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About Product Information

Firstly, it’s very important to explain that the Clenbutrol is in no way similar to Clenbuterol. The latter has been marked illegal for some time due to the massive negative side effects it caused in people, including addiction, vomiting, as well as severe heart problems. Clenbutrol, the one without the extra ‘E’ is what we’re talking about.

This is basically a bottle of 90 food supplement capsules that contain natural ingredients, all of which are versatile, very strong, and incredibly potent. If you’re looking to add some lean muscle to your bones, you should definitely check this food supplement out.


The fact that Clenbutrol features versatile ingredients means that it’s used for a wide variety of purposes. Of course, body builders use it, but certain people who frequently go to the gym use it to give themselves a boost in energy while treating asthma. It’s purposes are various, but the formula mainly revolves around ingredients that provide extra energy, treat problems with digestion, and help burn fat.

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  • Garcinia

Essentially, Garcinia represents a relatively small tree that commonly grows in Southeast Asia, as well as India and certain parts of South America. Usually, most practitioners of alternative medicine use Garcinia to make antidotes and cures with Garcinia for weight loss, enhanced exercise vitality, and to reduce the accumulation of fat.

That being said, it’s clear that the purpose of Garcinia in Clenbutrol’s formula is tri-fold. Firstly, it prevents the storage of unnecessary fats, secondly it promotes enhanced muscle endurance, and thirdly, it boosts your appetite so that you can go through with your diet regime unobstructed.

  • Bitter Orange

Bitter orange has numerous positives to it. Apart from having a tasty juice, it actually has a lot of great medical benefits. First of all, most people use this ingredient for weight loss supplements, as cures for upset stomach, but many have also used it in their formulas because of its outstanding flavour.

Although it’s not a major component in Clenbutrol, its chemical composition helps burn fat more efficiently. Namely, Bitter Orange reduces the amount of time our body needs to absorb the fatty acids and it also improves our appetite.

There’s one potentially bad thing about Bitter orange – it’s a strong, active ingredient which might make your heart beat a bit faster. Regardless, that’s only during the first weeks when you start using Clenbutrol, once your body gets accustomed to it, it will regulate your blood pressure and remove this side effect.

  • Guarana

This ingredient alone brings so many benefits and comprises a big portion of Clenbutrol’s blend, which is why we’ll talk about it in a bit more detail.

Guarana originates from Brazil, and this particular plant is commonly used in making of various supplements and energy drinks (perhaps, it’s more famous when it comes to the latter). Basically a fruit, Guarana sports massive amounts of caffeine and mainly provides a substantial energy boost, which is why bodybuilding supplement formulas usually include it in one way or another.

First of all, Guarana greatly helps those who want to lose some weight due to two reasons. Firstly, there are huge levels of caffine that naturally boost up the metabolism, helping you to burn additional calories. Furthermore, certain studies have shown that it could potentially even suppress certain genes responsible for the growth of fat cells.

Other studies have shown that Guarana is an excellent cancer fighter. It’s full of antibodies and antioxidants that naturally fight cell damage leading to cancer, but it was time and time again proven that remedies and cures containing this ingredient are capable of battling various other conditions.

Even the earliest Amazonian tribes were using Guarana to treat diarrhea and similar constipation like conditions naturally. This herb is particularly rich with tannins, a special form of antioxidant which balances out the levels of water in our digestive tract. Knowing that there are other ingredients that might fall on our liver, this extra layer of protection from problems such as indigestion really come in handy.

Contrary to popular belief, Guarana is actually good for your cardiovascular health. It regulates the blood flow and prevents blood from clotting at the same time. This ingredient decreases cholesterol oxidization and reduces the plaque buildup, which only further contributes to our cardiovascular health.

Lastly, although there are numerous other benefits of using Guarana for your formula, this ingredient works wonders for our sexual performance. Guarana has a sort of an aphrodisiac effect which stimulates the sex drive for those who feel it tough to either get or stay sexually aroused. The high amounts of caffeine in it, Guarana naturally stimulates these effects.

  • Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide is basically the B3 vitamin which is naturally found in various foods such as yeast, meat, milk, green veggies, or beans. The general benefits of the B3 are improved memory, treating muscle spasms or depression, treating motion sickness, it’s good in battle versus alcohol dependence and addiction, treating diabetes, and various other conditions.

What this vitamin does is helps us regulate fats and sugars we have in our bodies and maintain them in a healthy level.

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How does it work

Essentially, Clenbutrol is a powerhouse steroid-like supplement that’s completely legal and made of natural ingredients. There aren’t that many of them, so the way in which it works is relatively simple and straightforward.

Firstly, the Nicotinamide also known as the B3 vitamin builds the foundation by balancing out our sugar and fat levels, thus preparing our system for the other ingredients that appear to be a bit stronger – without the B3 some people would feel weak or even weak at times.

Then comes the Guarana extract – this highly caffeinated ingredient gives the consumer plenty of energy, enhances focus, and acts as an aphrodisiac, making you a bit more in love with your body building or exercising. What’s more, Guarana is pretty famous for battling constipation and digestion problems which are normally caused by certain food supplements, which only means that you’ll get an extra layer of protection from the usual side effects of using steroid-like boosters.

There’s also the Bitter Orange that helps you burn down fat faster and it will help you lose some weight if you’re up for it. Moreover, this ingredient will enhance your appetite, so if you don’t feel like losing weight, simply dig in and eat more.

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  1. Improved appetite
  2. Helps burn fat faster
  3. Cleans blood vessel paths/regulates blood pressure
  4. Improved digestion and metabolism
  5. Improved endurance and muscle retention
  6. Pain relieving properties from Guarana
  7. Less frequent migraines and headaches
  8. Improved sexual performance

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

With a rather plain, and not overly appealing money back guarantee, Clenbutrol really makes a point. The want you to know that this is a strong supplement which you’re going to absolutely love. You’re entitled to return and get refunded for unopened boxes within the 14 days of your purchase.

As for the price, the entire online community agrees that Clenbutrol is decently expensive. However, most people will tell you that they’re still using it and that it does a good bang for the buck, and then some.

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Side Effects

If you’re using Clenbutrol in proper doses and if you’ve read who’s it not for (mainly people with chronic heart conditions), there will be absolutely no side effects whatsoever. However, if you’re using Clenbutrol with other supplements or with energy drinks, you can experience:

  1. Heart beating at a faster rate – in case you have a history of cardiovascular diseases and you’ve stilled used this supplement, there is a possibility that your heart will pound faster than normal
  2. Constipation – people who are using several supplements together might experience problems like constipation and indigestion, mainly due to the fact that Clenbutrol alone has a formula comprised of very potent ingredients
  3. Fainting and migraines – Clenbutrol features highly caffeinated components that, if combined with different caffeine based stimulants (energy drinks and coffee primarily) could cause headaches, recurring migraines, and even fainting

Additionally, ‘using high doses’ of Clebuntrol for extended periods of time could lead to even more serious side effects, such are:

  • Nausea – the problems relating to indigestion and constipation will naturally evolve into nausea
  • Muscle cramps – using Clenbutrol in a way that wasn’t prescribed might make you feel ‘stronger’ and blessed with ‘more endurance’ than you really do have, thus leading to muscle cramps
  • High blood pressure – in correct doses, Clenbutrol will regulate blood pressure levels, but in higher doses it will actually increase them

It’s important to note that none of these side effects will come to pass if you use Clebuntrol correctly. That means that you shouldn’t use it if you have a history or if you’re suffering from any heart disease. Using it in correct doses will also mean that you won’t experience any of the aforementioned side effects.

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Customer Reviews

There are a lot of surprisingly positive comments people post online about Clenbutrol, most of which revolve around the fact that it’s effective, has no side effects, and burns fat like no other.

We’ve found a very wholesome comment on the blog which states:

Containing 100% natural ingredients which have proven to be safe and effective enables you to get the results that you want without any adverse side effects. Clenbutrol is as powerful fat burner and without the negative things that often come along with some other supplements.

With so many great testimonials and results it is easy to see that Clenbutrol is a fantastic product which is helping a lot of people. If you want to use one of the top weight loss supplements available Clenbutrol would be the supplement to go with.

Moreover, a reliable health & fitness site called posted a very comprehensive conclusion on how good Clenbutrol really is, stating that:

It is not hard to see why this supplement is considered by many it to be the number one fat burning supplement available. Each and every pill is filled with completely natural ingredients which make the product 100% legal and safe alternative for steroids. It gives the users of the supplement all the benefits for building muscle mass, and it has no drawbacks, thanks to the great combination of ingredients.

It is a no-brainer! Benefits without the risk! Of course, let me remind you again, you will only benefit if you work! If you are willing to put in the work and sweat, this supplement will give you the best chance to achieve your goals.

However, we’ve also stumbled across a negative comment made by, a website based on giving advice on how to maintain a healthy diet, and it’s only logical that they were very specific and focused on the ingredients:

2 of the 4 active ingredients are stimulants which can potentially cause side effects.

Nicotinamide is a good ingredient but it’s also already found in many niacin rich foods. Garcinia Cambogia is also good for weight loss, but it’s unclear how much total HCA is added, which makes it impossible to determine the overall strength.

When using ingredients like bitter orange and guarana there is an increased risk for serious side effects. They’re also not reliable for weight loss, as the body will quickly develop a tolerance for these additives.

However, upon further research we’ve concluded that this is actually a smear campaign that based their entire negative feedback on a single negative comment a single unhappy costumer made.

Clenbutrol Before and After Pictures

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Clenbutrol before after


It’s safe to say that Clenbutrol is a safe alternative to Clenbuterol – use it in proper doses, eat properly, and you’ll notice the difference practically overnight.

This is a very strong food supplement that actually does what it advertises, so if you want to build muscle without feeling dizzy or like you’ve been hit in the stomach, we highly recommend that you give it a shot – it’s potent, it’s safe to use, and best of it all, it contains a completely natural formula.

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