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About eWatch

eWatch is a wearable smart computer in hand which is very close or almost like smartphones. It has all there featured such as mobile apps, the mobile operating system with WIFI, Bluetooth connectivity, and everything to make your life smooth, comfortable, and better. The watch comes along one lithium polymer, and the size of the watch is 100.000 1X30, 5X30, 5cm with a weight of 99.8g. It is waterproof with high durability.

eWatch can be your lifestyle partner, with all its unique features like active pulse rate, heartbeat, sleep, and other vital elements that will help you to keep a constant track of your life. The smartwatch comes along with a retina HD Touch Screen, which has the compatibility of IOS and Android Phones.


The smartwatches manufacturers keep quality brands in mind and make sure that the product is durable and matches the quality of other big brands. All these exclusive elements in one brand are surprising, as well as cost-effective.

The premium-quality smartwatch comes with an optimizing Android system that never lags, and the technologies in the watch are up to date with a shiny, lustrous durable premium body.

The technical features within the phone are – phonebooks, heartrate, BlueTooth camera, BlueTooth call, ECG, stopwatch, call logs, sedentary, calculator, information, anti-lost, alarm, notifications, calendar, BlueTooth music, pedometer, sleep monitor, multiple languages.

eWatch Features

  • Activity Tracker – It displays time, calorie consumption, distance and steps covered, etc. All these functions are available to help you track every detail of your daily life.
  • Automatic Sleep monitoring– It comes up with a lot of functions like light sleep, awake, deep sleep, etc. all of which help you to keep track of your sleep patterns, which has a direct relation to your overall health.
  • Remote control camera – It can be controlled anytime and is connected by various devices, making it user-friendly.
  • Sedentary monitoring – if you are working for hours and sitting for too long, then your eWatch will remind you to get up. This is as sitting for too long leads to spine-related health problems and severe muscle pain. Hence, isn’t it best to have something that can remind you to take care of your health?
  • Call notification – Other than this, it reminds you of important calls and notifications. Its distinctive functions help you to stay connected to your loved ones. Even if you are busy working out or at a place where your phone has to be put on silent mode: with the help of eWatch, you can be assured of being connected.

ewatch features

The eWatch has compatibility with the premium operating system such as android and iOS; it has a Retina HD touch screen that allows you to get connected with both the top systems on a high-quality premium display.

The option of phone finder with BlueTooth is available, which allows you to have your phone around your range, thus enabling easy access.

The ewatch with all the unique qualities was first available in Germany and now offered at many places at excellent value and great price.

A new year always starts with many resolutions main being to get oneself into shape and follow a fitness regime. eWatch thus comes along with functions such as pulse rate and heart rate tracker, which help you keep motivated throughout.

It has got unique functions that help you connect to both IOS and Androids. The watch monitors your actions of how long you are sleeping and how much you are training. This thus gives you the perfect knowledge of what you are doing and how much you need to do.

This differentiation by a monitored smartwatch provides you with all the right data about your health. This helps you to analyze and train yourself the right way.

The eWatch also has GPS positioning to keep track of the location continually. There are also other reminders and alerts for taking medicines, weather forecasts, and many more.

It is instantly viewable, ideally located for sensors — a quick helper to ease a bit of your life and a big friend in your fitness regime. The BlueTooth connection also enables wireless connectivity to various devices such as phones, computers, and laptops.

eWatch works efficiently in security and protection terms for students and guardians. These days’ students have to stay long at school or private tuitions. With eWatch, they can share emergency messages even at not accessible situations while the phone is in silent mode.

It also allows guardians to track their children, and they never feel hopeless and scared if they are late or lost somewhere. The eWatch is always on demand for its high-quality, durable efficiency, which is very intuitive and very easy to use. It’s very stylish with trendy designs going great with everyone’s preference.

ewatch smartwatch


  1. The basics of having a watch were just to see the time, but now with time, there are many other options that one might think of having when opting for eWatch. A classy watch can make you look great, but with an ever-evolving smartphone, the trend of wearing watches is way lost in history. But wearing a watch which tells time along with working as a pro smartphone makes you look even more relaxed and smarter.
  2. eWatch also tell directions where to go left or right when the following map. Just connect your eWatch to your smartphone, and you don’t have to look always in your phone for where to go. Your eWatch will tell you the directions and will lead you with ease and comfort.
  3. It is very reasonable to lose the phone but how good will it be to get it back even before you realize its lost. With the ‘phone finder’ application, you can just ring your phone or any other device. Just get the device connected to the eWatch and relax as your things will always find a way to come to you.
  4. Are you a fitness enthusiast or looking forward to a fit lifestyle? Then eWatch is the right option to start your journey. It has all the qualities of a Fitness Tracker or pedometer; it counts steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep, and many other functions that can keep you motivated and help you in completing your goal to stay fit. eWatch is a waterproof smartwatch that allows swimmers to keep track of their heartbeat even when they are swimming.
  5. eWatch also comes with a menstrual tracker, which is a big help for female users to trail their dates and keeps their health on track. It also has a sleeping monitor and thus takes intensive care of your health with every detail to track.
  6. eWatch is the best help for the fitness enthusiast, rewarding them by ensuring secure and quick reply to receive calls and messages. Here they are no longer required to wait to take out their phones from their belongings and then receive their urgent call only by using eWatch. This helps to make ends meet.
  7. It also has the qualities of keeping you connected to the social world.
  8. eWatch has a long battery as a smartphone along with a fast charger, which stays long till one day. It comes with all the features which make it no less than a smartphone. All presented in a wholesome package that fits rightly on your wrist. Then why not to have it all quick, easy, and stylish, which fits comfortably on your wrist and accompanies you in your hectic life schedule.
  9. eWatch is as effective as entertaining being a part of your life.
  10. eWatch comes up with high quality, easy to read display, in all types of lighting.

eWatch is available at a price of 79 USD (50% off) with free shipping


  • The phone has to be in close range with your eWatch.
  • All functions are available but have to get adjusted on a small screen.
  • Limited stock


The ultra-resistant, premium designed branded watch is available at $79. If you buy two eWatch together, you can get one unit at $72.50, and if you order more than two, than the price drops at $ 63.

The graph of their success rate goes high where their understanding and in-depth knowledge of their product is excellent, which they use and utilize to gain as well as make other’s gain. Getting profit is excellent, but making their customers also gain profit is a work of enormous responsibility which they know how to do. And that’s what makes it great as a brand.

ewatch reviews

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

eWatch comes at a surprisingly effective price. The official site does come up with appealing discounts and offers with free shipping, which makes it more affordable for customers to go for. You can avail of two years of warranty at a reasonable rate of $ 11.01.


eWatch is available at a price of 79 USD (50% off) with free shipping

Customer Reviews

A customer named Selena writes that she has got this eWatch from her brother on her 22nd birthday. She at first was not aware of all its advantages, but soon she was known to it, she felt amazing and made it a part of her life. 

She has tried to stay fit for long by going gym, following a diet, but soon loses motivation with not so visible results. But with the use of eWatch, she gradually understood fitness does not happen only by diet and workout. It happens through parameters of maintaining diet, proper sleep, and exercise.

The smartwatch shows calorie counts, heart rate, and pulse rate tracker, which marks her continuous work progress. She further says when you are doing something and can see the results, you feel positive. 

Remain constant with what you want to achieve; the menstrual tracker also is a big help for all women tracking their menstruation dates if they have missed or delayed cycle. She says she has lost about 10 kgs in 3 months gives all credits to eWatch for that alarm notifying her health is a priority to eWatch.

Another customer named Robert writes on the internet by saying that – He is a 64-year-old ex-army officer, says that his entire life was to live for his nation and to protect the pack you. All this needs him to be fit.

He recommends eWatch highly and says that if at his working times he had got this, it would have remained a part of his glorious life of serving nation far and wide. But with its actions, it stills prove to be very worthy of wearing it on his wrist.

It reminds him of all his medication when to take, and the GPS allows his family members to locate him every time. Hence there is a reduced chance of any health risk. The heart rate and pulse rate tracker also will enable him to keep a constant check, which is very necessary with growing age. He says that eWatch makes it all very easy for him to take calls or see notifications.


The features, the price all make it an enlightening deal to grab and make a lifestyle change. It also acts as a constant motivator to work and fitter life. Also, comes up with maximum durability and ultra-resistant aluminum case with double-sided premium quality glass, which assures maximum protection and prevents it from breakage. Thousands of customers consider it to be a user-friendly product. All this makes it one of the leading products to choose from.

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