Do Quick Weight Loss Methods Work?

Are you looking to lose weight? In that case you must be looking for quick weight loss ways for the same because who wants to keep those unwanted fats in the body. Everyone wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. But frankly saying terms like ‘lose weight fast’, ‘lose weight quickly’, ‘quick weight loss’ etc. are simply tempting and nothing more than that. Nowadays various kinds of weight loss programs have been designed and invented by fitness and health experts. And they promise that with these plans, one can lose weight quickly and most importantly prevent weight gain. But most of the plans are far from realistic and do not function in proper manner.

It is true that following a healthy weight loss plan works fine and the results might be relatively quicker, but the individual has to play a great role in the same. If the weight loss effects are to last, the quick weight loss phase has to be long and more importantly, it should have a highly comprehensive approach. The approach would be inclusive of lifestyle changes so that lower weight can be maintained in a proper manner. If you think that only quick weight loss diets will help in losing weight, you are mistaken. Various kinds of healthy habits have to be learnt and inculcated in our daily lives so that best results regarding weight loss are obtained.

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Recommended Quick Weight Loss Programs

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Some common “Quick” weight loss methods

The most common question that people ask for weight loss is “how to lose weight quickly?” And generally the common methods which are recommended include having low-calorie diets
(LCD) and very low calorie diets (VLCD). Before choosing a particular weight loss plan, it is important that people know about these diets in detail. Also, no such diet should be followed without consulting the doctor.

  • Very low-calorie diet – Very low-calorie diets are actually liquid diets mainly. In such diets, there is no or very little regular food. With such diets, it is possible to get up to 800 calories of energy per day. Since this diet is devoid of regular foods, it cannot be continued for long and are usually followed for a very short span of time. Also, medical supervision will be needed while following this particular kind of diet. This diet works really well for obese patients and they tend to lose weight with VLCD.
  • Low-calorie diet – When we talk of low calorie diets, it is important to know the permissible calorie intake volume for both men and women. For women, daily calorie intake should be in the range of 1000-1200 calories, while for men, the range is 1200-1600 calories per day. In low calorie diet, regular foods are included. Sometimes meal replacement products and shakes are used in the diet for better results.

Various kinds of diets for losing weight quickly

If you keep a check on various tabloids, fashion magazines and even online, you will see that there are many fashionable low-calorie diets. Some names which you might find familiar include 3-day military diet and M-Plan Diet. The diet strategies which are mentioned in the plan are highly attention grabbing in nature. As a result, these plans become a favorite with people who are looking for easy ways of losing weight in a new style.

Now with the fad of low-calorie diets, many of these diets are endorsed by various well-known brands in the market. Generally, these commercial diet programs tell customers only of the short plan in the beginning. The initial stage is a low-calorie stage and weight loss can be boosted in this phase. But when seen in detail, the total weight loss program is a long one. Frankly, there is actually no short cut to weight loss.

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Reasons why very few quick weight loss diets function?

It is evident and clear from the above discussion that even on following a short-term, low-calorie diet the weight loss process will ultimately slow down for the dieter. This short term plan is just kind of a boost that some people get. There might be two particular kinds of benefits which people get after following a quick weight loss diet. They are as follows:

  • Positive belief and confidence – A dieter has to have the belief and confidence in himself/herself that he/she can lose weight. And this confidence helps in boosting the chances of reaching the final weight loss goal. Psychologists term this as self-efficacy, which means that a person has the belief and confidence of carrying out a specific task. One week of quick weight loss will help in boosting and building self-efficacy.
  • Quick results – Starting a diet is not only about eating. There are many other things associated with the same. People invest their money, effort and time in the same. When results are obtained, people like to stick to the diet plan for long. But the only thing which is worrying is that it is not the safest and the healthiest option always.

Drawbacks and negative effects of quick weight loss methods

You might be able to understand by now that low-calorie diets and very low calorie diets are not suitable for everyone. Only people who are under medical supervision should follow very low-calorie diets. Extremely obese and highly overweight people fall under this category. Again, low-calorie diets have been seen to be medically inappropriate for people suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions.

Along with the above mentioned issue, there is another thing of worry. Transitioning off a low-calorie diet can cause quite a number of problems. Generally after losing weight quickly, dieters should switch to their old eating habits or follow a more traditional diet. However, in such cases, the person tends to gain back weight again or their process of weight loss slows down.

The best thing to do is to follow a comprehensive and well-balanced weight loss plan. Usually these plans are long-term in nature and come with great results. Healthy habits can also be learnt in this long-term weight loss plan so that the weight loss that takes place can be maintained.

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