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Losing stubborn body fat is a struggle many of us have to face on a daily basis. How many times have you stood in front of the fridge, just wondering if you should go for that bar of chocolate sitting in there, only to lose and relapse? Well, the scenario is common enough and I am sure it seems relatable, doesn’t it?

As a part of the weight loss plan, exercise and a strict, well-balanced diet are undoubtedly necessary. But what we often end up ignoring is the effect of our sleep cycle on the fat accumulation or burning of our body. Sleep is a critical ingredient in the concoction of things that aids us in losing our weight. A good night’s sleep is a recipe for a better lifestyle and is also one of the quickest ways of losing weight.

Despite knowing that, many of us don’t get quality sleep for the recommended hours every night. Demanding jobs, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle, etc are the prime reasons for us not getting the sleep we require for our body to function smoothly. No matter what the reason might be, you can be sure that this not only is stopping your body from performing at its peak, it is also making you accumulate fat. As a result, you are gaining unnecessary fat and one so stubborn that even exercise and diets aren’t cutting it anymore.

To counter this problem that is faced by so many, Eat Sleep Burn works as a perfect solution. It is a weight-loss program that is different from the usual diet-and-exercise programs and takes the unique approach of tackling the problem of being overweight by using the Sequential Shutdown Method (SSM) and a Secret Ingredient Tea that helps you improve your sleep cycle while making you lose weight at the same time.

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What is Eat Sleep Burn?

Eat Sleep Burn is a unique, 28-day weight loss regime that improves your bedtime habits and sleeps pattern while helping you melt off stubborn belly fat. It also substantially improves the length and quality of your sleep.

Undoubtedly, sleep is the most important thing you need if you want your body to perform at its peak. A healthy sleep schedule ensures a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, many of us are leading a life full of factors like stress, anxiety, and excessive workload that are known enemies of a good night’s sleep. Resultantly, a proper, restful sleep eludes us forever and so does the fat-burning mechanism that activates during this time, causing fat to accumulate in the body instead.

It has also been found that a specific type of deep sleep is essential for the body to trigger its fat-burning mechanism. Having a poor, fitful sleep for a short time never allows us to reach that stage, and the fat starts being stored away instead of burning out.

Eat Sleep Burn is an online regime that helps your body to start melting away the stored fat as soon as you fall asleep. This tea benefits your body in more ways than one. It not only helps you shed off the extra body fat but also reverses multiple health complaints like gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, bone density loss, intolerance for carbs, hormonal troubles, etc.

This result is achieved by unlocking your nervous system for quick results and combining it with the SSM (Sequential Shutdown Method), making it effective and fast-acting.

It is to be noted that the phenomenon of SSM is a scientifically proven one. It helps in the process of fat burning by rapidly melting off the excess body fat.

What Happens to Your Body When You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep?

One of the first and foremost effects of a disruptive sleep pattern on our body is the feeling of excessive hunger. This happens due to the messing up of a number of hormones like:

  1. Leptin: Leptin is a hormone that our fat cells release to send a message to the brain when we are full. Recent studies conducted on this have shown that poor quality sleep interferes with the release of this hormone and your body recognizes this as a state of starvation which causes those runaway hunger pangs even after getting all the required ingredients from your diet.
  2. Ghrelin: This hormone works in a way that is fundamentally opposed to how leptin works. Ghrelin is responsible for increasing your appetite. Having insufficient sleep disrupts the normal secretion of this hormone and as a result, you feel hungry all the time. Maintaining a diet with this going on in your body is nearly impossible, and you end up gaining even more weight.
  3. Cortisol: Cortisol is known to deposit fat in our stomach directly. Poor sleep results in a high level of cortisol, making you gain weight despite exercising and being on a diet. Other than this, elevated levels of cortisol also have these harmful effects on your body:
  • It disrupts memory and learning capacity.
  • It lowers your bone density and immunity.
  • It results in amped-up blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • The chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders like depression and anxiety are much higher when high levels of cholesterol are present in your body.

Other than the above-mentioned hormonal problems, poor sleep also disturbs the body’s Respiratory Exchange Rate or R.E.R. in short. RER is nothing but the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that occurs when you breathe.

When the RER is disrupted, your body starts burning the lean tissues for energy instead of using up the fat reserve. An imbalanced RER that results from disturbed sleep cycles makes you burn the precious lean muscles instead of fat, which again means you lose the ability to burn calories as you lose the muscles, making the whole process futile and repetitive.

Eat Sleep Burn Reviews

How Does Eat Sleep Burn Work?

We have seen that the primary mechanism on which Eat Sleep Burn works is the Sequential Shutdown Method, aka SSM. The method has been developed as a result of the combined efforts of Dan Garner, who is also the author of the Eat Sleep Burn Regime and Todd Lamb, an ex SWAT team leader.

SSM is a well-researched and carefully tested method that follows a 3-step protocol:

  • 10 rules of getting the perfect sleep at night.
  • Bulletproof rituals to ensure success.
  • An advanced protocol that targets towards long-term success.

These protocols, when followed carefully, helps in losing weight by reducing the stress hormone Cortisol that is responsible for the unwanted accumulation of fat, especially near the waist and the belly.

Combined with the rituals is one secret-ingredient tea, the components of which have not been revealed to the world. Now weight loss is possible in just two simple steps –

  • Drink the tea every morning.
  • Follow the 10 rules religiously without breaking or missing a single one for the best results.

The rules are simple to follow and sometimes consist of tasks like putting the phone into airplane mode before sleeping, practicing deep breathing techniques, hydrating the body at the right time, etc.

The whole regime and components of Eat Sleep Burn are 100 percent natural, safe to use, and following the rules is easy as none of the protocols are complicated.

What Do You Get in The Eat Sleep Burn Regime?

The weight loss process that is Eat Sleep Burn has four different components in it to aid you in your journey to weight loss. It consists of the following parts:

  1. The Main Manual
  2. The 28 Day Metabolic Burn Manual
  3. The Recovery and Revitalization Manual
  4. 28 Exercise Demonstration Videos

The contents are accessible to the buyer from the moment of purchase and can be easily viewed online in an instant so there is no added hassle of shipping and waiting for the manuals to reach you. All you need to do is log in to the official website and download the manuals for starting on your new weight loss journey. The videos can be conveniently viewed anywhere online on a tech device like laptop, pc, or a smartphone, and/or downloaded as well.

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Eat Sleep Burn is a weight loss program that focuses on losing fat by improving the sleep cycle and adopting a few healthy protocols leading to an overall better lifestyle. The table of contents included in the first part of the manual is as follows:


Chapter 1: The Mind-Body Connection: Unlocking Your Nervous System for Massive Results

  1. A Nervous System Overview
  2. Switching Off Your SNs and Switching On Your PNs
  3. Ways to Increase the Mind-Body Connection

Chapter 2: The Science of Sleep

  1. Sleep’s Effect on Hormones, The Brain and Your Muscle Development
  2. Sleep and the Immune System
  3. Sleep and Fat Gain
  4. Sleep and Performance
  5. Sleep Quality Strategies

Chapter 3: The 10 Rules for Getting the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Chapter 4: Bulletproof Rituals for Success

Chapter 5: The Sequential Shutdown Method

Chapter 6: Protocol Section

  1. Understanding Supplements
  2. Building the Foundation
  3. Advanced Protocols

Benefits of Using Eat Sleep Burn: The Pros & Cons


  • Eat Sleep Burn improves the overall health and fitness of the user along with helping in weight loss.
  • The product brings about weight loss by targeting the sleep system, which shoots off a number of troubles that arise from the lack of proper sleep.
  • It is 100 percent naturally made and is completely safe to use.
  • The program is in digital format, which makes it easy to access and carry around. Being able to carry the manuals wherever you go helps a lot with maintaining the consistency and your chance of following the instructions through!


  • The program isn’t downloadable in audio-only format for an easy listening experience while you are busy doing other things.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee

The price of the entire Eat Sleep Burn weight loss program is $37 and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for users who are dissatisfied with the product or want to discontinue it for any reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Who is the author of Eat Sleep Burn?

Ans.: Eat Sleep Burn has been jointly made with the efforts of Todd Lamb, a retired SWAT team member, and Dan Garner, a Lab Analyst and Elite Programming Supervisor.

Q.2: How many days is the program available for?

Ans.: The program is available for 28 days as this is the time period needed for it to deliver results and create a healthy routine. Users can continue the program for longer as per their requirements.

Q.3: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Ans.: Eat Sleep Burn program has a 60-day money-back guarantee offer. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it to avail of your refund.

Q.4: Where can I buy Eat Sleep Burn?

Ans.: The product is available on the official website at

Q.5: Is there any shipping cost for the product?

Ans.: No. The program is available online for download and streaming and can be accessed anywhere on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or pc. Hence, there are no shipping costs involved.

Q.6: Do the results of Eat Sleep Burn last forever?

Ans.: Eat Sleep Burn improves your sleep cycles and various other problems that are caused by the messing up of hormones due to lack of sleep along with aiding in weight-loss. Thus the beneficial effects of the product will always stay with you.

Before and After Result Pictures

Before and After Pics

Before and After result Pic

The Final Verdict

Eat Sleep Burn is a complete weight loss program that improves your overall health and the sleep system while focusing on losing weight. Its different, unique, and 100 percent are safe to use, thus making the product a worthy choice for those who want to lose weight without extreme difficulties within a short period of time. In a world where our lifestyle is affected by so many factors like stress, overwork, anxiety, etc, Eat Sleep Burn should definitely be on the top of things that you require for a healthy, obesity free life.

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