Penis Enlargement: Myths and Facts

Innumerable men suffer from low self-esteem thinking that their penis size is small. They have a gut feeling that they will not be able to satisfy a woman during sex and this makes them feel embarrassed. There is a notion that bigger the penis of a man, better is the satisfaction of the woman partner. But this is not always completely correct. Various kinds of myths revolve around the penis size and these have become a part of tradition, which are continuing for years. In ancient times, a larger penis in a man reflected his bravery and chivalry. Various kinds of techniques were used to enlarge penis size.

Situations and times have changed and today various kinds of penis enhancement supplements are available in the market. With these supplements, the size of the penis increases providing better penetration during sex and enhanced sexual pleasure. But the claims of the products are seldom satisfactory. Majority of these supplements come with serious side effects and might cause other health problems. Therefore it is important to ensure that the right supplement is chosen for best results.

Among the different penis enlargement supplements, Male Extra has carved a niche for itself. The best thing about this supplement is that it is made up of 100% organic ingredients. All the ingredients are tested to have penis enlargement effects. Since the ingredients are natural, there are no chances of any kinds of side effects from the same. The product has been used by innumerable men and all of them have got satisfactory results.

Penis Size

Does Size Matter?

The exact answer to this question is ‘NO’. Size does not matter.

It is true that we have always been hearing that size does matter, but actually there is no fact supporting this myth. A man with regular penis size can satisfy his partner quite well. It is his stamina and virility that makes the sexual process successful and enjoyable and not the size of the penis. Longer the staying power of the man during intercourse, enhanced is the sexual experience. And a large sized penis has nothing to do with it at all. Infact many women have opined that if the penis is longer and bigger than normal, they feel uncomfortable during sex.

Methods of Penis Enlargement

There are many men who are not happy and satisfied with their penis size and want to enlarge the same. There are various methods of penis enlargement but all the methods might not be suitable for you. Infact some of the ways of penis enlargement have proved to be quite harmful for sexual health of the person. Infact various kinds of sexual issues might crop up as well due to these methods. The best thing is to seek consultation from a doctor as which penis enlargement method is more effective and less harmful. Mentioned below are some commonly chosen penis enlargement methods:

  • Medications
  • Exercise
  • Penile Extenders
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Clamps and Rings
  • Surgery


There are thousands of products available in the market that claim to make the penis bigger and thicker. But in majority of the cases it has been seen that the claims are false. However, there are some products like ‘Male Extra’ that can improve your overall performance. Check the ingredients of the supplement you are choosing to ensure what you are taking. Supplements made from natural ingredients are always good and safe as they don’t have any side effects.


Some penis exercises claim to make a penis bigger and thicker naturally. A lot of people do these exercises, but there are not enough medical studies that can claim that these exercises work. One of the most famous penis enlargement exercises is “Jelqing”. This penis enlargement exercise does not require any equipment. To perform this exercise, a man only needs his hands. In this exercise, the penis stretches in a specific direction with fixed force. Various self-help tutorials are available on the internet about this exercise. Jelqing exercise is not 100% safe. There is a high risk of tissue damage in the penis.

Penile Extenders

There are also some physical devices available in the market that help in enlarging penis size. These devices are called Penile Extenders. These extenders follow the same method as Jelqing exercise does. These extenders also stretch the penis for expanding its capacity. The only difference between jelqing exercise and these extenders is that jelqing is done with hand while these devices are automatic. There is no need to stretch the penis with the hand. These devices extend the penis with measured and calculated force which makes it much safer than jelqing. A study shows that these devices can increase the penis size up to 2 centimeters in three months. However, there are not enough studies conducted which can prove the claims of this device.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump or penile pump is a competent device for treating erectile dysfunction. This device can make a penis bigger and thicker. But the effect is not permanent. These vacuum pumps are mainly designed for treating erectile dysfunction problem in men. But some people started using these pumps for penile enlargement exercise. But sadly the results were not so great. The effect of these pumps is temporary. It only remains till the erection lasts. There are some sexual health risks of using these pumps. Using these pumps for a long time can cause tissue damage and erectile dysfunction issues.

Clamps and Rings

Some people use clamps and rings to enlarge their penis size. In this method, a brace or bracelet is worn at the base of the penis. When there is an erection, the ring gets tight at the bottom of the penis, and prevents blood from flowing out of the penis. As a result, the penis remains erect and hard for a long period of time. Also, the penis starts to look bigger and thicker. But this is not permanent solution. If clamps and rings are used frequently, there are risks of blood clots and lack of blood flow to the penis normally.


The last option to enlarge the penis size is enlargement surgery. However, this surgery is very rare, and not many doctors prefer this method for penis enlargement. A small penis size is not a disease and should not be a matter of grave concern. Surgeries are often complex and penis enlargement surgery is one of the most difficult and critical surgeries. A wrong surgical step can ruin the life of a man completely. Therefore surgery is the last resort and should be avoided if possible.


Having a small penis is not a problem. There are a lot of myths about penis size. The truth is size does not matter. Most people in the world have an average of 5 inches of penis size. People do not believe this, but it is a fact. Having a small penis does not make you sterile, it does not affect stamina, and it is not a sexual disease. Everyone should be confident about their size. It is not just the penis size that makes a woman satisfied. It’s the overall performance that matters. Boost up your confidence and esteem levels and go for the kill with zeal and vigor.

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