A Guide to Colognes from a Woman’s Perspective

A fragrance that appeals to you might not appeal to your other female friends. However, it depends on an individual’s preference and personality. Your fragrance can define your personality and tells something about you. Often people tend to choose the colognes that define some of their traits. Energetic and lively people are drawn to citrus scents as they find the cologne similar to their nature i.e. fresh and lively. Elegant and simple personalities often look for woody scents like sandalwood and cedar. Women who want to bring out their delicate and feminine side prefer colognes with floral notes.

Problem arises when it’s time to choose a cologne that suits you and defines you as you need to go through many trials before finding the one you love. There can be many ways to understand the kind of cologne you are looking for.


Understanding the Basics of Choosing Colognes

Cologne notes when combined give the final fragrance, however, these notes are smelled one after the other.

  • The Top Notes

The top notes or the head notes of a fragrance are the initial scent that comes in contact with you. The scent you experience right after spraying some cologne is made of top notes. Due to its light molecular structure, it doesn’t last long but, leaves an impression on you that helps you to decide whether to choose the cologne or not. Generally, top notes include fragrances that are light floral like lavender, rose, or citrus scents such as orange, lemon, bergamot. Manufacturers may also add some notes of herbs or spices to lure you in buying the cologne.

  • The Heart Notes

The heart notes or the middle notes start to work once the top notes are dissipated or evaporated. The middle notes are also called heart notes as they are considered the main element or the heart of the perfume. They last longer than the top notes and have a better molecular structure. They can be a combination of fruity and floral scents or mainly floral scents like jasmine, lavender and, rose. Green scents like lemongrass or ylang-ylang are also preferred.

  • The Base Notes

The base notes make up the last part of the fragrance and are influenced by the heart notes. They determine how you smell after a few hours of application of the cologne and works when the effect of the scent is about to finish. The scent that sometimes lasts in your clothes is highly made of base notes. Some common smells for base notes include sandalwood, moss, vanilla, amber, and many more.

Categories of Fragrances

  • Eau de Perfume

This is most preferred for a lasting scent. It contains around 10-20% of pure essence and lasts for 5-6 hours which makes it ideal for parties and other events. However, it is not very suitable for work or meetings as it can come as strong in such places. It should also not be worn when you have to work out in the sun as the heat can increase its fragrance even more.

  • Eau de Toilette

As compared to Eau de Perfume they are less concentrated around 5-15% and lasts for 4-5 hours. They provide a lighter scent and are referred to as skin fresheners. They are pocket friendly as compared to Eau de Perfume and provide almost the same benefits. They are an ideal choice if you want to experiment with some new fragrances.

  • Eau de Cologne

The term was used to denote masculine scents in North America, however, now it has become a famous word to refer to scents for both males and females. Generally, the Eau de Cologne has 5-8 % of concentrated perfume oils and lasts for around 2-3 hours. They mostly include a lot of citrus notes with other blends and they are generally preferred by younger people.

Different Fragrances for Different Life Stages

From your teen years to your mature years you go through many changes and reflect upon them. Mostly, people would update their cologne as well, however, it is your decision how you want it to be. If a cologne that is not very age appropriate makes you feel happy and confident then there is no harm to go for it. But sometimes you want your personality to match the atmosphere or the occasion. For such times you can take a look at tips given below.

  • For Teen Years

Perfumes labeled with the names of their favourite singers like Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus is generally preferred by teenagers. Fruity scents with a mix of flowery scents are ideal as they give a fresh and youthful vibe and a clean impression. It is also necessary to ensure that the scent is light as many scents can be overpowering.

Although you may like the initial light scent of the cologne it is necessary to check the scent levels to ensure that none of the notes are overpowering.

  • For Your 20s

It is the time when you feel lively, adventurous, and ready to face the world. Generally, women can be influenced to choose the trending option or by other factors like attractive packaging and advertisements to buy the product. Ensure to select something you enjoy and feel connected to. Don’t be afraid to try something bold like combinations of musk or sandalwood with some citrus notes.

  • For your 30s and 40s

This is the time when you may prefer some mature selections as by this time you find a balance in your emotional life and are driven to look ahead. You might be more inclined to scents like musk, amber, sandalwood and some woody notes as the trend may no longer be important to you and floral and fruity fragrances may not appeal to you anymore as they use to before.

  • For your 50s and ahead

By the time you reach this age you are content in yourself and feel confident in who you are. You are not bothered by others’ opinions needless to say from the opposite sex. Women may prefer some classic choices which are all about a mix of woody notes with hints of herbs and spices. A fragrance that makes you feel relaxed, warm, and confident cannot be denied.

Choose According to the Occasion

A special occasion calls for a special fragrance. Sometimes a special cologne can help you remember an occasion or a person due to its fragrance. However, it is necessary to understand the nature of the occasion.

  • For Working Hours

While you are in your hours you should opt for something light and lasting. An overpowering fragrance is not considered very work-friendly and can spoil your impression. Colognes with mild notes of cinnamon, citrus, apple, and green tea are ideal for the workplace. Your scent should help you feel energized and focused. Peppermint and eucalyptus are known for their soothing and refreshing properties.

Avoid over spraying or spraying repeatedly as this can affect your focus and overdo the scent.

  • For a Business Meet

Similar to your working hours but something more impressive is preferable for a business party or a meet. Go for a cologne that helps to boost your confidence and makes you feel comfortable as it is your place to impress and outshine. Opt for a subtle, fresh and simple fragrance with mint, basil, jasmine, or musk in them. This can help you feel relaxed and perform confidently.

  • For a Birthday Party or a House Party

An occasion that you enjoy and feel lively calls for a similar fragrance. A party is a place where you let yourself have fun and forget the worries and a fun scent would be very suitable for such time. Your scent can define your mood and vibe and helps people around you to understand you. A limited-edition perfume with woody notes and hints of spice or floral mist combined with moss and musk can bring the vibe.

  • For your Date Night

Spending time with your better half can be very sweet and relaxing. A romantic scent mixed with roses can help you to make your partner notice the efforts you have done for your special day. Warm and inviting scents that may leave your partner mesmerized help you to enjoy the time even better. Rose scents have always been preferred on such events.

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