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Smile is definitely one of the most beautiful things God has gifted humans with. A smile brings instant happiness. But sometimes we see people covering their mouths when smiling or we see people smiling with their lips closed. And maybe we also do the same. The reason behind is yellow teeth. With yellow teeth which can develop easily from consumption of tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes and many other reasons, we are ashamed to show our teeth. We use whitening toothpaste and brush twice, thrice or four times per day, we use mouthwashes but get no results. But now there is no need to spend lots of money on dentists. There is a solution which we can use at home. It is Crystal Laugh teeth whitening kit.

Crystal Laugh kit

About Crystal Laugh

Crystal Laugh teeth whitening kit knows its job well. It gives you back the confidence to smile, laugh spontaneously. You need not be conscious about your yellow teeth. Crystal Laugh is a product which is effective, reasonably priced and not like common teeth whitening solutions available in the market. Regular use of the Crystal Laugh teeth whitening kit reduce yellowness by 80% and teeth becomes 95% white. And the best thing about Crystal Laugh is that you get professional results at home and without spending a fortune.


The ingredients used in Crystal Laugh are time tested and used in many other products, but in different proportions. Or some are not even used in other products. Crystal Laugh is a proprietary formula developed by specialist team of medical professionals to ensure teeth whitening.

  • Glycerine
  • Urea Peroxide
  • Xylitol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mentha Piperita Oil
  • Carbomer
  • Tri ethanol amine
  • Aqua

What you get in the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit?

When you order for the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit you get the following in the package

  • Whitening Gel

The whitening gel is the solution for brighter and whiter teeth. The package contains two 5 ml syringes which is sufficient for ten complete whitening session.

  • Crystal Laugh Perfect Fit Mouth Tray

The kit contains a ready-to-use mouth tray which fits perfectly.

  • Crystal Laugh LED Accelerator

This is a very unique part of the Crystal Laugh kit. The LED light accelerates the whitening process developed by Crystal Laugh. This process uses a clinically-proven principle to make your smile whiter and brighter in a short time.

  • Instruction Manual

The Crystal Laugh Instruction Manual provides a step by step instruction guide for using the product. It illustrates the process to be followed in a simple language so that you can get maximum results by using the True Whitening System.

  • Crystal Laugh Shade Guide

This is a very simple tool which you can use to observe the progress of your teeth as they become whiter day by day.

How Does Crystal Laugh Work?

Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit works on a formula developed by the manufacturer in its laboratory by a team of scientists. It is simple and quick in application and gives instant results. The unique LED light accelerator, along with the perfectly fitting mouth tray work together with the whitening gel to give you fast results. Your teeth is white before you know it.

crystal laugh review

How to Use Crystal Laugh

The Instruction Manual shipped with Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit simply describes the procedure to use the kit. The whitening gel is to be applied on the whole area of the teeth. Then the LED mouthpiece is to be inserted into the mouth. The treatment is to be completed by using the desensitizing pen and whitening wands. There is also a shade guide available which you can use to check the degree of whitening of your teeth. The mouthpiece has to be charged using your mobile charging cable before use. Do this for 7 minutes daily. Just in seven days, you will notice the difference in the shade of your teeth.


The Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is to be used daily for 7 days for noticeable results. The process should be repeated till you get satisfactory results. As the degree of yellowness differs from person to person, results may be noticed faster for some and may take longer time for others.

Is it Safe to Use Crystal Laugh?

Crystal Laugh is extremely safe to use. The product is used for cosmetic purpose and not to cure or treat any diseases. Crystal Laugh is only a whitening solution for yellow teeth. Users of Crystal Laugh may read all the labels on the packaging and the Instruction Manual very carefully. The company developing Crystal Laugh and thousands of users stand behind the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Is Crystal Laugh Addictive?

No Crystal Laugh Whitening Kit is not at all addictive. The ingredients of Crystal Laugh are all safe and long used by dentists for treatment of yellowness of teeth.

crystal laught smiles

Benefits of Crystal Laugh

Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is a formula developed by a team of experts to reduce discoloration of teeth and increase whitening. It uses the most common ingredients used for cosmetic treatment of teeth whitening performed by dentists. These treatments are expensive and takes much time. The Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit provides surprisingly amazing results in the comfort of your home at a fraction of amount spend at the dentist clinic. 

Purchase & Price of Crystal Laugh

Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit may be ordered online from the website of the company. Presently the product is available only in America. The Crystal Laugh Whitening Kit is very reasonably priced.

So the more the quantity you buy, the cheaper you get.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer stands behind Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. They have a 30 days and 100% Money back guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with the Crystal Laugh Whitening Kit he can take his money back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Crystal Laugh really work?
Yes, Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit works amazingly fast. This proprietary formula was developed by a team of experts. The ingredients have been used by dentists over the world. Only difference is the ingredients are used in right proportions and is portable and easy to use. 

How early can I expect results on using Crystal Laugh?
Results can be expected after 3 sessions of use of Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. But you are advised to continue using for a permanent solution and for the white teeth to stay.

Do I consult a doctor before using it?
There is no need to consult a doctor as the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is not a medicine which is used to treat any disease. Still in case you are pregnant or nursing or a heart patient or on any other regular medication you may consult a medical practitioner before using the product.

Does the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit have FDA certification?
As the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is not a medicinal product to treat any disease it does not require FDA certification.

Is Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit safe to use?
Yes, Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is completely safe to use as guaranteed by the manufacturers. It uses the ingredients used by dentists all over the world to treat yellowness of teeth.

Are there any side effects?
No there are no reported side effects of using the Crystal Laugh Kit.

Is it safe for children?
No, the product is not suitable for children. The product comes with a warning that it is not for use by children under 18 years of age.

Where can I buy Crystal Laugh?
Crystal Laugh can be bought by online order from the company’s website only.

Do the company accept international orders?
No the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is presently available in America only. The company will start accepting international orders shortly.

When will my order ship? When will it reach me?
The manufacturer Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit ships within 24 hours and will reach you within 5 days.

What is the company’s terms and conditions and refund policy?
The company has a full satisfaction guaranteed, 30-day money back policy.

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Pros of using Crystal Laugh

  • Save money by whitening teeth at home.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Simple application
  • Instant results noticed
  • No messy strips
  • Professional results at home

Cons of using Crystal Laugh

  • Crystal Laugh is not available in shops locally. It has to be ordered online from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Crystal Laugh should be used regularly for best results.
  • Presently Crystal Laugh is available only in America

Customer Testimonials

I want to thank the manufacturers of Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit from the bottom of my heart. The product actually works. I was having yellow teeth. My boss also noticed the ugly yellowness of my teeth. Then my boss suggested that I use the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. After 7 days of use, results began to show. After 2 months of use at home I have got brighter and whiter teeth. Now I can smile and laugh without any shame. Claire Aniston, 46, Boston, Massachusetts.

I was a smoker, had 8 cups of coffee daily. My boyfriend pointed out the yellowness of my teeth. He suggested that I visit a dentist. I started visiting dentist once a month. The sessions were very time consuming and very costly. After two months and two sessions there were practically no results. After asking the dentist he clarified that the treatment will take time and there was no guarantee for the results. Then suddenly while browsing the internet for solutions I got to know about the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. It was really cheap compared to dentist sessions. Immediately I ordered online and received the product in 5 days. Can you believe that the product is shipped in 24 hours!! The product completely changed my looks in just a week. Now my boyfriend is jealous of the attention I get from other men. Wendy Wilson, 24, Brooklyn, New York.

I am not a review person but I must give due credit to the manufacturer of Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. I was using several teeth whitening toothpastes and gels for the past two years but with no result. Then my wife’s friend suggested the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. First I was reluctant to buy the kit as it was not available in shops and available only online. My wife ordered one for me and forced me to use it. I found that the instructions were very easy to follow and the kit contained a unique LED accelerator. After 6 sessions of use, it started showing visible results. I continued to use the kit and it lasted for 12 sessions. Now I have a beaming white set of teeth. James William, 35, Chicago, Illinois

Credit has to be given to the manufacturers for developing a product that actually works for whitening of teeth. I was having the problem of yellow teeth. My brother suggested this product when he heard me cribbing all day about how my yellow smile is putting off girls. It has been 1 month using it and I already have a beautiful steady girlfriend. Recommend it to all! Lucas, 20, Houston, Texas.


There are a lot of teeth whitening toothpastes, gels, solutions available in the market. After research on may such products, I finally found one truly effective solution for yellow teeth. This is the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit. Presently available only in America, it is a stand out product. Even the customers vouch for the product. To get a sparkling, beautiful and inviting smile you have to just use this product. The LED mouth piece and the pen gives instant results.

If you want to be confident about your smile, I advise you to use the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit immediately. And in this world of smartphones and selfies and instant uploading on social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit is like a cosmetic product for your regular use. Due to high demand of the product, we have limited supply, so rush and order your Crystal Laugh Teeth Whitening Kit.

Crystal Laugh Teeth

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