5 Best Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

You must have heard many men complaining about their erectile dysfunction problem. As understood, the problem is not a very uncommon one and many men suffer from the same. The problem is that most men are extremely hesitant in speaking about the problem with their partners and even with a doctor. As a result, the problem does not get solved and increases with time. Obviously sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship is detrimental for the health of a relation and there are high chances of splits and breakups. However, reports and studies have shown that with proper treatment and lifestyle changes, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be cured completely. There are various factors which might lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) and it can be treated naturally without taking any kinds of medicines. In this article, we will discuss about the whole thing in detail.

What is erectile dysfunction?

It is quite evident from the name of erectile dysfunction that it is the inability of a man to get proper erections as well as maintain proper erections. It is quite obvious that with such a problem in place, getting satisfactory sexual intercourse is practically impossible.

Basically a state of arousal is initiated by the brain and the penis receives signals accordingly. The arteries leading to the penis widen significantly and thus more volumes of blood can flow through it. Greater the amount of blood that reaches the penis, better is the erection. The erection is lost when the blood flow to the penis is impaired or restricted due to various factors. There are many reasons which are responsible for the issue like high stress levels, immense fatigue, alcohol overconsumption etc.

It might happen that you don’t get proper erection one day and next days there is no problem. This cannot be categorized under erectile dysfunction. When the ability of not being able to hold an erection continues for a while on persistent basis, it is termed as erectile dysfunction. This is clear indication of the fact that there is some kind of underlying problem which prevents the penis from getting complete erection. Some of the problems which might be seen include:

  • Damaged nerve tissues – There are some medical conditions like Peyronie’s disease or some kinds of medications, which might lead to damage of tissues around the penis area. This might lead to problems in erections significantly.
  • Insufficient blood flow to the penis and the penile chamber – Without sufficient blood flow to the penis and penile area, proper erections cannot take place. Health conditions like high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure levels might contribute to the problem of insufficient blood flow to the penis and the penile region. Insufficient blood flow might also be caused due to low levels of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps in storing blood in the penile chamber leading to better and longer erections along with improving blood flow in the body overall.
  • Lack of proper stimulation – Sexual arousal does not take place until and unless there is proper stimulation. Signals are disrupted between the brain and the penis and the penile area in general. There are plenty of factors, which might cause this problem. There might be strong psychological factors like anxiety, stress or depression along with serious neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, which hampers stimulation.

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Essential oils and erectile dysfunction

Though there are medications for erectile dysfunction, solving the problem naturally is highly recommended and in this regard essential oils can play a crucial role. Different kinds of essential oils have different properties and the effects are really good. However, essential oils are extremely concentrated and they need to be diluted with the help of some kind of carrier oil for use.

5 best essential oils for erectile dysfunction

Mentioned below are 5 essential oils which have proved to be quite effective for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction:

1. Cinnamon

cinnamon oil

Cinnamon essential oil has shown significant results in improving sexual functions in men (1). The oil helps in boosting the levels of testosterone hormone in the male body along with increasing sperm count at the same time. The viability and motility of the sperms also increased with this essential oil. Overall reproductive health and sexual functioning is bettered with the help of cinnamon oil.

2. Ylang Ylang

ylang ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil helps in treating the problem of ED to quite an extent. The ingredient is an extremely popular aphrodisiac in aromatherapy world. Its quality of boosting sexual drive is well known. The euphoric properties of this essential oil helps in attaining the lost self-esteem and provides sense of well-being. It provides a calming effects and helps in reducing anxiety, stress and frigidity.

3. Clove and Nutmeg

Clove and Nutmeg

In various studies and surveys it has been found that nutmeg and clove have helped in increasing sexual activity (2). Both the ingredients are strong nervous stimulants and have a positive impact on sexual behavior. Nutmeg shows to increase blood circulation in the whole body and in the penile area providing strong erections. The ingredients have been used in traditional Unani medicine for treating sexual dysfunction in males.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The use of Aloe Vera has been seen extensively in modern and traditional medicine for treating various kinds of problems including erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunctions can be treated with the help of this ingredient as it helps in stimulating cell division and also boosts production of testosterone. Sperm cell count is also boosted with this essential oil.

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5. Lavender


There is probably nobody who does not like the smell of lavender. This essential oil is used for treating various kinds of health concerns. It has been seen that the combination of aroma from lavender oil and pumpkin pie has great effects on penile blood flow in men. Infact arousal in men was also increased with the help of this essential oil (3). Damage to the reproductive system and sperm can also be combated with this essential oil. It also has relaxing and anti-anxiety effects.

Try these essential oils and see how it addresses erectile dysfunction problem instantly.

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