Myths About Coronavirus Debunked

Coronavirus is the most disastrous and harmful pandemic that has caused the whole world to be under threat for the past few months. It has been one of the strongest viruses that have attacked and killed a lot of people to date. Even some celebrities have not been able to release from the clutches of this virus. Celebrities, politicians, musicians, and lots and lots of common people, this virus has taken a lot from human beings and is continuing to take it.

Coronavirus has originated from China and has slowly spread all over the world. Coronavirus, not so infectious as the myth which is affecting the whole of humanity. That is why it is wrong to say that it is only the virus of China, and only they are responsible for it.

Same as this myth, there are a lot of myths that are prevailing nowadays about the coronavirus, and these myths are irrelevant and worthless. But, these myths have spread very quickly among the people, and they are so lively that people are considering them true and real.


Myths about Coronavirus Debunked:-

Plenty of assumptions and unproven rumors have emerged since the time of the spread of the coronavirus disease. Many of them have been completely meaningless and ruthless and do not even make real sense (1). But, nowadays, these myths have become so strong. People have forgotten to make sense of things and do what is needed to be done by them. Instead, they are wasting their time criticizing and influencing other people.

Some such myths that have spread its wings fast can be as mentioned below-

  • Pets can spread the virus to humans:

Pets can spread the virus to humans is one of the most irrelevant and baseless myth that has emerged from recent days. It is focusing abruptly on the pets of the people. Many people have been spreading the myth that your pet can make you get caught by coronavirus very easily.

In reality, there are no cases of the pets transmitting coronavirus to their owners. Now even one such case is reported till now. But, we do not know where it is coming from.

Fearing these myths, many owners have abandoned their pets. Left them on the streets and have turned up to them. This news is very annoying and disturbing for the animals who don’t even have any fault in this pandemic spread.

  • This virus has purposefully being spread:

This virus has purposefully being spread is another most disturbing myth that has spread after the pandemic started to occur in India and other nearby countries apart from China, which we hear every day from every person that we meet.

No person or country brings any virus purposefully in the world, knowing that it can destroy a lot of lives in even an hour. This virus has not been brought in the world purposefully.

If it were purposefully brought in the world by China, then they would have made sure that their country and their people stay safe and secured from it. But, that is not seen in the case of coronavirus. It started in China and has taken a lot of lives from that country itself.

Therefore, it is not at all right to unnecessarily blame any country for harming the other countries with the help of coronavirus purposefully.

  • One cannot survive after getting affected by the virus:

Myth one cannot survive after getting affected by the virus is the main reason why many people who suffer due to COVID-19 die, not because of the virus, but because of weak willpower. Right from the beginning, this myth has strongly spread that once you get attacked by this virus, you will not be able to survive.

The thought of dying by this virus has become the reason for the death of many corona patients, not a good sign. There are a lot of medicines and technologies out there that can help you fight with the pandemic. But, there is no such technology that increases your desire to do the same. That is the thing which you need to understand and tell yourself so that no one can stop you from getting cured of the pandemic.

  • Coronavirus is the most dangerous virus that the world has ever known:

The world has faced lots of such damaging and disastrous pandemics before and has also recovered from it. Coronavirus is the most dangerous virus that the world has ever known is not true. It is high time that we realize the importance of humans and their capabilities and do not make a big issue of the problems that we face.

Coronavirus is not the only virus that is very disastrous and damaging. There are thousands of viruses that are present in our surroundings, which are more harmful and dangerous than corona. But, the fact that corona has emerged to be killing lots of people in a few months has made it so scary.

  • The virus started spreading due to the soup of bat:

This virus has been initiated in Wuhan, China. It has also been spread from the market in that place where lots of animals were present. That is why we can’t simply conclude that the virus has occurred due to the consumption of bat’s soup.

Sometimes, the reality is completely different from the myths or predictions that are made to justify the damage caused. On top of that, what people do is they are not at all interested in finding out the reality. They are happy in spreading the myths in their way only, the saddest part of being a human that you keep practicality and senses far away and flow away with the myths.

  • The attack of the virus is only on older adults:

On the list, another irrelevant and stupid myth. We learn daily from newspapers and television news that this virus has affected the people of all age groups. The people who have the weakest immunity system get attacked by the virus.

But, we as people have decided to stick to our myths and never think beyond them. So, we can never understand how to balance our lives between stupid myths and practical reality, why each day, a new myth spreads, and people, being a fool, starts to trust in it blindly.


It is a high time now that we understand that getting ourselves engaged in these irrelevant and senseless myths will only bring trouble to us and will not decrease the attack of the coronavirus. The thing that we need to understand now is to keep ourselves away from other people physically so that we don’t infect and get infected from other people.

Every citizen of the country must protect themselves and their family first and then show some humanity to other people too, especially to the fighters of the coronavirus who have emerged healing the disease. We should show them respect for their struggle and patience and should try our all means to increase their will power so that they get inspiration to fight back at the disease and heal from it as soon as possible.

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