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Vin Diesel is a celebrity, and so the bald look on him is extremely attractive. Many men opt for this bald look whether they have a full head or thinning hair. But if there is natural hair loss, then no one finds it attractive, since nobody wants a naturally thinning hair. It’s a sign of some kind of deficiency or advancing age. Although baldness is associated with males, you will be astonished to know that women make up 40% of the hair loss population. Thankfully, there are supplements and ways to ensure that you stop losing hair and ensuring that the lost hair grows back.

Hair VItal X

About Hair ReVital X

Hair ReVital X is a supplement manufactured using the best ingredients necessary for a healthy scalp and hair. These ingredients are blended with other natural ingredients to form a powerful formula. They work on the follicle directly and provide them with the right quantity of minerals and nutrients that your hair needs, resulting in at the end of hair loss.

Hair ReVital X is a supplement to rejuvenate hair follicles ensuring hair growth. There are a lot of hair supplements available in the market. But, hair ReVital X is a plant-based natural supplement; it makes it effective and entirely safe for use.

The supplement contains secret ingredients which have been in use for many years among an Indian tribe that lived in Florida for many centuries. Seminole, the Indian tribe, is the Mascot of Florida State University. Hair is a big part of their culture and the Seminole tribe used to wear theirs in a long flowing fashion. They guarded their hair jealously and believed that falling hair could be used against you with the help of black magic.

In the last century, people started realizing that the Seminoles had hair that stayed thick and long even when they were old; their hair never thinned. This tribal community has never seen baldness. The secret of this is ‘Razor Grass’ a secret ingredient that has been used by the Seminoles since centuries.

About The Secret Ingredient

‘Razor grass’ is a distant cousin of ‘ Saw Palmetto’ a natural DHT inhibitor.

DHT is the acronym for dihydrotestosterone. It is a sex hormone found in males which binds the receptors located in the scalp and causes the baldness in males, especially genetically susceptible males. The market is full of supplements that have DHT blockers, but not many of them are effective.

Regarding Saw Palmetto, Dr. Nelson Prager wanted to test the effects of this natural herb and conducted a short study. Two groups of men, with ages between 23 to 64, were part of this study. Half of them were given saw palmetto extract and the other half were given placebo. The results of the study were visible after 4 months. There was a growth of 600% thicker hair in the men who took saw palmetto. Not only did the men have a thicker growth of hair, but it was also observed that the bald spots were also getting new hair.

Hair Revital X Supplement


Although saw palmetto itself is a potent force; it is not the only ingredient in the supplement. Hair ReVital X is a 2-part supplement – oral and topical.

Oral Supplement

The oral supplement is a blend of 3 different blends that are added to saw palmetto. They enhance hair growth in 3 different ways: –

Blend # 1 – The Anti-Genetics Blend

This blend contains 3 ingredients to counteract the genetic problems and reduce DHT so that the follicles are free. Given below are the ingredients: –

Nettle Leaf Extract – The extract of nettle leaf has been known to effectively reduce the levels of DHT and increase the levels of follicle cells. One hair grows from one follicle. So, if there is an increase in the number of follicles, it follows that the hair quanity also increases.

Pygeum Bark Extract – Also known as the Cherry Tree, the bark of this plant targets DHT with saw palmetto and deactivates it before it can cause significant damage to your hair follicles. Research has observed that Pygeum bark also stimulates the production of hair.

L-Methionine – This amino acid controls the production of DHT in the body.

Blend # 2 – The Regrowth Extender Blend

This blend contains 4 ingredients. These ingredients have the property to shorten the shedding stage of the follicles and increase their growing stage. The ingredients are given below: –

Vitamin A Palmitate

Phytosterols – This ingredient is a compound extracted from sunflowers.

Pantothenic Acid – This is commonly known as Vitamin B5.


The ingredients come together to extend the life of the hair follicles.

Blend # 3 – The Healthy Hair Blend

This is a blend of 4 ingredients for shining, healthy hair. These are given below: –

L-Cysteine & Vitamin B6 – L-Cysteine is an amino acid that provides nourishment to the cells and tissues. Vitamin B6 works from within to help in the absorption of L-Cysteine.

The 2 ingredients work together to extend the life of the hair cells found in the hair follicles. They are responsible for moisturized, healthy and shining hair.

Biotin & Folic Acid work together to provide nourishment to the hair cells. They provide oxygen and water, resulting in strong hair and reduce greying and breakage.

Topical Supplement

While the oral supplement part, along with Saw Palmetto is very potent and balances DHT, Saw Palmetto extract is also to be applied topically to the scalp for a complete treatment. This is so because while the oral supplement works from inside, the topical supplement works from outside targeting the problem through the scalp and hair follicles. The topical supplement also contains 3 different blends as given below:-

Blend # 1 – Anti-Genetics

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is already known as a potent ingredient that works to increase hair count.

Carthamus Thistle & Thistle Extract – These 2 ingredients are as potent as Saw Palmetto and help reduce DHT.

Blend # 2 – Regrowth Extender

This is a 2-ingredient blend that helps enhance the regrowth stage of your hair. This ensures that hair regrowth occurs at the fastest possible speed.

Apigenin – This compound is found in chamomile and parsley and is known for its property to extend the regrowth stage of the hair follicles.

Centella – Centella is also known as Asian Pennywort and like Apigenin, extends the regrowth stage of the hair follicles.

Blend # 3 – Healthy Hair

This is a blend of 2 ingredients that prevent greying of hair and help in healthy, luxurious growth. The ingredients are as give below: –

Biotin Tri-Peptide 1 – This ingredient has an “anti-aging” effect on the hair follicles.

Panax – If you are aware of Panax Ginseng, you would also be aware of its health benefits, which include increased cell life. It extends the active life of the cells and helps in regrowth of hair.

Finally, there is one more blend that helps these topical blends to be absorbed by the scalp.

Blend # 4 – Deep Absorption

This is a 3-ingredient blend, as given below: –

Butylene Glycol – Fruits and vegetables contain sugars from which, Butylene glycol, a type of alcohol, is extracted, This is used in various products, including shaving cream, sunscreen and moisturizers. Butylene Glycol helps in the absorption of the main product. It is natural, safe and does not have any side effects.

Lecithin – Lecithin is found in soya beans, sunflower seeds and egg yolks. It is used in homemade lotion and helps in the absorption of other ingredients.

Capsaicin – Usually used in painkillers that are applied topically, capsaicin, which is extracted from red bell peppers stimulates the cells and repairs them. It also helps in the absorption of the other ingredients.

The oral and topical supplements make the complete Hair ReVital X system. They come together not only to defeat genetics but also reduce the levels of DHT in the body. As a result, you get a head full of hair.

Hair Revital X Review

How Does Hair ReVital X Work

Each ingredient used in the manufacture of Hair ReVital X System is tested for quality and purity. It is ensured that no contaminants or toxins touch the supplement. Also, only natural ingredients are used, and they greatly help the regrowth of hair and extend its life.

Hair ReVital X System is a 2-part system that works from within and without. It is like treating a wound. You would take antibiotics to help the growth of cells and prevent infection but, at the same time, you would also apply a topical lotion to soothe the skin.

Hair ReVital X System works similarly. It is not a replacement for any medicine and should not be used as a treatment for any disease. However, it can be used as a natural supplement.

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Benefits of Hair ReVital X System

Hair ReVital X System is a hair regrowth supplement that gives the following benefits: –

  • It improves the cycle of the hair follicle, resulting in healthy hair.
  • It gives you shining, healthy and moisturized hair.
  • Since you are also using an oral supplement, you get healthy nails.
  • It reduces DHT production in the body and increases the life of hair follicles.

Side effects of Hair ReVital X System

Hair ReVital X System is a blend of natural ingredients. There are no known or documented side effects.

Dosage of Hair ReVital X System

Hair ReVital X System is available in oral and topical form. The oral supplement is to be taken twice a day after breakfast and after dinner.

Purchase And Price

The product is available only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Each bottle of Hair ReVital X System contains 60 Hair ReVital X capsules, which is sufficient dosage for a month. The pricing of the product is given below: –

  • 30 day’s supply for $49.
  • 60 days’ supply for $39 per bottle.
  • 6 month’s supply for $33 per bottle.

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Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a zero-risk, 6-month money-back guarantee. You can try the product for 6 months, and if you are dissatisfied with it, for any reason, you can return it by contacting the customer care of the company. You will be refunded the full amount, and no questions will be asked.

Is Hair ReVital X System Safe to Use?

Hair ReVital X System is completely safe to use as each ingredient that is used in the manufacture of the supplement is tested for quality and purity. All the ingredients are natural, and hence there are no side effects.

Customer Testimonials

Dana ~ I am in my mid-fifties, and I have thinning hair. It was costing me my clients, and I was losing self-esteem. The worst part was that my husband had lost interest in me. When I heard about the Hair ReVital X System, there was a ray of hope. I started using it, and the thinning bald patch had a fresh growth of hair. I now catch my husband, looking at me, when he thinks, I am not looking. This is the best gift of life I could ever have had.

Jackson ~ Locker Room jokes and the teasing has never bothered me. But they started cracking ‘age’ jokes, and that really bothered me. I am 52, but they started treating me like I was ancient! My thinning bald batch didn’t help much. And then Hair ReVital X System changed it all for me. It was the game-changer. The guys now treat me with more respect and gone are the locker room jokes. They even wonder where the bald patch has gone!


If you are still wondering whether or not to order Hair ReVital X System, then you should at least try it before you chuck it to one side as another marketing gimmick. Hundreds of people have used it successfully. But you don’t have to take their word for it. Use it for yourself and then decide. After all, you have the option of a refund. If for some reason, you are unhappy with the results, then you call always return it and claim a refund.

Make sure that you order a large amount since the product goes out of stock very quickly, and the waiting time for the fresh stock is long. There is no harm in stocking up since the shelf life of the product is 2 years. You can always return it if you are not happy with the results.

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