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It can be quite embarrassing to keep piling on weight. Weight gain doesn’t just cause your self-confidence to take a hit, but is also a great cause of concern for your health. Nobody likes a flabby stomach or arms. In fact, this generation has taken it a notch higher where having a fit body tells a lot about a person’s self-discipline.

Stress and overeating are two of the main causes for weight gain. Many people often tend to binge eat when they are stressed and hence, both stress and overeating are directly related to each other. One your body gets used to piling up weight, it becomes very difficult to get rid of all the stored fat. A lazy lifestyle coupled with consuming too many carbohydrates and not execising enough causes your body to bloat with fat. Soon, obesity will start overshadowing your true personality. This has caused many obese individuls to fall prey to depression and many other such mental disorders. The risk of developing cardiovascular dieseases is also higher in the obese lot.

Hence, if you are overweight, it is best to take things in your hand before it is too late. Not everybody is blessed with a high metabolism and some people really have to work towards burning fat. Dieting or indulging in intense workout are what many people out there are opting to achieve a fit body. However, this process isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, there are many out there who have tried everything under the sun to lose weight without any success.

Weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to be as difficult as it sounds. If you are not among those who can stick to fad diets or workouts for too long, then the product that we are reviewing today is just for you. Cinderella Solution is a weight loss programme that is specially designed for all women over 25 whose metabolism have taken a hit owing to their advancing age. Keep reading to know all about this weight loss solution.

cinderella solution review

About Cinderella Solution

Cinderella solution is an online 4-phase weight loss programme that claims to help all women over the age of 25 in losing weight. As a woman crosses her puberty, it is her metabolism that takes the hardest of hits. The transition that a woman’s body goes through during puberty, destroys her metabolism and also makes it next to impossible to lose or maintain weight.

There are a selected lot whose body continues burning fat even after passing puberty. However, even such women often have to battle tummy over the years. Stress and overeating doesn’t help the transition that a woman’s body is already going through either and makes it even more difficult for the body to shed weight.

Cinderella Solution comprises of a unique 2-step ritual that includes a series of diets and exercises, all of which aim at improving the metabolism of a woman’s body naturally. That means, you will not have to fill your body with pills or go under the knife to achieve your dream body. This programme only expects its users to stick to all the rituals discussed in it religiously. Cinderella Solution aims at reactivating the metabolism of your body so that you start burning fat effortlessly. Although it comprises of specific diets, none of it restricts calorie intake or asks you to depend solely on vegetables as your source of food. It dosn’t include any strict diets or a calorie counting system. Nonetheless, even without any of these, Cinderella Solution can provide you with realistic and plausible results when it comes to your weight.

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

This question ought to have crossed your mind while reading the review for this product. Cinderella Solution is a weight loss system that has been tried and tested for its efficiency. It takes you through a four-phase process that will assist you in understanding the hormonal transition that your body goes through once it crosses puberty. Furthermore, this programme also provides you with detailed information about diets, exercises, and meal plans discussed in it.

Cinderella Solution was formulated post extensively studying the evolution of the female body and the subsequent alteration in its hormones. Three of the main hormones involved in the development and growth of a female body are insulin, cortisol, and estrogen. Initially, prior to your body hitting puberty, these hormones are constantly busy in helping you feel more energetic and look more attractive to the opposite sex.

However, after you pass puberty, the functioning of these hormones takes a drastic turn. As compared to boosting your metabolism before you hit puberty, these hormones then start preparing you for pregnancy every month. It does so by slowing down your metabolism and causing you to gain weight. The hormones that were once a blessing in disguise for your body soon turns out to be your sworn enemy.

By studying the evolution of a female body thoroughly, Cinderella Solution is able to help women lose weight and also maintain it. All the diets and exercises divulged in this weight-loss programme are effective in switching back on your body’s metabolism so that it is able to burn fat as efficiently as it once did.

Cinderella Solution comprises of the following guides.

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-Free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide

All the four phases of the programme that you have to work through will be found in the main manual. It includes:

  • Part One: The Program Explained
  • Part Two: Using Your ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’
  • Part Three: Using Your Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide
  • Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

Let us now have a quick look at all the chapters that comprises every phase of the programme.

  • Part One: The Program Explained

This phase consists of three chapters. The first chapter mainly helps you get started with the programme and provides you with more information on how to lose weight from within. The following two chapters includes weight loss rituals in the form of food coupling, flavor pairing, and nutrition timing. The chapters in this phase also discusses some slim-sequencing exercises that will assist you in losing weight.

  • Part Two: Using Your ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’

The chapters in this phase provides you with an in-depth knowledge about your diet. The first chapter in this phase includes a 14 day calendar, daily meal plans, and a section on bonus recipes that you can try out while configuring your body to burn fat more easily. The next chapter mainly includes food pairing rituals and will tell you about the best food sources of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you must opt for in order to lose weight and increase your metabolism. The final chapter of this phase highlights the significance of meal timing and frequency.

  • Part Three: Using Your Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide

The third phase of Cinderella Solution provides its users with a three-step instruction guide for creating DIY-melas. This phase comprises of 4 chapters that discusses flavor and meal pairing along with portion options and blocks.

  • Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

The last phase of this weight loss system include free bonuses that include 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide and The Movement Sequencing Guide, both of which will provide you with further assistance in losing weight.

The diet, exercises, and other metabolism boosting tactics divulged in these phases of Cinderella Solution can help you start shedding pounds right away.

cinderella solution book

Benefits of Cinderella Solution

You will get to experience all the benefits discussed below once you start adapting to all the phases discussed in Cinderella Solution.

  • Lose weight 6 times faster than today’s fad diet – You can lose weight a lot faster by following this weight loss programme without even having to keep a count on your calories.
  • Look and feel a decade younger – Since Cinderella Solution helps in weight loss by naturally boosting your metabolism, you can continue to eat all your comfort food and still lose weight and feel years younger. It helps in positively regulating the levels of insulin, cortisol, and estrogen in your body to make you look more youthful.
  • Burns fat faster in troubled spots – This weight loss solution helps your body to use its stored fat for energy and thus, also burns fat in troubled areas like your tummy, thighs, and arms.
  • Live longer – By helping you lose weight, Cinderella Solution is also doing a favor to your cardiovascular system that is often affected by excessive weight gain. Therefore, this weight loss programme also helps you live longer due to its protective effective on your heart.
  • Lowers your appetite – The diet options provided in Cinderella Solution is such that it reduces your appetite significantly. Thus, you will no longer be craving for food every waking hour.

You will be able to observe these positive effects on your health and body within a couple of weeks of following the Cinderella Solution.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

Since Cinderella Solution is an online weight loss programme, you can immediately begin using it once you place an order for the same. This programme was originally being considered to be sold at $187 and its price was later moved down to $87. However, the author of this system wanted Cinderella Solution to reach as many women as possible and did not want the cost of it to be a hindrance for potential buyers.

Therefore, Cinderella Solution is now being sold at a discounted price of just $37!

For those who are still on the fence about turning their life around for good, Cinderella Solution has went a step ahead and is offering a 100% money back guarantee to all its customers. To avail this offer, you will first have to purchase this programme at $37 on its official website. You will then be allowed to use this programme for up to the next 60 days (2 months). If you are unsatisfied with the efficiency of Cinderella Solution during this period, you can raise a refund request before the end of 60 days and the company will provide you with a complete refund as soon as possible.

cinderella solution

Side Effects

Cinderella Solution is an online programme that comprises of a four-phase weight loss solution. It doesn’t include any supplement or procedures and thus, it is impossible for it to cause any side effects in its users.

It is, however, advised that you be a little cautious while performing the exercises mentioned in the programme if you are not physically conditioned to do so.

Customer Reviews

The following are a couple of customer reviews for Cinderella Solution to tell you about the experiences of its users.

Miranda – I was dealing with post-pregnancy weight gain and it was almost impossible for me to get rid of it. After numerous failed attempts, I finally landed on Cinderella Solution and I thank my stars that I did! It has just been a month of following this programme and I am so pleased with the results. Now I am able to look in the mirror again after 2 years of feeling fat and ugly.

Joanna – I love how Cinderella Solution has thoroughly explained the cause of weight gain in women after they hit puberty. I always wondered what goes wrong and now I finally have my answers! My body had piled on many extra pounds over the last few years and I was, since then, looking for an effective weight loss solution. That was when a colleague asked me to try Cinderella Solution and now, I am amazed with the results! All my tummy fat has disappeared and I am not overweight any more!

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Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Cinderella Solution addresses the root cause of weight gain in women after they cross puberty and should thus be every woman’s guide to battle the unwanted effects of hormonal transition in the body. It is observed to restore the dying metabolism in a woman’s body and can therefore be a great help in losing weight for all the women out there. This weight loss solution claims to works incredibly well and definitely deserves a try.

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