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Are you struggling with hair loss? It’s not something to be ashamed of, as a great deal of male population suffers from exactly the same issue as you are. Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s overall bad lifestyle we are leading that results with hair loss, but more often than not, it’s genetics.

Profollica offers a natural solution that will help you combat this problem in the most effective way possible. Basically, this is a supplement that features a very specific formula, aiming to reduce the DHT levels of whoever is using it.


There are several incredibly potent ingredients contained within the formula of Profollica, including Niacin, Vitamin B-12, Panthothenic Acid, Iodine, Manganese Gluconate, Folic Acide, Biotin, Chlorophyll, Zinc Oxide, Paba, and more. We’re going to discuss each of these in detail in the sections below.


Niacin is commonly called Vitamin B3, and generally it helps various body functions and promotes better health altogether.

Sometimes referred to as Nicotinic Acid, Niacin’s primary function is to regulate cholesterol in a person’s bloodstream. Alternatively, it’s second vital function is to help people who are suffering from Pellagra (basically, niacin deficiency).

There are all sorts of ailments that can befall a person who suffers from low niacin levels, including mouth lesions, nausea, anemia, tiredness, and such.

Looking from a reversed perspective, higher levels of niacin provide the opposite benefits. Not only does this component (when taken in appropriate levels) prevent the aforementioned ailments, but it also improves cardio vascular health.

Other notable benefits of Niacin can be observed in its most common medical uses. It’s used to treat Pellagra (like we mentioned above) and abnormal lipids. Due to the fact that it’s very potent, this ingredient contraindicated by certain conditions, such as liver diseases, serum transaminases, peptic ulcer disease, and arterial bleeding.

Vitamin B-12

The Vitamin B12 is sometimes called Cobalamin. It’s basically a water soluble vitamin and is present in basically every single human body cell. This vitamin is of incredible importance when it comes to the functions of the central nervous system, mainly due to the fact that it helps with myelin synthesis, and because it helps in the development of red blood cells found.

Essentially, B 12 is contained in numerous foods, most of which are pretty easy to come by. The real question is – how much of it do you actually need? The Vitamin B12 is found in Profollica’s formula because hair loss can be traced to DNA-related issues, and this particular ingredient helps regulate them with ease.

Now, let’s talk a bit about what happens if you don’t have enough B 12 in your body (basically, what could’ve happened if it wasn’t in the formula and you didn’t have enough in your organism to begin with).

The condition known as the Vitamin B 12 deficiency occurs if the person has atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, conditions which impact the small intestine, and ISD (immune-system disorders, such would be lupus for example).

Vegans are most susceptible to B 12 deficiency mainly because they have a much harder time finding a good source of it in their diet (since it’s mainly found in meat products, milk, eggs, and cheese).

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid, or Vitamin B5 is found in all kinds of plants and meats, grains, eggs, and of course, milk. It’s a completely natural ‘ingredient’ and is commonly available and labelled as D Pantothenic Acid, which are not as natural as the original B5.

Some of the uses of the vitamin B5 indicate that it’s most effective when treating various dietary deficiencies, alcoholism, asthma, ADHD, acne, yeast infections, and, most notably, baldness and everything related to it.

This particular ingredient is also known for its healing properties when it comes to removing dandruff.


Basically, the L-Cysteine is a non essential sulphur containing amino acid. It’s most important function is the protein synthesis, various metabolic functions, and detoxification. It acts as a catalyst for other ingredients, bonding them in a healthy blend.


Other ingredients that are present in the Profollica’s formula represent the minority of its structure. For example, the L-Cysteine component within the formula is present in 40 milligrams, whereas L-Isoleucine, L-Histidine, L-Arginine, and L-Leucine are only present in 4 milligram portions. These other ingredients have an impact on how the formula works, but the sheer fact that they’re only barely present in it led us to not go into too much detail.

profollica review

How does it work

Essentially, Profollica’s formula is intended to be used on a daily basis. The ingredients within the formula are very potent, and they aim to improve our metabolism, DNA, and generally improve your health.

Now, one of the main functions of Profollica is that it controls the production of DHT in a similar manner a prescription drug would, but with a small, yet substantial difference – it’s made of natural components.

Additionally, by using the Profollica, you will not only get rid of your problems regarding hair loss, but you will also reduce the risk of them ever occurring again.

Some of the most notable reasons why hair loss happens are actually lifestyle factors, such would be poor diet, depression, illness, or stress. Even though these factors are all manageable, we have little control over some of them (for example, illnesses can be treated, but it takes time). The Profollica helps you manage these negative circumstances in a better way.


One of the greatest things about Profollica is that actual results can be seen within the first 30 days. Of course, the more you use it, the more effective it will become, but even within the first month, you can expect some of the following benefits:

  1. DHT level reduction – the Profollica supplement binds with the free testosterones, greatly reducing the overall DHT levels in the process
  2. Substantially increases the blood circulation within the scalp area – by enhancing the blood circulation in this specific region, the hair follicles benefit from a drastically increased level of nutrition
  3. Prevents the miniaturization of hair follicle – usually, our hair follicles shrink over time, in certain cases they even disappear. By taking the Profollica supplement, you will prevent this ‘natural’ process from happening
  4. Regulates the oiliness of the scalp – some people have extremely dry or oily scalps, and this supplement helps regulates the level of oiliness in this specific area
  5. Promotes faster hair growth – not only will you be able to wave goodbye to hair loss, but your hair will actually grow even faster
  6. Strengthens hair – your hair will gradually become stronger, more elastic, and with improved texture
  7. Helps prevent gray hairs – some people get their first ‘gray hairs’ very later on, but those that are not so fortunate start to notice them as early as in their 30s and 40s. The Profollica solution helps prevent the latter.

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Profollica prof guarantee
As you can see on their official website, Profollica vouches for their product. The duration by which the money-back guarantee is in effect is 60 days. The professionals at Profollica estimate that the period of 60 days is enough for you to both see and evaluate the changes Profollica supplement provided for you.

In fact, they state that you will be able to reap the benefits (we’ve discussed in the sections above) within the first 30 days, so the following 30 days should help you decide whether or not you want to continue using it or not. You will be able to get 100% money back, with the exception of the shipping and handling charges.

Side Effects

Profollica staff states that there are absolutely no side effects, and that’s almost completely true. Namely, you shouldn’t feel anything different in normal circumstances, but if you use the supplement in a way that’s in any way different than prescribed, side effects are possible.

In various reviews we’ve seen, we have noted that the single most common unpleasant side effect you can experience is flushing (due to the overexposure to niacin). Another review stated that methionine (which is present in a minimal quantity in the formula) should be used with care, as it enhances the homocysteine blood levels. For laymen who don’t know what the latter is, it refers to a special chemical that is often related to various causes of heart disease.

All things considered, you should definitely consult with your doctor before you start using Profollica. As we’ve established already, it has a very potent formula, meaning that you just might be the ‘1 out of 100’ where things went wrong.

Customer Reviews

In all honesty, there aren’t many reviews of Profollica around the Web. We’ve managed to dig up a couple of them, all of which are pretty positive.

The first review we’ve came across was made by On the topic of whether Profollica is safe and effective.

We’ve found one review that really strikes the eye – the good people at ‘’ have titled their review as ‘Real, Honest Profollica Review’. Just as you would expect, the entire review is entirely objective and there are rarely, if any superlatives when it comes about its efficiency and usefulness.

The review starts out with some basic information regarding what people think about Profollica in general, after which they go about explaining what it is, the two sides of the program, and, what we found as very, very interesting, they point out what Profollica claims their product does.

Even though you can read everything about it on Profollica’s official site, it’s great to see that someone actually took notice and decided to evaluate such claims from their own professional and objective point of view. Moreover, this review points out that you shouldn’t trust other Profollica reviews.

That’s a very bold statement, but it’s also the one that led us to believe that this actual review is the real deal. There’s another anomaly in review – they don’t have any kind of conclusion or closing words. Rather, they’ve decided to replace this section with the Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find various answers to the typical questions, such is ‘is Profollica supplement FDA approved’, ‘can women benefit from Profollica’, ‘is it a scam’ , ‘can you buy it in stores’ and such.

Though this review does lack the final verdict, they do have a little section called ‘our recommendation’. Here you can conclude with utmost certainty that people who have tested the product and scrounged the market for substitutes, and on top of all, they’ve even went through various other reviews, all with a single purpose – to help us understand that this supplement is actually worth the buck. We deem their review to be a legit one.

It’s true that it’s very hard to top review, we’ve still went on in search for additional credible reviews. We’ve stumbled upon the HighYa Team, which is basically a group of researchers who specialize in testing products such as these and sharing their insight with the rest of the world via Internet.

Almost the entire review is based on the effects of DHT levels and how they affect hair loss and such. Of course, they also go into great depth and detail about how DHT crosses paths with Profollica.

After a lengthy science essay, you get to see the opinion of the professionals, as well as various testimonies from science and medicinal workers. Although it’s true that such review would be pretty hard to follow through for a layman, it’s positive through and through. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that the HighYa team praises it, but they think it’s legit.

Profollica Before and After Pictures

Profollica before and after pic

Before and After


All things considered, it’s fairly safe to say that Profollica is actually pretty beneficial, and, above all – legit. People who have used it have reported that they’ve actually grown healthy hair, there were only a couple of reports where people experienced any side effects whatsoever, and judging by the formula which is completely natural, we can only say – go try it out! It’s inexpensive, it’s natural, and it works.

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