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What Is TechWatch?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a smartwatch. Instead, buy a TechWatch to get the most advanced features in a smartwatch. It has Bluetooth connectivity and works with both android and iPhone devices.

techwatch review

Now you can go smart and do everyday tasks without buying an expensive smartwatch. It helps to monitor your health activities with the utmost accuracy. You will be able to track your day to day physical activities.

Everyone often considers buying a smartwatch that has the most unconventional features. But they forget that the smartwatches can dig a hole in the pockets. On the other hand, TechWatch is completely opposite to them.

It has remarkable characteristics and supports almost every phone. You should read every feature of this smartwatch right now!

Features of TechWatch

TechWatch has almost every essential feature. It provides many functionalities and some of its high-tech features are explained below:

  • LCD Touchscreen – The display is created at an appropriate size of 240×240 pixels. The finish is sleek and sturdy to display every app clearly. The LCD screen is considered top-notch when it comes to smartwatches.
  • Bluetooth Dialer – This feature can be missed in most of the smartwatches but not in the TechWatch. Just connect your smartwatch with your phone and answer your calls. You can also enjoy unlimited music. You can switch between the songs seamlessly without taking out your phone again and again.
  • iOS And Android Features – The TechWatch is built with the latest features to work in accordance with both iOS and Android devices. Thus, it is compatible with both interfaces. When you connect this smartwatch with your phone, you’ll be notified of messages, incoming calls, WhatsApp notifications, and other important updates.
  • Health Monitoring – By using this smartwatch you can count your steps effortlessly. You can easily track your walking or running activities. You can also count your heart rate in real-time. An HR indicator will show your heart rate on the LCD display. The Calorie Follower app will show you the number of calories you burn every day. All of these features will make your life easier and healthier than ever before.
  • Reminders – If you have to set reminders for meetings, birthdays, or anniversaries, then this smartwatch has got your back.
  • Alarms – You can set the alarm and go to sleep without keeping your phone bothering you at night. 

techwatch back

Why Do You Need TechWatch?

A smartwatch does more than just showing the time. It tracks your health and gives you several other features that are not available on other devices.

For example, you can track your sleeping pattern every night. You are aware of your heart health by wearing this smartwatch because of the pulse rate tracking. It can be a huge advantage for someone who is having heart-related issues.

If you’re going outside, for instance, to do a fitness activity, you can leave your phone at home. This smartwatch will keep you updated about the calls and notifications.

You can even answer the calls while you’re in the middle of jogging. Not to mention, your steps and calories will be monitored throughout the duration.

All of these features will really make your life hassle-free. This is why you need a smartwatch. Why pay too much for a smartwatch when you can get every feature in the TechWatch?

Technical Characteristics of TechWatch

The TechWatch comes in an aluminum housing. Thus, you would never have to worry about suddenly dropping the device from your hand. The display is made with HD screens so that you can see everything clearly.

The smartwatch is coated with toughened glass on both sides. It can display messages, calls and other notifications. You can use this smartwatch with both, iOS and Android phones.

This Bluetooth enabled smartwatch comes with multiple dials. You can change the dial according to your wish or the color of your attire. You can go miles with this smartwatch and it will track your heart rate, steps, and calories.

If you are insomniac and looking to track how you sleep every night, then simply wear this and track your sleep. The material of this smartwatch is waterproof and it weighs lightly at just 99.8 g.

You don’t even need to keep it plugged in the charging dock every hour. A lithium-polymer battery is included in the housing that goes without charging for multiple days.

techwatch battery

How Does TechWatch Works?

This smartwatch has become everyone’s favorite within a short period. Everyone seems to be obsessed with this smartwatch. Whether it’s an athlete or a normal user, everyone is tracking their daily activity through this device.

It has silicon straps that make it really comfortable to wear around the clock. This smartwatch works like a phone and a personal assistant. You can go through your daily life and this device tracks your activities like a personal assistant.

It even keeps a check on whether you had a good night’s sleep or not. Your heart rate is monitored just like a professional doctor. This watch is meant to be worn every time whether you are working out or sleeping.

Be rest assured that your health is being monitored and you are notified for every important activity that you set as a reminder. You can wear it anywhere and flaunt your looks as well as manage your important tasks.

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Benefits of TechWatch

TechWatch allows you to do many things without the need of reaching out to your phone. Its benefits include:

  1. Ease of Use – You don’t need to learn using this smartwatch. It’s quite easy to use and everyone gets used to it within some hours. All the apps can be easily used even by a novice.
  2. Battery Performance – This smartwatch has a long-lasting battery. You can charge it once and use it for up to 5 days. After all, you don’t want your smartwatch to discharge again and again.
  3. Multiple User Interface Support – You don’t need to purchase separate smartwatches for your android and iOS devices. This feature makes this smartwatch even more useful. It is compatible with both the interfaces and works fluently no matter how you use it.
  4. Affordable – The smartwatches were created to make your life better. So, they must come at an affordable price. That’s why TechWatch is made to be available to everyone at cost-effective pricing. You can buy it and use it as a guide to your health and professional purposes.
  5. HD Display – Although this smartwatch has a compact screen, the vivid HD display lets you see everything clearly. You can easily run multiple apps even on its small screen.
  6. Great Guide For Health-Conscious Users – If someone is looking to monitor his or her health activities, then this smartwatch lets them do it. There are multiple options to track walking steps, pulse rate, and the calories you burn every day. It can also track your sleeping hours. It makes this smartwatch an apt choice to be used by a health-conscious person.

Where Can You Buy TechWatch?

The smartwatch is available on the manufacturer’s website directly. As you visit the website, you’ll be directly offered a 50% discount on the price. The TechWatch is priced at $160. But you can own your smartwatch by just paying $79.99.

If you want one TechWatch for you and two for your family members, then you can order a pack of three is for $189.99. Just pay for two smartwatches and get third absolutely free.

Buy a pack of three and get 2 watches absolutely free. A pack of five is available at $249.99 thus, this package is the most affordable of all. Just visit the official website and fill your contact details after selecting the package.

There is an additional offer on the official website that states you can get a 3-year warranty by spending 24 Euros more. The TechWatch can be ordered without paying any additional charges for shipping and handling.

The order is processed within 20 days worldwide. For more information, you can also visit the official website. If you wish to return your smartwatch simply contact the company support team at [email protected].

The only condition to return the smartwatch is to apply for a refund under 30 days of the purchase. No used or broken product will be accepted for the return.


Customer Reviews On TechWatch

By Peter A.

I just received my TechWatch this morning. I fell in love with the moment I saw my watch. It has beautiful dials and the screen is quite clear. I have not seen any issues with the device so far. I will start tracking my health activities right away!

By Chelsy P.

I am an athlete. I have to track my activity every day but using my phone was not a feasible option. So, I was looking forward to buying a smartwatch that is not as costly as Apple watch. I really wanted to buy it but its price was not what I was willing to pay. I looked for an alternative online and found TechWatch to be the best choice. I am glad that I made a decision to buy this smartwatch.

By Aston J.

I am a huge fan of digital gadgets! Whenever a new device is out, I just jump to order it right away. But TechWatch has blown my mind. It comes in a sleek design and has numerous features for someone like me. It works smoothly and notifies me for calls and other notifications. Its biggest advantage is the pulse rate tracking system. I am really impressed with this device!

techwatch reviews

By Mike L.

I ordered this smartwatch in a hurry as the 50% discount offer was ticking off. I couldn’t afford to lose such a lucrative offer for this amazing device. I am quite impressed with its performance. It works accurately for 3-5 days with a single charge. Its technical features are awesome and the body is well-built. It can give a run for the money to the costly smartwatches. I am going to buy one for my sister as well. Brilliant!

By Linda T.

TechWatch has changed my life. I wanted to lose some weight but could not keep up with regular activities. That was the time when I decided to buy a smartwatch. My first choice was TechWatch as it comes with all the flagship features.

It is extremely comfortable to wear all day long. I sleep with this smartwatch and it is remarkable how it tracks my sleep. It also tracks my steps when I go to the gym. It is fast and compatible with my phone. TechWatch is the best investment I made so far!

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If you are tired of your sedentary lifestyle and need the motivation to become fitter this year, then TechWatch can be your best friend. It works with both the interfaces iOS and Android.

Becoming healthier and efficient can be really difficult in this fast-paced era. But gadgets like TechWatch can make it possible for you. It has a combination of current technical features and affordability.

The company is offering the smartwatch at an amazing offer. If you visit the website now, you will get a discount of 50%. You are getting a smartwatch that has inbuilt ECG features. So, you can track your pulse rate effortlessly.

This device can be a boon for anyone who is addicted to smartphones and can’t focus on health. It makes your life easier by tracking health activities and sleep duration. If you forget to remember important events continuously, this gadget rests beautifully on your wrist to remind you about everything.

Why are you stopping yourself to buy a smartwatch? Are you worried about its cost? Don’t be. Because TechWatch is the most affordable smartwatch in the world. And it has all the premium features, to say the least. Buy your TechWatch today and start living a healthy life!

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