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Safflower is a medicinal plant. The oil from the seeds of this plant and the flower are used for medicinal purposes. Safflower seed oil prevents heart diseases, which include hardening of arteries and strokes. It also helps in the growth of hair, treating fever, weight loss, tumors, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chest pain, clotting conditions and breathing problems, among others.

The oil is taken orally. Safflower oil helps women during painful periods or when they miss a period. It stimulates menstruation. Safflower oil can also cause abortion.

Another use of Safflower oil is the application to the skin for reducing stretch marks and scars.

Safflower oil is also used in cooking.

CLA Safflower Oil Reviews

About CLA Safflower Oil

CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It helps in weight loss and is sometimes used for energy. It also has excellent health effects. CLA is mostly found in dairy and meat and is used in supplements because of its weight loss properties. CLA is a common source of Omega 6 fatty acid that it is found in considerable quantities in vegetable oils. It is found in smaller amounts in various other foods. Technically, CLA is trans-fat, but it is very different from the trans fats that are used industrially and harm your health.

The compound helps breakdown the fat stored in the body and uses it to produce energy. It helps in increasing lean muscle mass. It has also helped men and women lose their belly fat and regain lean muscle in a natural way.

CLA Safflower Oil promises to provide users with a completely natural supplement that will offer them amazing results when the supplements are used regularly and consistently.

If you are looking for weight loss, then this product is for you. Weight loss is a continuous struggle for many, but you can make it easy by using CLA Safflower Oil. It will help you lose weight to decrease the fat percentage and promote the growth of lean muscle. You will look better and also feel better. When you lose weight, there is a low risk of weight-related diseases and low blood pressure.

How Does CLA Safflower Oil Work?

CLA Safflower Oil works in four ways to give you a healthy body. Given below are the four significant actions that will occur in your body when you start taking CLA Safflower Oil: –

  • It activates the fat burning property in the body.
  • It helps in the breakdown of stubborn fat.
  • It helps prevent the fat formation in the future.
  • It helps build lean muscle mass and prevents wastage of muscle.

This product has been popular for the last decade among professional athletes and celebrities who have been using it for burning fat and growth of lean muscle.


CLA Safflower Oil contains the following ingredients as given below: –

  • 1000 mg pure CLA Safflower Oil extract.
  • This product contains a completely pure extract from Safflower oil. Since it is entirely natural, it does not have any side effects.
  • Safflower oil is a rich source of Vitamin E.
  • This product is free of additives, artificial ingredients, harmful preservatives GMOs, binders and chemicals. The product is manufactured in facilities that are GMP certified. It undergoes stringent testing, which is further tested by third parties. The product is manufactured in the USA.

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Can CLA Safflower Oil Help In Weight Loss?

  • According to a study conducted in 2007, which was published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, CLA supplements increase oxidation of fat and fat burning when you sleep. It was found that it can help in the reduction of body fat and keep off the weight gain that occurs mainly during holidays.
  • Another study conducted in 2015 and published in Nutrition And Metabolism says that CLA has significant fat burning effects and consistent health benefits. It upholds its property of being a medical and functional food.

CLA Safflower Oil works

Benefits of CLA Safflower Oil

Given below are the benefits of CLA Safflower Oil: –

  1. Enhances cardiovascular health – The supplement helps improve the health of the heart. The oil helps to decrease bad cholesterol and enhances cardiovascular health. It contains Omega 6 fatty acid that eliminates the harmful elements found in cholesterol and improve circulation. According to a crossover study and research, supplements that have Omega 6 fatty acids reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.
    They also help treat hypertension and provide relief from problems of the arterial valve. As the body ages, the arteries become clogged, and there is a deposit of fatty acids. The supplement helps prevent this and eliminates the risk of strokes and heart attacks as you age.
  2. Prevents diabetes – Safflower oil helps prevent diabetes by controlling the levels of blood sugar in the body. The Omega 6 fatty acids help manage sugar in the blood. It also helps reduce high levels of sugar and regulate glucose levels. The blood sugar levels are so well maintained that you can stop worrying about insulin resistance that occurs when blood sugar levels increase. Safflower oil helps in the management of fat loss by optimizing sugar levels in the blood.
  3. Helps in weight loss – CLA Safflower Oil supplement is popular because it is one of the best products that help in weight loss. It helps to reduce the fat cells in the body. CLA Safflower Oil increases metabolic rate, and all that you will lose is the body fat. The muscles are intact. This means that as you continue using the supplement, there will be an improvement in the way you look.
  4. Helps in hair growth – Another benefit of CLA Safflower Oil is the improvement in hair texture and growth. The elements that have been found in the oil help improve hair and scalp health. Because of the purity of Safflower oil in the supplement, you get vitamins that help promote a healthy scalp and health. Your hair grows fast and becomes easier to manage.
  5. Strengthens immune system– CLA Safflower Oil strengthens the immune system. Obesity is accompanied by a lot of health issues. Also, seasonal changes bring medical problems like flu, cold and cough to the forefront. CLA Safflower Oil strengthens the immune system so that you avoid getting flu and cold and are resistant to the seasonal changes.
  6. Other health benefits – The supplement can increase the level of HDL slightly. This is good cholesterol. It also lowers C Reactive Protein (CRP) levels. In simple terms, it means that it improves heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The supplement increases the glycated hemoglobin level.


To use CLA Safflower Oil take one soft gel capsule in a day along with water. Take it with your meals and or not skip any doses. If you have missed a dose the previous day, do not overdose. Continue taking a single dose every day to avoid any side effects. If you have any heart issues and are on medication for your heart, then please consult your doctor before you start using the supplement. CLA Safflower Oil is also a blood thinner. If you are not supposed to have thin blood, then you should take the supplement only under medical supervision.

Purchase And Price Of CLA Safflower Oil

The supplement can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer.

The price of different packages offered by the manufacturer is given below: –

  • Sampler package – This is a single bottle plan which will cost $49.
  • Tier 2 package – This package contains 3 bottles And falls under the moderate plan. The price of 3 bottles of the supplement is $33 each. You pay for two bottles and get the third bottle free. Shipping is free for this package.
  • Best-selling package – This is the five-bottle Monster plan. The price of a single bottle of the supplement is $29.60 when you order this package. So essentially you are paying for three bottles, and you get 2 bottles free of cost. This is also the company’s bestselling plan.

The manufacturer offers a $15 free gift certificate on all purchase.

order CLA Safflower Oil

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you are dissatisfied with the results of this product, you can claim a refund within 30 days of placing the order.

Side Effects Of Safflower Oil

CLA Safflower Oil is an entirely natural supplement. It does not have many side effects. Those that do occur are temporary, and if you have any health issues, you should consult your doctor before you start using the supplement. Given below are the side effects of CLA Safflower Oil: –

It is a blood thinner and can cause blood problems like clotting, especially if you are taking any heart medication.

It can cause allergies. if you suffer from any allergic reactions to the ingredients listed on the bottle, then please consult your doctor before you start using CLA Safflower Oil


What is CLA Safflower Oil?

CLA Safflower Oil is a premium oil that helps stored fat and keep it away. This oil supplement helps to promote fat burning and improve lean muscle mass so that you have a good and healthy body.

Is CLA Safflower Oil safe to use?

This product is entirely safe for use as it contains natural ingredients. The CLA Safflower Oil used is of premium quality and 100% pure.

What does CLA Safflower Oil contain?

CLA Safflower Oil comprises of 1000 mg of the extract of the oil which is completely pure.

How should I use CLA Safflower Oil?

To use oil, take one capsule every day along with your meals and with water.

How soon can I receive my order?

All orders are shipped with USPS priority airmail. The delivery takes who 24 working days if you are in the US. For international orders, delivery takes about 5 working days. All the orders are insured with guaranteed delivery.

Is it possible to track my order?

When you confirm your order, you get an email that will have your order number and tracking information.

What should I do if I need additional information?

If you have a question, please contact our customer service.

Customer Reviews

Shelley ~ I started using a Safflower oil a few weeks ago. In these few weeks, I can see a significant change in my waistline. My belly fat has reduced buy trousers are looser.

Jeremy ~ I have been working out for a long time, but the progress of muscle building is plodding. After I started using the supplement, I am getting the results that I want. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Editor ~ It is incredible how lean I have become, and my arms are no longer flabby. They have a beautiful definition, and I can wear sleeveless dresses without being embarrassed at how I look.

Sean ~ I have been trying to lose weight and cut down fat. This product has helped do just that.

Pros of CLA Safflower Oil

  • Improves heart health
  • Enhances fat burning
  • Build lean muscle
  • Helps boost energy
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Eliminate bad cholesterol
  • Money-back guarantee and complete refund, if you are dissatisfied with the results
  • Quick results
  • No side effects

Cons of CLA Safflower Oil

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

In recent years Safflower oil has seen arise in popularity. This is because this natural product gives a lot of health benefits and Safflower oil can also be used in cooking. This supplement improves heart health reduces bad cholesterol enhances hair growth promotes weight loss helps in fat burning and enhances the growth of lean muscle. With so many health benefits users are finding it to be a useful supplement that can be incorporated into their daily life.

The manufacturer has also offered a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who are not satisfied with the results of this product. Therefore, if after using the product for 30 days, you find that you are not happy with the results of this product, you can always return it to the manufacturer and claim a complete refund. However, the manufacturer is confident that you will not need to return the product because the results will be visible within very few weeks of using the supplement.

CLA Safflower Oil Review

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