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When George Reilly, a 59-year-old diabetic, suddenly woke up in the hospital bed. He was heavily medicated and could not entirely understand what was going on. He did not even know how he had reached there in the first place. Of what little he understood, he could figure out his 4-year-old grandson telling the doctors to please not cut off his grandfather’s legs. His wife Linda was pleading with the doctors to save his leg. He was heavily medicated and from what he understood – the doctors were about to amputate his leg.

Eventually, the lead doctor told him he was lucky to be alive and very lucky to not have his leg amputated. But, next time he would not be so lucky with his limbs. This had come to him as a shock. He was strictly following the medical guideline that was given to him by his physician. He could not believe he had fallen in a temporary coma and had been on the verge of losing his leg.

George Reilly was a 59-year-old man when this happened. He was planning retirement and wanted to tour the world with his wife. His younger son was about to get married the next month. And suddenly, his life was falling apart due to the Type 2 diabetes that he was suffering from. Instead of enjoying the upcoming wedding with his family, he had fallen into a Hyperosmolar Non-Ketotic coma and was looking at the prospect of spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

This and the look on his 4-year-old grandson’s face made him desperate to find a remedy to his high blood sugar level. He vowed he would find a cure for his condition, and he would not rest until he found that cure. He had several weeks off his work due to his hospitalization. He spent that time reading everything that he could find out about Type 2 Diabetes.

When he was in his early 50s, he was a healthy man working in a private security firm with two grown-up children who had moved out to work. He discovered he had begun to have a craving for buns. He was also feeling thirsty all the time and short of energy. He was going to the bathroom a lot too. Then to his shock, he discovered he had Type 2 Diabetes. He had thought his health will improve over time, but it did not improve. Over the next 5 years, his blood sugar levels became more erratic. His food cravings went up. His legs had become painful. He started having nerve pains. His love life with his wife had become more difficult. And all this was going on while he was gaining weight. He had gained an extra 40 pounds of weight.

His physician prescribed Metformin Glyburide to him, which had severe side effects. Side effects such as muscle aches, kidney pains, bloating, etc. These side effects continued to increase until one night when he lost consciousness and collapsed at work. This is when he had gone into Hyperosmolar Non-Ketotic coma and woke up in the hospital to discover that doctors had set 1:30 pm as the time to amputate his leg.

Eventually, they did not amputate his leg that day. Instead, they set an appointment after 8 weeks when they were planning to do the procedure. At this time, George Reilly was able to find a solution to his condition and cure his diabetes.

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About Diabetes Freedom

30 million people in America suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. 84 million people suffer from a condition known as pre-diabetic (This is the condition where the patient shows high craving for sweets/sugar. They go to the bathroom often and, therefore, feel thirst more. But, their blood sugar level, though high, is not at the diabetic level.) So every 1 in three people in the USA is either a diabetic patient or pre-diabetic.

Apart from this fact, 1 person dies on an average every six seconds. That is 1.6 million people in the USA who die of diabetes, making it the greatest killer of Americans. Diabetes is also on the rise globally, with about 430 million people suffering from it. Type 2 Diabetes is growing at a 5% annual global growth rate.

Diabetes is also known to double the chances of getting a stroke. While diabetes increases the likelihood of having a heart attack by four times. The increased blood sugar levels lead to severe damage to the veins in the brain, which in turn leads to a more than sixty percent chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes Freedom is a program that was created by Dr. James Freeman and George Reilly. George Reilly got in touch with Dr. James Freeman through his daughter-in-law, who is also a health professional. Dr. Freeman had used cutting edge techniques discovered by the University of Utah to cure his diabetic patients in Japan successfully.

The program is divided into three steps. These steps are to be followed sequentially for the best results. If followed sincerely, the program cures Type 2 Diabetes. This will enable you to get off diabetes medication and live your life to the fullest as you did before you got diabetes.

What Does Diabetes Freedom have?

Diabetes Freedom consists of books, a fully digital health program, and several videos. All of it is available online as soon as the payment is verified. The program is divided into three steps.

Step 1 – is the two-month nutrition plan, which makes the pancreas healthy within 2 months, thereby significantly increasing the body’s natural insulin production and curing the cause of diabetes.

Step 2 – is the seven brown fat boosting techniques that burn unhealthy white fat stored in the body and replaces them with healthy brown fat. This is how you reduce your body weight and keep your blood sugar levels from rising up again.

Step 3 – is a set of meal timing tricks, which is a wonderful secret. You can keep your blood sugar level normal and body weight from going up after Step 1 and 2 just by timing what you eat and when you eat it without any exercise.

diabetes freedom review

How does Diabetes Freedom three-step program work?

The food you eat is broken down by your digestive system into glucose. This glucose is then absorbed by your blood, which increases the sugar level in your blood. The pancreas in your body releases a chemical called insulin after meals, which signal the cells in the body to absorb this glucose in the blood. The glucose is then absorbed by the body from the blood, which keeps the sugar level normal and stable. The glucose is then burned in the cells to provide energy.

In type-2 diabetes, the pancreas gets coated by an unhealthy toxic white fat. This toxic fat severely reduces the ability of the pancreas to function normally. The arteries in the pancreas get clogged by this toxic fat, which sticks to it. The cells in the body of a type-2 diabetic become insulin resistant. The body does not respond to insulin when the pancreas signals the body to absorb the sugar in the blood.

On top of that, the pancreas, because it is clogged with toxic fat, cannot produce the extra insulin needed to get the cells to respond to absorb glucose. The sugar accumulates in the blood, causing blood sugar levels to keep increasing. At the same time, the body is burning the little sugar it has in the cells, and when the glucose level is reduced, it creates fatigue, muscle pain, and an irresistible craving for sugary foods and desserts.

Diabetes freedom does the process mentioned above in reverse. It detoxifies the pancreas by slowly scrubbing off the sticky toxic fat from it and stops new white fat from accumulating. This instantly makes the pancreas healthier, which starts producing an increased amount of insulin. This helps the cells absorb more sugar from the blood. The increased supply of sugar to the cells means you feel more energetic but less hungry. You stop having food cravings means you eat less. You eat less, so there is less amount of blood sugar in your blood. The whole process creates a positive feedback cycle, curing your diabetes.

How to Use Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom is an online manual that can be accessed by subscribed customers on diabetesfreedom.org from anywhere in the world. It consists of written instruction and instructions and demonstrations in video format. Instructions are on what to eat, when, and in what quantity to eat. These ingredients are easily found in the grocery store. Some of them are prophenylphenols, which is found in grapes, dark chocolate, and cinnamon, etc. You can get Lignans from eating carrots, squash, etc., Flavonoids from eating parsley celery, lettuce, etc. However, you can order more specialized products just for this program from Quantum Naturals.

diabetes freedom reviews


Just eating these healthy foods is not enough. You have to take them in the right quantity, at the right time in the right proportions. The program and mainly, step 3: meal-timing strategies, deal with the specifics.

How safe is Diabetes Freedom to use?

Since Diabetes Freedom is a program and not a pill, it has no chemical side effects. It has been developed by George Reilly, a former diabetic patient himself, who had reached the verge of a leg amputation and Dr. James Freeman, an expert with decades of experience in curing diabetic patents. The product is reliable with proven a track record.

Does Diabetes Freedom use any addictive substance?

No. The product does not use any addictive substance. Some of the diets consist of tasty food, but they are completely safe to eat if the product instructions are followed strictly.

Benefits of Diabetes Freedom

  • Get cured of food cravings
  • Since you no longer have food craving and eat less food, you can enjoy tasty desserts
  • Seven key weight loss shortcuts
  • The program detoxifies the body giving you lower blood sugar levels, clearer skin, and sharper memory
  • Timing strategies help you get better sleep while reducing your body fat lowering your weight make you more energized
  • If you love seafood, it tells you when to have them and when not to have them
  • The recipes help you have a tasty snack between your daily meals

Side Effects of Diabetes Freedom

There are no harmful side effects of the program. The program enables you to have heather more energized life with no downsides to it.

How Much Does Diabetes Freedom cost?

Diabetes treatment programs usually cost thousands of dollars. The original proposal by Dr. Freeman was to put a price tag of $997 on this program. However, due to his own traumatic experience, George Reilly wanted this to be available to all diabetic patients. The program is available at diabetesfreedom.org at just $37. And not only that, it comes with additional bonus goodies free of any extra cost. These are

The Fat Burning Blueprint

This is made by several personal trainers to reduce body fat drastically. This is for patients who want more than a cure from diabetes. They want to look good and attractive by reducing their unwanted body fat.

Stay Young Forever Program

Certain food and lifestyle habits make people older than they are. This program helps you change those habits into better and healthier habits so you can look and feel younger without any effort.

33 Power Foods for Diabetics

This book consists of recipes for various foods that are tasty and yet not harmful to diabetic patients.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The program has a 60 days money-back guarantee. The program guarantees the reversal of diabetes in 8 weeks. If you are unsatisfied with the results or for any reason, change your mind, you can claim the money-back guarantee. And they promise to return in full whatever you paid.


Q: Does this really work?

A: Yes. It works for 9 out of 10 people. And the rest also get benefits from it.

Q: How soon can I stop taking diabetes medication?

A: The program guarantees to cure diabetes within 8 weeks. Once your diabetes gets cured and your blood sugar level drops to normal and stays normal, you can stop taking your medicines for Type-2 diabetes.

Q: Is the Diabetes Freedom program scientifically proven?

A: Yes. Various studies around the world have shown these methods work. These include the University of Utah, Newcastle University in England, Texas University, and Harvard Medical School.

Q: How difficult is this program?

A: The program is not difficult. Many around the world are benefiting from it. And it is undoubtedly easier than living the life of a diabetic patient.


  • The program includes no necessary exercise. Meaning even old people who cannot spend long hours in the gym can get benefit from this program.
  • The program includes various tasty recipes which are a relief to patients who are forced to eat bland meals.
  • The program is accessible from anywhere in the world.


  • The program can only be bought from its website. People without access to the internet cannot buy it.

Customer Testimonials

diabetes freedom reviews

Bill from Minnesota writes I was diagnosed with diabetes around the same age as Mr. Reilly. I did not think I would get cured. But, I got cured by doing this program. Now I can enjoy cookies and sweets with my grandchildren.

Jacob from Chicago writes I was addicted to fast food. I gained a lot of weight and eventually got type-2 diabetes. Once I used Diabetes Freedom, my diabetes got cured. Now I am healthier and slimmer than ever before.


Most people do not know that diabetes can be cured. But, this program has proven that type-2 diabetes can be cured by lifestyle and eating habit adjustments without reliance on expensive and potentially dangerous medication. All someone needs are access to the internet to purchase this program, which can be made from diabetesfreedom.org in a secure payment through credit card or PayPal. They have a money-back guarantee, which means if someone does not like the program or is unsatisfied with the results, they can claim their money back.

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