Do Kegels Increase Penis Size?

Lots of talks are doing the rounds for Kegel exercises. These are quite easy to perform and simple clench and release exercises. The main aim of these exercises is to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are therefore also known as pelvic floor exercise. There was a time when these exercises were said to be for women only. However, now these exercises are performed by men as well as they come with innumerable health benefits. One of the best benefits that it offers is that it helps in enhancing the size of the penis considerably and ensures overall sexual health.

Previously, Kegel exercises were done by women who had recently given birth to babies. Basically the pelvic floor muscles are present in the pelvis area. This is the area between the hips. The muscles, when they work in the right form, help in the proper holding of the sexual organs. When these muscles are weak, various kinds of health issues might crop up. It has been seen in studies that Kegel exercises have been beneficial for sexual as well as the overall health of men. In this article, we will discuss how Kegel exercises help in bettering sexual life in men.

Penis Size

Improvement in the hardness of the erections

If you search on the internet, you will find many ways of improving the hardness of erections. Along with pills and supplements, there is the use of Penomet penis pumps as well. Penomet is considered as a safe and effective means for considerable penis enlargement. Apart from these ways, another most effective way of improving the hardness of erections is practicing Kegel exercises. These exercises can help in getting fuller, harder and stronger erections.

This happens because, with the help of this Kegel exercise, more amount of blood is pumped into the penile area and penis specifically thus boosting erections successfully. In many men, it has been seen that putting on a condom on an erected penis leads to the weakening of the erection. With this exercise, the problem of weakened erection vanishes. The quality of erections gets better and they last longer as well.

Various kinds of clinical trials have been made on men who practiced Kegel exercises and it was proved that the exercise had positive results for relieving erectile dysfunction symptoms. The trails were carried out on men with impaired erectile function. For getting the best results, the exercise has to be combined with some lifestyle changes.

Plays a crucial role in influencing penis size

Kegel exercises are able to increase penis size – there is a mixed reaction on this matter with men. While some opine positively on the matter, some of them are confused and are not sure of the results. Kegel exercises have been found to improve blood flow so that penile tissues can be filled up. When blood flow to the penis and penile area increases, harder erections are obtained. Along with getting harder erections, it is also possible to have longer erections so that sexual pleasures can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

However, you should not have unrealistic expectations from Kegel exercises. Permanent penis enlargement shouldn’t be expected from these exercises in circumference and length. These exercises do not work as a penis enlargement technique. Along with this, Kegel exercises have shown to have other sexual benefits as well.

Relaxation of muscles during the process of sexual intercourse

For relaxing pelvic floor muscles, one can do reverse Kegel exercises. This proves to be very crucial during sexual intercourse. When this happens, sexual intercourse can be prolonged and you can make your sensations much better so that great sexual experience is achieved. Your sexual life gets a new zeal and zest with this exercise.

Improvement and enhancement of orgasms

When the pelvic floor muscles in men are well-trained, it is possible to obtain highly impressive orgasms. The blood circulation in the penis area gets enhanced to a great extent with these exercises. With better blood circulation, there is an increased insensitivity. As a result, high sexual pleasure can be achieved during sexual activity.

Ejaculation can be regulated

Early ejaculation is a major problem with many men. As a result, such men are not able to enjoy sexual activities for a long period of time. It has been seen that men who practice Kegel exercises have been able to regulate their ejaculations. This means that they are able to cope with the problem of early and premature ejaculation to a great extent. Men who suffer from early or premature ejaculation often suffer from frustration and low self-esteem. Along with men, their partners also feel frustrated with premature ejaculation as the activity gets hampered. However, Kegel exercises offer a great solution to this problem.

With these exercises, the pelvic floor muscles are trained. These muscles play a very crucial role in delaying ejaculation. During the process of sexual intercourse, when a man feels that he is about to ejaculate soon, he has to just squeeze the pelvic floor muscles so that he is not able to ejaculate in any manner. It has been noticed that this is probably the only way in which sexual intercourse can be extended for a longer period of time.

Along with delaying the time of ejaculation, another benefit is obtained from these Kegel exercises. These exercises not only help in developing the pelvic floor muscles, but they also play an important role in increasing the ejaculation volume. This helps in increasing the self-esteem of men considerably.

Urinary incontinence can also be managed well with Kegel exercises

It is true that urinary incontinence is not a sexual problem, but it is definitely a health problem. And interestingly, Kegel exercises can help in combating the problem of urinary incontinence to a great extent. Kegel exercises have a direct influence on the sexual health of men along with their overall well-being.

By training the pelvic floor muscles via Kegel exercises, not only the erectile function is strengthened, but it also helps in restoring and improving one’s ability for holding urine properly.

The issue of urine incontinence can become quite serious. This is actually more applicable to men who are aging. It has been seen that many elderly men start peeing when they strain themselves or laugh out loud or sneeze. This is because they cannot control the urine flow. It is obvious that when something of this kind happens, it is highly embarrassing. In fact, such incidents also hamper the self-confidence and self-esteem of elderly men to a great extent.

With the help of Kegel exercises, men will be able to fight as well as prevent all kinds of issues of urinary incontinence without the need for any kind of surgery or even medications.

Overall health in men and relation with Kegel exercises

If you thought that Kegel exercises only help in restoring sexual health in men, you are mistaken. They also offer hosts of other health benefits in men. They also help in rebuilding the overall health of men by preventing all kinds of prostate disorders. Men who practice Kegel exercises on a regular basis have healthy and strong prostate. The health of other male sexual organs is also taken care of with the help of these Kegel exercises.

How men can do simple Kegel exercises?

The next time you are in the toilet peeing, try stopping the pee midway and again start the stream. You can also pretend that you are in a packed elevator and you have to control your fart in. You will feel that the muscle which you actually tighten is the muscle on which you have to work. The pelvic floor muscles are worked with the help of that special squeeze.

Men can feel that if they are doing the squeeze in the right manner, the penis will jump up a little. You can also put some fingers behind the testicles and feel that the muscles start tightening in that area as well. It is recommended that three sets of 10 reps should be done, thrice daily. Best results are obtained when this pattern is followed.

Summary – The bottom line

The muscles in the male pelvic area can be strengthened to a great extent with the help of Kegel exercises. The penis cannot be thickened and elongated permanently with these exercises, but they can definitely help in getting harder and firmer erections. Premature ejaculation is also avoided with the help of these exercises. Experts recommend continuing these exercises for better sexual life and a healthy life overall.

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