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Dark spots and skin pigmentation are very common problems faced by innumerable people all over the world. Along with this, there is also the problem of skin discoloration. Hyperpigmentation issues are extremely embarrassing and look ugly at the same time. There are innumerable factors, which are responsible for such problems – the most prominent ones among them being genetics, age as well as environmental factors. With increasing levels of environmental pollution and high levels of stress in everyday life, such problems are quite common. Dark spots can also be seen in the form of freckles, melasma, liver spots, sun spots, acne scars, moles, birthmarks etc.

Various kinds of cosmetic products are available in the market, which help in lightening these marks. Mostly skin-lightening serums are the preferred choice in this regard and the market is flooded with such stuff. However, most of these anti-pigmentation products come with serious side effects as they tend to burn the area of the marks or the scars. Not all products are safe and free from side effects.

However, among them, Illuminatural 6i needs special mention. With this serum, there is no surgical scraping, no harsh bleaching, and no burning and no chemical peeling. In this article, we will discuss in detail about this product.

About Illuminatural 6i

As mentioned previously Illuminatural 6i is an advanced skin lightener, which is manufactured by Skinception. This serum acts as advanced skin lightening solution for flawless airbrushed look. Using the serum helps in lightening the dark spots visibly on the face and body. Your crying over embarrassing dark spots will come to an end with the use of this serum. The latest developments in skin lightening science has been integrated and implemented in the serum for best results. The serum not only plays an important role in lightening the spots on the skin, but it also helps in skin whitening and in making the skin look bright and vibrant and glowing.

The product comes with dermaceutically advanced formulation and as a result, it helps in achieving ivory-toned and flawless complexion which all women want. The serum comes with no potential risks and side effects and is extremely safe to use. The whole process of skin lightening is gentle and thus the skin remains relaxed in the best possible manner. Results from the serum are also available in short period of time.

Ingredients used in Illuminatural 6i

It is the ingredients used in Illuminatural 6i, which make it so very special and effective. Some of the most prominent ingredients in this regard include:

  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate – This ingredient is water-soluble derivative of vitamin C and is an effective skin lightener. It works wonders when used in combination with Sodium Lactate.
  • Sodium Lactate – Sodium lactate is extremely popular for its skin whitening effects. It interrupts with the formation of melanin. The ingredients have anti-aging effects and is also an excellent skin moisturizer.
  • Niacinamide – In various clinic studies it was found that niacinamide helps in increasing skin lightness and reduces hyperpigmentation. It is an active form of vitamin B3 and is well tolerated by the skin.
  • Whitonyl – This is a patented active ingredient, which offers excellent skin lightening benefits as it reduces the quantity of melanin required for skin pigmentation. All kinds of skin pigmentation are stopped by this ingredient.
  • Alpha-Arbutin – This is a high stability, patent controlled skin lightener, which helps in promoting even skin tone for various skin types by inhibiting the production of melanin. Cell melanin content can be reduced considerably. Tanning can be reduced with help of this serum along with reduced liver spots and sun spots.
  • Ronaflair Softshade – Ronaflair Softshade is a cosmetic ingredient, which helps in giving a white and natural finish to the skin. This is possible due to the use of natural mica, which glides over the skin providing transparent coverage. Excess oil on the skin gets absorbed with the serum and the skin looks clean and polished.
  • Hydrolite-5 – Hydrolite-5 is a skin moisturizer, which helps in enhancing the bioavailability of other ingredients.
  • SymGlucan – SymGlucan plays an effective role in improving skin firmness, skin moisture, smoothness as well as elasticity of the skin. It helps in promoting collagen production and makes the skin look radiant and youthful. It protects against UV sun damage and also reduces appearance of deep wrinkles.

There are other ingredients too, which go in the making of Illuminatural 6i. Some of them include:

  • Dimethicone – This is silicone oil, which is obtained from naturally occurring silica. Skin barrier is boosted with the ingredient offering protection from environmental factors and by locking in moisture.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – This antibacterial agent comes with skin soothing benefits. It offers sun protection and protects skin from UV rays. It abounds in salicylic acid offering skin lightening benefits.
  • Titanium dioxide – It acts as a sun screen and protects skin from sun damage.
  • Palmaria Palmata Extract – This is an extract of the red sea weed and helps in reducing the problem of skin pigmentation and helps in getting even-toned complexion.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Helps in reducing skin redness. It is a powerful antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent too. It fights free radicals and helps in promoting collagen production in the skin for elasticity and firmness. Healthy skin tone is also guaranteed with this ingredient.
  • Bilberry extract – Contains vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. Maintains skin elasticity with more collagen production.
  • Grape seed extract – High content of bioflavonoids for maintaining capillary health and fighting free radicals.
  • Gingko Biloba extract – Helps in increasing blood circulation boosts sebaceous secretions. It is an excellent antioxidant and has anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in boosting collagen production.
  • Milk Thistle extract – The active ingredient in this extract is silymarin and it has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory quality. It also helps in smoothening and softening the skin.
  • Maritime Pine extract – It is an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory features. It boosts immune system and helps in healing wounds and other skin conditions.

Illuminatural 6i Review

How does Illuminatural 6i work?

The science behind Illuminatural 6i is practical. Latest developments in skin whitening and lightening is implemented in the serum for lightening and whitening the skin. The skin tone becomes even and the dark spots fade away with the unique formulation used in the serum. 6 kinds of clinically proven skin lightening actives are used in the serum along with 5 refined minerals and 8 natural plant extracts which work on the dermal level. Daily application of the serum is recommended for best results.

When the skin starts producing excess melanin it leads to hyperpigmentation. This mainly takes place in localized spots due to environmental, age-related and genetic factors. The main concept on which this serum is based is that there is natural skin renewal, which takes places every 28 days. Melanin production is hampered in this process so that the cells which are newly formed are lighter in shade. These cells also rise to the surface of the dermal layer and the dark cells get eliminated.

Melanin production in the skin is interrupted in three ways. They are as follows:

  • The formation of tyrosinase is suppressed with this serum. This is the enzyme, which promotes formation of melanin.
  • The action of tyrosinase is stopped with this serum.
  • The turnover of pigmented cells is increased with this serum.


Benefits of Illuminatural 6i

It is needless to say that Illuminatural 6i comes with hosts of benefits. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Helps in dealing with all kinds of pigmentation issues.
  • Helps in skin lightening and brightening
  • Helps in eradicating and eliminating old scars, age spots, sun spots, acne scars, freckles, dark inner elbows and knees, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation etc.
  • Helps in making the skin look bright and vibrant
  • Makes the skin look flawless and smooth
  • Helps in preventing damage from UV rays of the sun
  • Helps in sloughing off dark cells from the upper layers of the skin
  • Helps in promoting healthy cycle of skin cell regeneration
  • Helps in getting smooth skin tone and texture

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Illuminatural 6i comes at a very affordable and reasonable rate. If you are first time user of the product, it is recommended to purchase one bottle first. The pricing and packaging of the serum bottles are as follows:

  • 1 bottle (1-month supply) – $45.95 + (shipping and handling $14.99)
  • 3 bottles (3-month supply) – $129.95 (shipping and handling $14.99), savings of $20.00
  • 6 bottles (6-month supply) – $239.95 (shipping and handling $14.99), savings of $60.00

The manufacturer of the serum ensures high quality of the product and hence offers excellent refund policy and money back guarantee. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with this skin lightening serum and real women have used the product. Not only this, the product also comes with 90-days money back guarantee, which is evident of the fact as how effective the product is. Leverage the benefits of the skin serum to the maximum and see its amazing effects. If you are not satisfied with the results of the product, feel free to return the used serum bottles. Full money will be refunded apart from the shipping and handling fee.

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Side Effects of Illuminatural 6i

Top-class and high grade ingredients are used in the making of Illuminatural 6i. All of them are lab tested and have been proved to be highly effective. Moreover, the best of natural ingredients are used in the making of the product. As a result, there are no chances of any kinds of side effects taking place from the same. Harmful additives and fillers are also not used in this skin lightening serum thus making it safe for use. The bleaching effects which help in skin lightening are also mild in this serum and thus the skin remains protected and safe.

Customer Reviews of Illuminatural 6i

As mentioned previously, real women have used Illuminatural 6i and gained greatly from the serum. Mentioned below are some real testimonials from real users of the product:

  • I have been suffering from the problem of freckles since quite a long time. These freckles tend to get dark when I am out in the sun. I have tried various kinds of skin lotions and serums for the problem, but none of them have really worked for me. Then I tried Illuminatural 6i and this item works really quickly. I could see the difference in my skin within a span of just two weeks. The serum is really nice and effective. I apply it on my skin day and night and have benefited greatly. ~ Monica
  • Dark spots have been haunting me since a long time and I tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of them. But all of them came with temporary results – the problem came back. After using Illuminatural 6i, I got relief from the problem excellently. Infact I have also been able to put makeup over the serum without any problem. I have been using the serum for four weeks and got excellent results from the same. The spots are seen to fade as well. I always wanted to avoid using chemical products and this is the one working for me perfectly. ~ Delissa
  • Skin pigmentation has always been a problem for me. With increased stress and pollution, this problem is increasing for me day by day. It is then that someone recommended Illuminatural 6i for me and I started using the product. I have been using it for few weeks now and the results are exemplary. I am extremely happy using the product and would recommend it strongly for anyone who has issues of strong skin pigmentation. ~ Kate

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

On the whole, Illuminatural 6i is a revolutionary skin serum with advanced ingredients and formulation for combating the problem of skin pigmentation, dark spots and all other kinds of spots. Now that you in detail about the product, you would definitely want to try the same. For ordering the product, visit the official website of the product. You can choose the package that you want to purchase and place online order for the same.

Illuminatural 6i

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