it. In this manner, the product becomes ready to reuse. You have to repeat this process for two years, and after that, it is suggested to dump the bag in your garden.

The dumping of the bag in the garden doesn’t cause any harm to your land or soil. On the other hand, the product improves the quality of sand because the product is made with only natural substances.


  • The activated bamboo charcoal used in the Breathe Green Charcoal bag prevents you from harmful chemicals emitted by plastics, rubber, chemical air fresheners, paints and more.
  • The harmful chemicals, including benzene, ammonia, chloroform, and formaldehyde, can be easily trapped by using Breathe Green Charcoal bags.
  • Breathe Green Charcoal bags are the best way to remove the foul smell, bacteria, allergens and moulds.
  • It removes all the toxins from the air and helps you breathe only clean and natural air.
  • This product also maintains the freshness of your food and prevents it from fungi and bacteria. It will save your food and keep your kitchen moisture-free.
  • You can also use the Breathe Green Charcoal bag in your shoes or sports kit to keep them moist and germs free. It helps the boots to maintain their shape correctly.

Where To Buy?

The product is available on its official website. If you want to purchase the product at a 50% discount, then we suggest you follow our guide. The product is in high demand, and only a few pieces of the product are left in stock. So grab the deal now and enjoy pollution free air.

  • Follow the link.
  • Now select the order quantity.
  • Now choose a payment method.
  • Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.
  • Enter the card details.
  • Now enter your information along with the full shipping address.
  • Click on complete purchase.

Return Policy

The company provides all users with a 90-day guarantee period. In this time if the customer finds any issue or doesn’t get satisfied with the results, then he/she can return the items to the seller and apply for a refund. The company will provide a full refund to the consumer. The guarantee given by the manufacturer aids in the legacy of the product and makes it clear that it is not a scam.

Order Breathe Green Charcoal Bags


  • It is a natural and organic way to kill harmful germs, bacteria, and moulds.
  • The working of the Breathe Green Charcoal bag is natural and safe for the environment.
  • It is the best alternative to chemical air fresheners.
  • It can be used in shoes, sports kits, bathtubs, luggage, suitcase for removing moisture, and mildew.
  • Maintenance is straightforward. You have to leave the bag in the sunshine for one hour every month.
  • The product has a lifetime of two years. After this period simply dump the bag in your garden.
  • The product comes with a 90-day return policy.


  • The product can only be purchased through its official website. It is not available in the local market.
  • To reuse the product, please dry the product in the sunshine for one hour every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use it in any room?

Yes, you can use these bags anywhere in your home.

Can it be used in cars?

Yes, it can be used in cars.

How to clean it?

Cleaning is effortless. You have to place it under the sun every month for one hour.

Does it use chemicals?

No, it is made up of 100% natural products and does not contain any synthetics or chemicals.

Can I use multiple bags in one place?

Yes, you can, use of multiple bags will increase the speed of filtration of air.

Is it safe for pets?

Yes, it is harmless to pets.

Can it remove cigarette smoke?

Yes, it can remove all kinds of harmful substances originating from cigarette smoke.

Do I have to turn it on or off?

No, you don’t have to turn it on or off. To use the product, place one or more bags in the region where you want to clean the air.

Are the bags safe for health?

Yes, the bags are made by natural and organic products. Also, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. So it is safe for health.


Breathe Green Charcoal bag is an environment-friendly and natural air freshener. This product helps you fight against harmful chemicals, mildew, moulds, bacteria, fungi, and allergens. This product is the complete and best alternative to all the other air fresheners. The use of the product is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. This bag is light in weight and portable. You can use this bamboo charcoal bag wherever you want. Also, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee which makes it even better than its competitors.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags Price

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