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In conjugal relationships various criteria have to be fulfilled for making it a healthy and successful and happy relationship. Among the many such factors, sexual satisfaction plays a major role. If a couple is not satisfied sexually, it leads to graver problems. There have been cases when a relationship has completely failed due to sexual inconsistency. The problem can be from the male or the female side and needs to be addressed at once.

Men often have various kinds of sexual issues, which they are hesitant to discuss with family and friends. Some of the most common problems include erectile dysfunction, not being able to hold for long, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, lack of energy and stamina in bed and so on. There are many factors which might lead to these problems and these can be overcome for sure. Physical, mental as well as psychological factors might cause these issues.

There are many male enhancement supplements available in the market, which claim to solve all kinds of male sexual issues. However, all these supplements are not safe and might come with serious side effects. Therefore one should be very careful in choosing the right supplement for these cases. One supplement, which has shown highly effective results in such cases without any kinds of side effects is ExtenZe. This male enhancement supplement is completely natural and many men have benefited from the same.

About ExtenZe

ExtenZe is a male enhancement supplement available in the form of gelcaps. This supplement is particularly designed for men who want to increase the girth and length of their penis. It also helps in getting quality erections – harder, longer and stronger ones. Libido is also boosted significantly with the help of this supplement. The quality of the orgasms also improve greatly with this supplement. Infact with use of this supplement, it is possible to experience multiple orgasms, each with immense intensity. It is quite obvious from the above mentioned facts that one’s sexual life reaches to a new dimension with ExtenZe supplement.

Men who have problems in achieving and maintaining full erections benefit greatly from ExtenZe. Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. is the company which manufactures this life-changing male-enhancement supplement for men. The sexual response obtained from the use of this supplement is amazing. Men who have used it opine that they feel like a teenager again with the same amount of sexual prowess, strength and stamina.

There are many other male enhancement ways like surgery, using pumps, using mechanical extenders etc. But these are painful as well as expensive. You don’t need to go into such things at all when you have ExtenZe near your hand. Just swallow one gel capsule and you will be ready to roar. The effects of the supplement remain for a really long time and your sexual experiences get better and better.

Ingredients used in ExtenZe

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It has been mentioned previously too that all ingredients used in the making of ExtenZe are completely natural and organic. The main feature of almost all the ingredients is to enhance the sexual abilities of the male. Some of the most prominent ingredients are as follows:

  • Zinc – Zinc is an important trace mineral which plays an essential role in male sexual health. Zinc is also a sperm enhancer and testosterone booster.
  • Folate – Folate is a kind of B vitamin, which helps in bettering sperm health and fertility.
  • Ginger – The root of ginger is consumed regularly and it has a strong smell and taste. This ingredient has been used since long as natural medicine and spice. Ginger plays an important role in improving circulation in the body, thus preventing chances of impotence in men.
  • Pregnenolone – This a natural hormone in the body. This hormone plays an important role in boosting brain function, mood, libido and energy levels.
  • Black pepper seeds – The use of black pepper seeds is quite common in male enhancement pills. And ExtenZe is no different. Black pepper seeds are also known as Piperine or Bioperine. Though this ingredient does not contribute individually, it helps in absorbing other ingredients in the pills well. Overall, the supplement functions in a better manner with this ingredient.
  • Korean Ginseng Extract – Korean Ginseng is a root, which is native to Asia. It is also popularly known as Asian Red Ginseng. Result wise, it seems to be more potent than other kinds of Ginseng. The main function of this natural ingredient is improving erectile dysfunction in men and increasing overall energy levels significantly.
  • Yohimbe Extract (bark) – Yohimbe extract is actually an alkaloid which is extracted from a tree bark. This tree is mainly found in Africa. The main function of this ingredient is increasing flow of blood to the penis. With higher blood flow to the penile area, harder and longer erections take place offering better sexual experience. The effects of this ingredient are quite strong.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (the fruit and aerial part) – This plant is native to some parts of Asia and it is used in almost all kinds of male enhancement supplements and testosterone boosters. This ingredient plays a crucial role in boosting testosterone levels in the male body, thus increasing libido, sexual stamina and energy levels. Overall sexual health of men is improved with the help of this ingredient.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – The human body consists of this amino acid called GABA. It functions as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Some of the benefits obtained from this ingredient include better mood, less anxiety and physical and mental relaxation.
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (aerial plant) – This ingredient is very interesting as it combines algae and fungus which coexist together. It plays an important role in sexual enhancement and also boosts erections and libido significantly.
  • Horny goat weed (leaf) – Majority of male enhancement supplements contain this ingredient – horny goat weed. It is also known as Epimedium and helps in boosting libido, stamina and energy levels and also betters erections considerably. Icariin is one of the most important components in horny goat weed and it is a natural Pde5 inhibitor.
  • Velvet Deer Antler – This natural ingredient actually comes from Deer Antler. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and in many dietary supplements like ExtenZe. Performance enhancement is one of the most important qualities of Velvet Deer Antler.
  • Muira Puama Extract (stem) – Native to Amazon, Muira Puama is a flowering plant. It is locally referred to as “potency wood” and natives have used it since ages. It is considered to be an erection enhancer and a potent aphrodisiac.
  • Damiana (leaf) – Damiana is a shrub, which is found in Central America, West Indies and Mexico. The leaves of the shrub act as natural aphrodisiac. The ingredient helps in boosting libido and sexual pleasure manifold times.
  • Astragalus (root) – Found in the Northern Hemisphere, astragalus root comes with innumerable sex benefits including great erection quality, better blood flow and higher stamina and energy.
  • Pumpkin seed – The seed of the pumpkin fruit is an excellent natural ingredient, which has many beneficial properties. Pumpkin seeds abound in different kinds of nutrients and minerals including iron, zinc and magnesium. All of these are essential for male sexual health and libido.
  • Stinging nettle (root) – The root of the stinging nettle plant is used in male enhancement supplements. It helps in supporting free testosterone levels in the male body and helps in keeping the prostate healthy.
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride – It is a very powerful amino acid, which helps in increasing blood flow all throughout the body. With this ingredient, it is possible to obtain harder and bigger erections as well as high stamina and energy.
  • Licorice extract (root) – There are some sexual health benefits obtained from licorice extract. This natural ingredient is a testosterone booster and also helps in increasing libido considerably.
  • Hops (strobile) extract (blossom) – This component helps in weight loss, reduces joint pain and helps in getting better sleep thus calming the mind and the body.
  • Ho Shou Wu extract (root) – One of the most sought-after Chinese herbs, this ingredient has been used extensively in ancient Chinese medicine since a long time. It helps in boosting male libido and betters sperm health and sperm count.
  • Boron (as Chelate) – Boron is a trace mineral which abounds in large numbers of health benefits. One of the most important ones among them is increasing testosterone levels in men.

How does ExtenZe work?

It is needless to say that the working of ExtenZe can be attributed completely to the ingredients, which are used in the making of the supplement. Blood flow to the penile chambers is enhanced significantly with the help of the supplement, leading to harder and better erections. There are natural aphrodisiacs in the ingredients and thus libido and sexual desire gets a great push. Even with aging, the libido and sex drive remains unaltered with the help of ExtenZe. The supplement also helps in having high quality orgasms with the ability of lasting longer in bed.


Benefits of ExtenZe

Some of the most prominent benefits of ExtenZe are as follows:

  • Helps in getting harder and longer erections
  • Helps in increasing stamina
  • Improves energy levels for performing well in bed
  • Helps in achieving intense and highly satisfying orgasms
  • Helps in getting frequent and stronger erections
  • Highly reliable sexual response – feeling like one teenager
  • Completely natural and organic
  • The results are quick
  • Helps in enjoying a great sexual life

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

There are different packages in which ExtenZe is available. Mentioned below are the packages and the prices of the same:

  • 1 month supply (30 capsules) – $59.95
  • 2 month supply – $109.95 – helps in saving $10
  • 3 month supply – $159.95 – helps in saving $20
  • 6 month supply – $309.95 – helps in saving $50

ExtenZe also comes with 60-days money back guarantee offer. If you are not happy with the results of the product, you can return the bottle and get complete refund without being asked a question.

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Side Effects of ExtenZe

ExtenZe is made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients. No kinds of chemical components are used in the making of the product. There are no additives, fillers, flavors and colors used in the soft gel capsules. Hence the product is free from any kinds of side effects and is completely safe to be used. However, you must check the ingredients used in making the supplement and if there is a problem with any of the ingredients, consult a doctor before starting the supplement. Yohimbe extract used in this supplement might not be suitable for all. It might have some minor side effects. Otherwise this male enhancement supplement is exceptionally good and effective.

Customer Reviews of ExtenZe (Video)

Real men have used ExtenZe and gained positively from the same. Mentioned below are some real reviews of genuine people:

I started using these soft gel capsules a month ago and have regained being a sexual beast in bed. With hard and long erections and intense orgasms, my lady does not want to leave me at all. Thank you ExtenZe for bringing back my self-confidence and esteem. ~ Tom Denly

I had ED problems but never paid attention to it seriously. Since I was aging I thought this was common. But when my sexual life went for a toll, I smelled coffee. It is then that I tried ExtenZe and it started acting super-fast for me. I could attain harder and longer erections and with multiple intense orgasms. Could not ask for more frankly! ~ Joe Curran

Conclusion – the Final Verdict

After reading about ExtenZe in detail and after reading the customer reviews, it is quite obvious that one would like to try this male enhancement supplement for sure. However, ExtenZe is not available in the market or in general departmental stores like walmart. For getting the product, you have to reach to the official website of the supplement. Select the package you want to purchase and then proceed as instructed in the website for placing the online order. Your order will be delivered within the stipulated time at the address which is provided in the order form. The effects of the supplement remain long after it has been stopped being used.

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