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Male Edge is one among the best-selling penis enlargers released by DanaMedic. They first introduced Jes Extender, and Male Edge is the successor of this product, which became successful in implementing their objectives. Jes Extender was also a successful male enhancement product, but the manufacturers felt the need to improvise the product regarding comfort and power. Male Edge was introduced as a new version of the Jes Extender in the year 2008. They faced challenges to create an innovative male enhancement product, which became a new change in the market. Most men in present world claim concern about the size of the penis, as it is an area where they lose their confidence to attract others. This is a good choice for increasing penis size naturally and also popular among men. There are three different of Male Edge extender- Male Edge basic, Male Edge extra, and Male Edge pro. Online selling of this product was started in 2008, this is recommended by many of the doctors. More flexibility and easiness are felt, a lot more comfortable from metal penis extenders.

The use of extender comes to picture when the safety of the whole penis extension process is considered. Here the extension is done similar to a natural process. This product is fixed directly to the penis. Male Edge extender provides 2,800 grams of tension, which produces amazing results and helps this product to remain a best-seller with positive reviews. It also has a warranty of one year if any breakage occurs in the product, the quality of the product always assures no breakage. Adding a few inches to your penis may increase your confidence level. Male Edge is a cheaper product with high quality and good results. This extender is a solution for guys who are worried about their penis size without any dangerous surgeries.

How does Male Edge Extenders work?

Male Edge works by extending when stretching pressure is applied to the penis called traction. The method traction was used as the male enhancement method for a long time back. Male Edge takes advantage of this and has incorporated modern techniques with it to get better results. The traction method causes cell division in the penis; cell division always initiates increasing length and girth. When you use an extender, this stretches your penis, which results in cells inside to divide and multiply forming new cells. When you stretch the penis, it creates tiny microfiber tears inside the penis, body repairs the damage and grow again. The same principle is applied when you try to grow muscles bigger and stronger by going to the gym regularly for lifting weights.

The pressure applied to the penis is adjusted according to the user’s comfort, beginners are advised to start with 1,200 grams and with the period when they become advanced users, they can apply pressure as much as 2,800 grams. Experts say that there will not be any cell division if a pressure of at least 2,200 grams is not applied, but for beginners starting with a lower pressure at least two weeks helps them to avoid discomfort in the long run. Male Edge extenders require some time to get used to, for a beginner it will be a discomfort to wear it on the penis for a long time, but for advanced users, this is a part of their normal daily routine without getting bothered about the stretching of their penis for hours. Results appear to be visible only when the penis is in a flaccid state at the beginning, but after three months, the results will be visible even when the penis is in its erected state.

With the period the length and girth of the penis increase, which will remain as a permanent change. Waiting patiently will make you deserve better results because the extender takes at least six months to provide the desired output. If you are ready to hold on for six months patiently, you can see one or two inch increase in your penis length. If you need to get more length added, then wear it for a longer period. Regular and proper usage leads to good results. The Male Edge extender is entirely safe for use, as there is no need to ingest any chemicals as we have in pills or supplements that may cause harmful effects in the future. Male Edge extender is safe and effective, but human errors can change its working pattern. So, every user must be conscientious about wearing it, should adjust the pressure and elongation bar length according to the requirement.

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How to use Male Edge Extender?

After deciding to use extenders, the consumer should know about the way to use this for effective results. It is effortless as it is sent fully assembled to you. So easy to use as you have just to wear. You can wear this throughout the day or when you are in a relaxing mood.

  1. As a first step, you should measure your penis for future comparison after using extenders for checking the results.
  2. Then the next step is to adjust the extender according to your penis length. You need to separate the front pieces from the existing rods of the device. Easy to adjust, the adjusting is done by moving it in a clockwise direction.
  3. Put your penis through the ring, to mount it onto your penis and find the perfect strap for you. The strap is applied in an anticlockwise direction for getting the perfect fit. You can hear the sound of a double click when it is perfectly locked. The product has to be worn roughly four to six hours a day, five days in a week for the best results.
  4. Once you are comfortable with the extender, then adjust the traction to apply a gentle stretch on your penis. Don’t make it tighter, thinking to get better results within a short period.
  5. After four to five hours, remove the extender from your penis. Otherwise, it may cause an uncomfortable sensation to you.

It is necessary to let your penis rest, at least for one day in a week and only remove the extender after four to five hours during the day. If you follow this, you will get better results which in turn will boost your confidence by several manifolds.


What are the benefits of using a Male Edge Extender?

  • Male Edge provides comfort to the user and is also lightweight.
  • Penis traction to enlarge penis is the better and safer way to get a bigger penis.
  • It is a pain-free method of penis enlargement.
  • Permanent results if you follow the correct pattern of usage by putting time and effort.
  • This extender also helps in straightening the curved penis. It improves the penis curvature by as much as 90% in six months duration.
  • This extender provides easiness of adjusting the traction.
  • Users can find an adding of 1.5 to 2 inches in length if they use this product for a minimum period of six months. According to the manufacturer’s report, it is said that the length of the penis increases by 28% in six months.
  • Penis girth will increase by about 19% by the period of six months.
  • Apart from extending your penis size, it also helps you to increase the quality of an erection. This stronger erection feeling is due to the increased cell activity and blood flow resulting from Male Edge extender.
  • Male Edge extender is made of plastic, which implies that it is not as bulky as its predecessor.
  • It is affordable for everyone and provides long-lasting, permanent results.
  • Your confidence level gets boosted for sure when you gain one inch more than the original size.
  • The better part is that these results are proven by researches rather than just marketing gimmicks.
  • Money-back guarantees if the product didn’t give you the desired results, you would get back double the money you have to spend on buying this device.

Always preference is given to a period of six months because this gives time to your penis to cement the length and girth gained. This long period gives a chance for the results to be permanent; if you use it only for a shorter period, permanent results cannot be assured. Also, it takes time for penis lengthening, so it is better to give yourself six months of using the product while waiting for better results.

You should wait patiently to get better results, you cannot see the results overnight, and this package only contains strap attachments and nothing else.

Peyronie’s disease is caused inside the penis, generally like a scar. This disease your penis to bend upward or to the side, which causes pain to the patient. This disease may lead to erectile dysfunction. Using Male Extender regularly may lessen the pain caused by this disease, which is not assured.

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Any side effects?

There are no side effects as there are no ingredients in this product. And in general penis extenders are the only scientifically proven and medically accredited male enhancers existing today. Male Edge is made of hard plastic, so you can be free from fears of using this extender. But you should be extremely careful and should follow the instructions carefully so that your penis doesn’t get hurt during this procedure. If you use it carefully, you get a safer experience.

Packages of Male Edge Extender

Three packages are available on the market for sale- Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra, and Male Edge Pro. Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro package come with a protection pad. If you use Male Edge Basic package, then protection pad will be absent with the product, which will disturb you and makes wearing extender uncomfortable. The basic package contains the extender and one rubber strap. Without protection pad the extender cuts off the circulation, so you can’t wear it for long. But wearing for hours will only fetch you good results. So better spend a little more money and get Extra or Pro package with protection pads. The extra package comes with two extra rubber straps and a protection pad. The pro package which has the higher cost comes with an extender, four extra strap rubbers, a gauze, two protection pads and even has an additional advantage that it comes with an instructional DVD.

So, the most preferred package is Male Edge Extender Pro because it has many additional advantages when compared to the other two packages. But if you find it expensive, you can go choosing Male Edge Extender Extra which has a protection pad. Male Edge Extender Basic is not must suggest because it fails to provide a protection pad, which is important factor to comfort the user.

Before And After – Penis Enlargement Results

MaleEdge penis growth results

Male Edge Extender price in the market

Male Edge extender is available to purchase online; they have an official website for this. Ordering product makes your work easy, as it comes to you in an assembled manner.

Male Edge Basic costs $ 149.99, Male Edge Extra costs $ 174.99, and Male Edge Pro costs $ 199.99

These costs are affordable compared to dangerous surgeries men undergo for penis enhancement.

If the product fails to meet its objective even after six months, you get a money-back guarantee. This refund will be double the money you spend to get this product.

Customer Reviews

Dan – “ This extender really works. What’s more? It doesn’t cost you a fortune. Try it today, you will not be disappointed for sure.”

Joe – “Male Edge extender is a one of its kind product designed for men who are looking for a longer erection. I tried it and it certainly works.”

Marwin – “Disappointed in the size of your manhood? It is time you try the Male Edge Extender – a product that makes your penis grow longer without surgery. This product truly works.”

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Male Edge extender is a solution for your disappointments regarding your penis size. Male Edge works by a mechanical process. Easy to use as it is just worn on the user’s penis and traction is applied. It gives you better results if you use it regularly and properly. Not only this, it gives you a permanent result within six months. Male Edge gives you a better output with no side effects and also is comfortable to wear as it is lightweight. The only thing you need is proper care about adjusting the applied pressure and also some patience to wait for a little for getting an attractive feature added to your body. Buying Male Edge extenders is a big benefit and will not disappoint your expectations on it.


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