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One of the most heard words in today’s world.

What is Diabetes?

It is a disorder in our body where our cells fail to absorb well the required insulin.

Pancreas in our body produces a hormone called insulin which is used to convert the consumed food to glucose. When the cells fail to use insulin well, sugar or glucose builds up in the blood, thus leading to Blood sugar. People with this disorder are said to be Diabetic.

There are two types of diabetes: –

Type 1 Diabetes: When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, it may be due to the damage of beta cells in the pancreas, it leads to Type 1. This situation usually cannot be prevented. Though commonly seen in children, it can happen at any age group.

Type 2 Diabetes: If the body doesn’t use the produced insulin properly, it is called Type 2. This condition can be managed and prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, by losing weight and yes by taking some catalysts.

We all know that fever, cold, and coughs are very common illnesses that every person suffers from. Down the lane, no wonder if this list will also contain Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood pressure. Such is the situation in today’s world, where at least one person from every family is suffering from either of the above mentioned.

From a very small medical clinic to a big corporate hospital, the lists of available doctors are incomplete without “Diabetologists” and “Endocrinologists”.

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More than half of the patients in every clinic have diabetes. The doctor prescribes medicines to be taken for an indefinite period. If the case is serious, insulin injections are prescribed. Doctors ask to note the blood sugar readings using glucometers, and patients follow all the instructions very strictly.

Irrespective of their glucose readings, the medication has to be continued and should not be stopped, as per the doctor.

Not only this, once in every three months, few blood tests are also prescribed to see whether or not all the important organs in the body are functioning normally. LFT (Liver Functioning Test), RFT (Renal Functioning Test), HBA1C, etc. includes the list of tests that are very expensive and are not affordable by everyone. Irrespective of these results, the medication still should not be stopped.

It is very sad to see many diagnostic centers offering packages and discounts to the tests related to diabetes. They have solid marketing strategies to sell their packages as though fresh fruits are being sold.

When the medication is not curing the illness and not leading to anywhere, why are we still consuming them? Why are we trapped in this illusion of Metformin, Lantus + Actrapid, glucometers, lab tests, eye checkups, etc…?

In order to put a check to this cycle, Phytage Labs have introduced a 100 % natural supplement that can be used by people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. After a lot of research and self-experience, Phytage labs came up with this herbal medicine which can bring the uncontrollable high glucose levels down to the normal range. There are instances where people were able to reverse their Type2 diabetes after taking Gluco Type 2 for the recommended dosage.

Let us take a quick look at such medicinal ingredients of GlucoType 2

Ingredients of GlucoType 2

glucotype 2


Lagerstroemia speciose is a medicinal plant and is known as Banaba plant in the Philippines.

This plant is native to tropical southern Asia and also called as Pride of India.

Banaba leaves contain a high concentration of Corosolic acid due to which they are considered special. Corosolic acid is one of the most potential biochemical compounds that stimulate faster glucose metabolism and aids to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels which is very useful for combating diabetes. These leaves are majorly used not only in the Philippines and China but also in India in Ayurveda treatment. 

Bitter Melon

Also known as bitter gourd, this vegetable plays a major role in regulating blood glucose levels.

Besides being nutritional, studies have shown that Bitter melon has improved the levels of fructosamine and HBA1c, which are the key markers of long-term blood sugar control. This also helps with weight loss.

Licorice Root from the Philippines

In the plant’s edible root, researchers found a natural substance, amorfrutins, which is anti-diabetic in nature. It’s due to this substance; this root regulates glucose levels.


Being native to the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia, Cinnamon is a spice which comes from the branches of “Cinnamomum” tree family. Research shows that Cinnamon has a powerful anti-diabetic effect which helps in lowering blood glucose and lipid profile levels.


Gymnema sylvestre is a creeping shrub and native to the tropical forests of India, Australia, and Africa. Gymnemic Acid is one of the main components in this plant, and it helps to suppress sweetness. Not only does this shrub make sweet foods less appealing, but it also stimulates insulin production by regenerating the damaged cells in pancreas. This too is widely used in Ayurveda. 


Native to India, the guggul extracts are known to have a protective effect on the pancreas, which is the very reason for Insulin production, thus helps to control Type2 diabetes.


Cayenne peppers improve metabolism and glucose absorption, thus regulating the blood sugar levels.


After experimental analysis, it is found that juniper berries naturally store plant insulin. When these berries are consumed, the insulin stored in them works on the human body in a similar way as that of the insulin produced by the pancreas. Not only that, but it also improves the wound healing process in people suffering from Type2 diabetes.


Mulberries contain an essential compound 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), which helps in the breakdown of carbs in your gut thus helping in lowering high glucose levels.

This real treasure is lying out there in the forests due to our ignorance. What a pity on us!

GlucoType 2 not only comprises of these key ingredients but also major vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, etc. which are very important to keep us healthy.

How to consume GlucoType 2 supplement?

Gluco Type2 supplement comes in the form of capsules, and every day one capsule has to be taken after meals. Consuming this for 90 days, which is the recommended dosage, brings in all the power-packed benefits.

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Benefits of GlucoType 2

  • Gluco Type 2 is a 100 % natural supplement that can help to control blood sugar levels.
  • As 100% herbal medicine, Gluco Type2 is safe to use, very effective and adapts completely science-based method to control sugar levels.
  • It regenerates the damaged cells in the pancreas, which then can produce more insulin.
  • It improves the absorption ability of cells.
  • It has anti-cancer effects.
  • All the ingredients used in this medicine are widely accepted all over the world and are being used as herbal remedies in some of the forms.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • Also helps in controlling bad cholesterol and stabilizes the blood pressure
  • Provides Vitamin C & E, Magnesium, Zinc as per the daily the required values.

Purchase and Price

  • GlucoType 2 is available only online. Click here to access the page.
  • Fill in your name, address and other details
  • Without any shipping charges, your order is delivered right in front of your door

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee! Should you dissatisfy with the results, you can claim a refund within 90 days of placing the order. This is a BIG deal!!  

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  • Since this is 100% natural medicine, there are no side effects.
  • GlucoType2 is manufactured in the USA, and it is GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices certified.
  • It is available year-round
  • Medicine is delivered to your address at Zero cost.
  • The capsule pack also includes a leaflet, with more information on ingredients, which is easy to understand.


  • Gluco Type 2 is available online at it’s official website. It is not available in stores like Walmart, Rite Aid, etc…

Customer Reviews

This supplement will really turn your Type 2 Diabetes around. It is all-natural, and you have nothing to lose. I just hope that those who need it will be able to afford it, so they can reap the benefits.

M. Smith ~ This medicine did not help me as much as I was hoping. But I didn’t have any side effects also.

I shall try the medicine again by maintaining a better lifestyle.

Ryan ~ My mother is diabetic and had undergone diabetic foot surgery. As a result, she is advised not to walk outdoors. With this restriction, she doesn’t get a chance to walk or exercise. With her poor metabolism, her sugars are high despite the medication. When we got to know about GlucoType2, we were not sure whether or not it would work. But, still went ahead to try at least for a month as it doesn’t have side effects. And that is one of the wisest decisions we have ever made. GlucoType2 not only controlled my mother’s sugar levels but also increased her hope and love for herself. I would like to recommend this medicine.

Sam ~ Soon after I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes at a very early age of 27yrs, I was put on to medication and a strict carb-free diet. Being a foodie, it was very difficult to follow the diet. Starving for food made me eat more and sugars too increased. I was feeling very low, and all my charm has vanished. Then I got to know about GlucoType2 from one of my friends. After I started using this, my life itself got changed. Besides my controlled sugar levels, my energy levels too are high, and this entirely changed my lifestyle.

Now I feel good to do my regular walking, and I don’t have to starve; at the same time, I also remember not to feast. Thankyou GlucoType2!

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Is GlucoType 2 for Type1 diabetes as well?
No. GlucoType 2 helps cases with Type2 diabetes only.

Can pregnant women consume GlucoType 2?
As each case is different based on the complexity, pregnant women should consult and discuss with their Gynecologist before taking any medication. Not only just GlucoType2.

Since I see most of the ingredients lower the blood sugar levels, is there a chance that the levels decrease below the required levels?
No need to worry about that part. All the ingredients are balanced in such a way that the minimum levels are maintained.

How soon can I receive my order?
All orders are shipped with USPS priority airmail. The delivery takes about 5 working days. All the orders are insured with guaranteed delivery.

Is it possible to track my order?
When you confirm your order, you get an email with your order number and tracking information.

What should I do if I need additional information?
For further questions and clarifications, please contact customer service. Details are as mentioned in the website.


Our health is our biggest property; not the money or land. It grows the way we nurture it.

But due to various reasons, like hereditary, pollution, which is not under our control, we are prone to illnesses. By taking the medicines which doctor prescribes, we think that we are helping our body to heal. But we don’t realize that it is one of the biggest mistakes we do.

Nature is offering its best to us, but we seem to overlook that. The environment plays a vital role in human well-being. A completely bad environment can make the best to worst and vice-versa.

Let us look at nature’s catalyst, GlucoType 2 and let’s get benefited out of it. Just taking medicine and not doing anything is not good for anyone. For the best things to do their work, we need to give a good and fresh environment. Let’s follow a healthy lifestyle by drinking at least 4ltr to 5ltr of water every day, walking or exercising for 30minutes daily, bring in positive thoughts and flush out the toxins out of the body.

With that said, at the end of the recommended dosage of 100% herbal medicine GlucoType 2, you will be surprised to see the transformation and your sugar levels too.

Diabetes is not a disease. It is just a hormonal disorder that can be very well controlled by taking the right medication and following a healthy lifestyle. Go and grab the nature’s best GlucoType 2 and feel the change within you! Love yourself, there lies the key!

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