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Looking good has always been important. Whether it is a man or a woman, the first impression is still the looks. In today’s world, where there are so many supplements for men, there are not too many for women. Men have been dominating the Fitness scene. However, with the change coming about, women have become gym-goers, and they have started breaking the barriers of strength. This has compelled the supplement industry to take a second look at women and manufacture products for them.

A woman’s body is very different from a man’s. She may not require very different nutrition for a training plan, but when it comes to supplementing, she needs something different.


About Hourglass Fit

ProPura manufactures Hourglass Fit. The distributor of the supplement is Roar Ambition. It is popular in the supplement industry for producing high-quality products.

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

Most fat burners available in the market claim that after using the supplements, your body will continuously burn fat throughout the day. The sounds amazing, but the truth is that it is a scam. If your body there is a continuous fat-burning state, how would it be possible that you are overweight and obese? You need to take a fat-burning supplement or a fat burner to help your body burn fat and use it as energy. Your body burns fat only when you are active. When you are sleeping, it stores the fat to be used later on when needed.

A fat-burning supplement is not a magical pill that will help you burn fat even when you are sleeping. It just works by controlling your appetite, curbing hunger pangs and helping you eat less.

Also, you need to work out intensely so that your body can use the glycogen for its energy. It gives you long-lasting energy so that you can work throughout the day without feeling the tiredness that pulls you down.


Hourglass Fat Burner Ingredients

The manufacturer has hidden nothing from the user regarding this supplement. The complete list of ingredients is available on the bottle of the supplement. Each ingredient has the quantity and percentage daily value so that you know exactly what is going inside your body.

The best part is that the formula does not contain any proprietary blends. This means that this product does not contain any additives that have not been mentioned in the ingredient list.

The product has been manufactured in FDA approved facilities in the USA and the UK.

The following ingredients have been used to manufacture Hourglass Fit:-

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps in breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins and in their metabolization. It helps optimize the levels of blood glucose and controls hunger pangs and food cravings. This Vitamin also helps women who are in the premenopausal stage.

As per research, if you consume a diet rich in vitamin B6, it will help you lose weight. This Vitamin also helps in muscle maintenance even when your body has a deficit in calories.

Your body needs 1 mg of Vitamin B6 per day. Hourglass Fit provides you 4 mg per day, which is more than the recommended dosage.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is essential for digestion and metabolism. If your body is to produce energy, it needs to digest food properly. This Vitamin elevates mood and improve mental health. It also helps overcome depression. People who suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin B12 feel more stressed, tired and depressed than others. This ingredient is an essential Vitamin for the body. It helps in burning calories and losing weight.

Your body needs 2.4 MCG of vitamin B12 in a day. The supplement contains 10 MCG to make up for the extra quantity that your body loses through sweat or urine.

Vitamin D3 – A major part of the population has Vitamin D deficiency. It is important for human health, but women especially need it more than men.

This Vitamin strengthens the immune system, elevates mood, reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces inflammation related to obesity and promotes good health of the pelvic floor during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that if your body is deficient in Vitamin D, you are likely to be overweight.

Glucomannan – This is known for its appetite suppressing properties. The superfood is available in Indonesia where the Konjac plant grows. Glucomannan is obtained from the root of this plant.

This ingredient is a vital part of many fat-burning supplements. When it enters the stomach, it swells up by absorbing water and helps you feel full. It is also known to lower cholesterol in the body.

Capsi Max – Capsi Max is found in Cayenne peppers. When the thermogenic element is removed from these peppers, you get the benefit of the pepper without the spice. The manufacturer of Hourglass Fit has used this extract and made it a vital part of the supplement.

The spice of the pepper has thermogenic properties. It heats the body and stimulates it to lose extra calories.

A study conducted in 2010 shows that when capsaicin pepper supplement was used, the body could lose up to 50 calories in a day.

Capsaicin also helps oxidize fat. The body can, therefore, use it for energy. Finally, the extract helps reduce food cravings. It helps you feel full so that there is a low chance of your overeating. This ingredient is also a digestive aid and an anti-inflammatory. It provides numerous weight loss benefits.

Extract 0f Green Tea – Green tea is the healthiest drink available. The health benefits of green tea include: –

  • Reduction of inflammation;
  • Prevention of cancer due to its antioxidant properties;
  • Improvement of memory and brain function;
  • Elevation of mood;
  • Reduction in degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia;
  • Strengthening of the immune system and thereby reduction in infections and illnesses;
  • Improvement in oral health;
  • Less chance of contracting type 2 diabetes; and
  • Reduced chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

This ingredient aids weight loss by helping the body burn fat. It boosts metabolism.

Hourglass Fit contains 500 mg of the extract of green tea. This is equal to 40 mg of caffeine. It is well known that caffeine helps in weight loss. It also helps to boost energy through thermogenesis.

Guarana – This is a fruit that is sourced from a plant growing in the Amazonian rainforest of South America. This fruit is a vital ingredient in many energy drinks and supplements for weight loss. The bean of this fruit has 4 times the content of caffeine.

Hourglass Fit contains 100mg of this ingredient in a day. Studies have also shown that this ingredient helps reduce adipose tissue in the body. It has abundant antioxidants and is similar to the extract of green tea. It has antibacterial properties and helps reduce cancer risk, getting heart diseases and slows down the signs of aging. It also helps elevate mood, improve memory and enhance learning capability.

Chromium – Chromium is an important mineral necessary for digestion. It is a vital ingredient in many other weight loss supplements. It has the ability to optimize blood sugar levels and regulate insulin in the body. When the blood sugar levels in the body are low, insulin secreted is low, and this results in a reduction in the storage of fat.

The supplement provides the user with 125 MCG of chromium. As the quantity of chromium used in the supplement is much lower than the required dosage, there are no chances of any side effects due to over dosage of this ingredient.

Bioperine – Another name for this ingredient is piperine, which is the extract of black pepper. This extract helps improve digestion and ensure that what you eat is absorbed by the body. It decreases the production of fat tissues.

The body needs 20 MG of piperine in a day. Hourglass Fit contains 5 mg of the ingredient. Please ensure that you are not consuming too much of this spicy ingredient.

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BeneFits of Hourglass Fit

Given below are the benefits of Hourglass Fit: –

  • Enhances Metabolism – The product quickens the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates in the body, and it also helps in the breakdown of unwanted fats. When metabolism improves, your body starts burning fat to use it for energy. Therefore, you have sufficient energy to get you through the day.
  • Suppresses Appetite – The product contains ingredients that help suppress appetite and curb hunger pangs. It also contains ingredients that absorb water in the stomach and thereby, help you feel full.
  • Provides Necessary Nutrients – the supplement is manufactured using essential vitamins and minerals that is necessary for the body so that it can maintain its good health and functions. So these ingredients also aid weight loss.
  • Induces Thermogenesis – This product contains ingredients that induce thermogenesis and therefore, help the body burn calories quickly. When your body is able to burn calories quickly, weight loss occurs, and you have a lean and toned body.

Side Effects of Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit is a blend of natural ingredients. However, some users have reported allergies after using Hourglass Fit. It appears that if you are hypersensitive, you may have allergies. The allergy can be due to the content of caffeine in the supplement.

How Should You Use Hourglass Fit?

The manufacturer recommends that you should use Hourglass Fit thrice a day. This dosage can be taken either before or after food.

One bottle of Hourglass Fit has 90 capsules which is sufficient dosage for a month.

Purchase And Price

The product is available for purchase from the official website of the manufacturer.

A bottle of Hourglass Fit costs 55 USD while 3 bottles cost 110 USD.

When you purchase the 3 month supply, you are paying for only 2 months, and you get the supply for the third month free of cost.

Hourglass reviews

Why Should You Use Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass Fit is for women who are 18 years old or older. It is for women who are struggling to lose weight despite being on a strict diet. The manufacturer says that you can eat anything and still manage to lose weight when you are using the supplement.

You must remember that to lose weight, you have to be calorie deficit. Hourglass Fit will help your body be calorie deficit and at the same time help you feel full so that your hunger pangs and cravings are controlled.

You should also exercise regularly when you are using this supplement to get maximum benefit.

Although Hourglass Fit is primarily for women, men can also use this. It does not contain any ingredients that will trigger the production of estrogen in men.

The main difference between the fat burner supplements available in the market and Hourglass Fit is that it does not have a high quantity of caffeine. The amount of caffeine that it contains is enough to give the user an energy boost without the side effects that other fat burners have.

hour glass review

Customer Testimonials

Kit ~ I started using Hourglass Fit because I was unable to lose weight through the diet that I was following. Despite the strict diet, the weight loss was painfully slow. After I started using Hourglass Fit, the weight loss was rapid. I also wouldn’t feel as hungry as I did earlier. I can wear my favorite jeans, and that has been the happiest moment of my life, rather my adult life.

Nina ~ When I started my weight loss diet, I never expected that it would leave me drained of energy. I would feel so tired that I had trouble focusing on my work. After exercising, instead of feeling refreshed, I would feel like going back to sleep. I started using Hourglass Fit when a work colleague told me that I needed a health supplement. So I chose Hourglass Fit, which had good reviews. The good part is now when I am dieting, I don’t have to look away from food. The hunger cravings are gone. I am losing weight, and I feel energetic enough not only to go about my work but also to hit the gym in the evening.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

When you start using Hourglass Fit, you can actually see the difference it makes. This product helps you to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. Don’t mistake this for a magical pill. It will help you only as a supplement does. It will support your weight loss plan, and you have to continue exercising to get the full benefits of the supplement.

This capsule helps in burning fat and works by enhancing the metabolism rate while constantly curbing your appetite. The science behind this is elementary. If you eat less, your body is in a calorie deficit mode, and hence it starts using fat for its energy.

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