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Size does matter, especially for a lot of men (and sometimes, for women too) when it is a question about the size of his penis. So important is the size that even people with not so small penis suffer from the fear of a small penis and are constantly anxious that their penis is too small. Scientifically, this syndrome even has a name- Small Penis Syndrome or PDD. What’s more, for a few, this issue is also a cause for depression.

A cause of suffering for men for ages, various research and studies have been undertaken across the world to help men with a smaller sized penis. While now there are many pills available and multiple surgeries that can be performed on an individual to attain longer penis, these could lead to specific side effects and a lot of pain and suffering. For all those men who were on the lookout for a natural and safe solution to get their sizes enlarged, their prays are now answered with the creation and introduction of ProExtender. Initially designed for helping patients who had undergone various surgeries on their penis with full and quick recovery by Doctor Jorn Ege Siana, the product also proved useful for increasing the size of Penis and has been put to good use since.

What’s more, unlike a penis pump, the results that are obtained by the constant usage of ProExtender are permanent and do not return to usual self with time. The product is designed to create a new normal when it comes to the size of the penis.

What Is A Proextender

Created and tested in Denmark, ProExtender is a simple yet one of the best penis extension device available that uses traction as a natural way to extend a man’s penis. A product that was created after many years of study and research, this is one of the most natural and best penis extenders that is considered an excellent value for money by Many customers.

How Does Proextender Work

An age-old principle being used by various tribes throughout the history of humankind, ProExtender uses traction to help increase the size of one’s penis. Designed to exert gentle yet constant pressure and stretch, the instrument, once attached, forces the body cells to work towards building new cells to reconnect the damaged cells. Once connected to the penis, the user can create a certain amount of stretch on the penis, causing the penis to feel a little bit of stretch and discomfort, however not too much to cause rashes and permanent damage, the instrument stretches the cells to split and forces the cells to multiply in order to join the damaged tissues. Once stretched, the muscles would never grow small again and add to the permanent extension of the penis.

Design And Packaging Of Proextender

Originally designed to work on limp penis, the ProExtender is suitable to work on penis sizes that are as small as 2 inches and can work on sizes unto even 7 inches and more. What’s more, the ProExtender comes in two different packaging boxes, depending upon the size of the individual’s penis, for needs are evergrowing.

  • ProExtender Original: Primarily designed for people who have a penis size ranging from 2 inches to 7 inches. Packaged in a neat case, the ProExtender Original box comes loaded with 1 ProExtender penile extender device, a strap for the extra comfort and a set of elongation bars.
  • ProExtender Deluxe: Designed for people with extra needs, thanks to their longer penis, this deluxe metal box contains ProExtender Deluxe penile extender device, 2 sets of elongation bars, an extra set of 1/2 inch elongation bar, a comfort strap and a silicone strap for that extra comfort and everything else that the original box has to offer.

Who Is The Proextender Recommended For

Given the primary usage of the product, this product is recommended and prescribed to patients across the globe in over 60 countries by various urologists and plastic surgeons for the following:

  • A no brainer, this product is ideal for individuals who are not happy with the size of their penis and would like a few extra inches added.
  • Also, the first choice for those who have been recommended surgery for penis extension, but would like to avoid the painful surgery and would like to opt for more natural mechanism instead.
  • A must for those couples where the size of the man’s penis has become a reason for not attaining the maximum pleasure one can have in their bedroom.
  • Men with penile curvature too are prescribed this instrument to help them rectify this defect more naturally and sustainably.
  • Doctors also recommend them to their patients who have undergone some surgery related to their penis for faster and safer recovery from the surgery.

What Is A Penile Curvature And How Does Proextender Help

The Peyronie’s disease or Peyronie disease is a disorder observed in some men, usually between the age group from 40 to 70 years old. Some statistics show that this disease is common amongst 1-8% of men in the above age group. This disease is caused due to the build-up of plaque in the penis, causing the tissues around to scar and leads to a curvature of the penis around the affected tissues. This condition usually leads to painful erection. The extent of the damage could go up to such an extent that it could become excruciating for having intercourse or can prevent one from having any sexual activities at all.

The ProExtended, when attached to the penis, exerts gentle yet continuous pressure on the affected tissues, leading to the stretching of the tissues and forcing the tissues around the scarred tissues to rebuild and create new tissues. Over time, as the injured tissues are healed, the penis once again grows straight and return to its normal size and usage.

What Are The Benefits Of A Proextender

Being a natural and non-invasion medium for extension of the length of the penis, this product comes with many benefits for its users. Some of the primary benefits are listed below:

  • Improve one’s confidence with the increase in the size of the Penis: This might sound very silly. However, those men who suffer lack of confidence due to the size of their penis and even suffer from depression sometimes due to the size can benefit hugely due to the help they get in getting the size improved on.
  • Helps in avoiding harmful side-effects of medicines: While there are various medicines available in the market that can help with penile extension, most external pills could lead to some side effects. With the usage of ProExtender, the user does not ingest any external chemical into the body and are only applying natural force to extend the length of the penis, making it virtually free from any side effects.
  • Helps in avoiding invasions and pain of surgeries: This product can also help patients from undergoing painful surgeries on their body to get their penis lengthened. Since no cuts are being made on the body for the extension of the penis, there is no worry for any infection to infest on cuts and wounds and is less painful than the surgeries. Not to mention the risks involved whenever the body goes under the knife are completed avoided
  • Less expensive as compared to other options: While the operations are not only painful, they also equally expensive and heavy on the pockets. The medicines that are available too are costly and need to be consumed for a longer period, resulting in deeper cuts into one’s pockets. With the ProExtender, one makes a one-time investment in purchasing the instrument, and you are all set to get almost guaranteed results with no additional costs involved.
  • The convenience of using the instrument as per one’s convenience: In today’s day and age, where time is one of the most premium commodity, this instrument helps one get their penis lengthened depending on their time for usage and not depend on others for the same. Of course, the longer time one uses it in a day, the better results that one can expect, however, the choice is that of the individual on when and where they wish to use this instrument. What is icing on the cake is that one can attach this instrument and carry on with their daily chores without worrying about the device being attached to the penis?

Pricing And How To Order

Available in two sizes and packaging, the product can be easily ordered online. Not only is the product available across various countries on various e-commerce platforms, but the same can also be ordered on the ProExtender Website: On the ProExtender website, payments can be made in 5 difference currencies:

  • United States Dollars (USD)
  • Great Britain Pound (GBP)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)

With their promise of easy, secure, and discreet payment and delivery of the product, the company would directly ship the product to the user’s address once the order is placed. Also, for the convenience of the customers, the website accepts payments using the following card types:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal

If this was not an incentive enough for one to order right away, there is an additional discount on the products if ordered immediately on their website and one can save up to $300. After the applicable discounts, the two products are available at the following rates on the ProExtender website:

  • Original ProExtender: $299.95 (Original value is $599.95)
  • Superior ProExtender: $399.95 (Original value is $699.95)

The product does not bring the required results, with the performance even after six months of usage, return the device within 187 days of receiving the same and get guaranteed 100% refund (minus shipping charges)


Side Effects Of Proextender

Working on the principle of traction, the physical theory of exerting pressure and stretching the penis, with no ingestion of any chemicals or no cuts and incisions from surgeries, this product comes with virtually no side effects at all. Having said that, the following could still be considered as side effects of this product:

  • A little discomfort upon the start of using of ProExtender: Since the product is designed to produce results by exerting a certain amount of pressure on the penis, this product could lead to a certain amount of discomfort, especially when one starts to use the product initially.
  • Lead to redness of skin and soreness: Since the product works on exerting pressure and extending the penis and is set directly by the user, one needs to be aware of how much traction would be enough. Exerting extra traction could lead to soreness and redness of the skin. Under extreme cases, this could also lead to damage of tissues and pain.

Care To Be Taken While Using Proextender

  • While using the instrument for the first time, take extreme care on the amount of pressure being exerted. Also, since one does not know how one’s skin would react to the outer material, be extra careful.
  • Remember to remove the instrument before working out for it might lead to redness and soreness on the skin.
  • If one knows he suffers from a medical condition that will not allow the instrument to function correctly, or has even an iota of doubt, do consult a physician before using ProExtender.

What Do The Customers Say About Proextender

“…They say the method word of mouth marketing is the best. My friend informed me; now I’m telling you (And everyone) the ProExtender®is the Real Deal.”  ~ John H.”

“I have only been set thedevice usage for a few weeks, and I already see amazing results…Thanks for bringing a quality product that delivers on its promise.” ~ Rod K.

Before and After Pictures

proextender before after

The Final Verdict

ProExtender is a great natural product offering results that it promises; however, it requires the user’s dedication and patience to show results. For one to get maximum out of the product, there are only three things to keep in mind:

  • How much does one wear it during the day
  • How long does one patiently continue to use it without giving up
  • How much pressure is created to stretch the penis, neither too much not too little

Given the results that this product delivers, if one wants permanent lengthening of their penis, ProExtender is the product in the market.

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