Thermosense Thermometer Review

There are flu and fever everywhere, and the addition of another new virus makes life miserable. Being a mother of three children and a kindergarten teacher made me extra conscious about the health and well-being of all my little ones. Since COVID-19 made its way quickly and spread drastically, I did not want to take a chance on the lives of my children. This was when I came across the Thermosense Infrared Thermometer. This is a review of this product based on my personal experience. This amazing product has made me replace all the touch thermometers. Read through this review and buy this product to keep your family safe. It is extremely cost-effective and becomes a precautionary tool in the times of Corona.

Thermosense Thermometer

A little about Thermosense Thermometer

What kind of thermometers do you have at home? If you are using the thermometers that check your temperature when you place it in the mouth or underneath the arms, you must notice that they transfer germs from one body to another, making everybody sick. We had a mouth thermometer at school, and as there was corona everywhere, a temperature check was mandatory. I was very skeptical about using such a thermometer at this point. This was when a friend of mine suggested me to use the infrared thermometers that read the body temperature without coming in contact with the body. This had to be the best way of checking the temperature, and I was conscious of finding the best infrared thermometer for my school children and family too. A parent suggested me to buy the Thermosense thermometers, and I happened to check its review on the internet. This was simply what I had been looking out for. They had amazing offers that made me choose it at once.

Working of the Thermosense Thermometer

The Thermosense infrared thermometer comes in a design of a gun. It looks like a toy gun, and your child will be comfortable with it. In my case, the children at school cried over-temperature checks, and they would refuse to keep the mouth thermometer in the mouth for more than 10 seconds. In this way, most of the temperature checks at school failed.

I had a mouth thermometer at home, but my husband, who is a hygiene freak, asked me not to use it because of fear of germ transmission. This product solved both my problems at once. The kids at school pretender to be a thief, and I was the police. I could check the temperature during this pretend and play session, and this made it very easy for me to note down the actual temperature of every child. They also stayed safe during this process.

The device is battery operated, and you need 2 normal batteries to make it function. Once you fit the battery and close the battery closure, the device starts working. All you have to do is to keep the thermometer 2cm away from the body – mostly the forehead and shoot. The thermosensor infrared thermometer gives the correct reading of the body temperature then. The reading can be seen in Celsius and Fahrenheit too.

This device is safe to be used, and children get pacified by it. My husband is also in love with this device and feels safe when I use it at home to check the temperature of my kids, him, and even our pet dogs. The accuracy is perfect, and my life is much easier after I have got the Thermosense thermometer to my home and school. The most important point here is it shows the temperature accurately.

Thermosense Thermometer review

Benefits of Thermosense Infrared Thermometer

The Thermosense Infrared Thermometer is a go-to tool that everyone needs to have as a part of their first aid kit. This thermometer beats all the other thermometers and makes way for a better, easier, and hygienic temperature check. You will see different benefits of the thermometer and get to know about it in different reviews. In this review of mine, I have written about the benefits that I have received with this thermometer.

  • Hygiene – The first and the most crucial benefit of the infrared thermometer that I have faced is the way it functions. The temperature of the body gets captured by the infrared rays of the thermometer. In this way, capturing the temperature becomes safe and easy during the quarantine season. This benefit can be one way to reduce the spread of germs and even the COVID-19 virus. Hence, it can be one safe way to check the temperature and see if the person has a fever.
  • Easy to handle – Having kids check their temperature becomes quite a task. The mercury thermometers can be poisonous when little children bite the thermometer glass and swallow the liquid metal. With the digital thermometer, the temperature reading takes time, and the little ones may become impatient while their temperatures are being checked. The thermometer of Thermosense makes way for a hassle-free temperature checkup and keeps the little ones safe too. At home, my kids who have been impatient sit quietly for 2 seconds as I take note of the temperature.
  • Instant temperature check – The digital thermometers, that I had been using before I got this amazing product home delivered the temperature, were reading very slowly. There was a lot of fluctuation until we could read the final temperature. This time-consuming issue was resolved when I got the Thermosense temperature checker home. It takes no time in getting the temperature reading, and I can very well handle all the little ones in the school with the help of this instant device. You would hear a beep after turning on the device and placing it near the forehead in no time. This is the best and most handy device I have ever seen.
  • Reading in different forms – The fellow teachers at my school are comfortable with the C where I prefer reading the temperature in F. The Thermosense thermometer can help you read in both the ways. This has been the coolest device that can deliver the reading in the choice of our SI units. This is one of the coolest devices that we have seen. It works amazingly and helps everyone read it in the way they know and understand. Back at my home, my in-laws, read it in C, and my husband and I read the readings in F. It has helped us to uniformly understand the reading too. What could be better than having a thermometer that makes you understand what it reads?
  • Memory storage – This is another notable benefit for the ones who run a school, an office, or a hospital. The memory storage is an add-on benefit in this thermometer. The Thermosense thermometer is a device that not just gives the accurate reading, but also stores it. The memory space in the thermometer can record and store temperatures, and they can be seen over and again. This has helped me in maintaining temperature records at school. I could take the reading of my 20 students while they were busy playing and write them in my record book after school hours. This has made my life as a teacher very simple and easy.
  • Children friendly – Unlike the mercury thermometers, the Thermosense thermometers are very friendly to children. There were many instances when the children at my school picked the thermometer up and began playing with it since it looked like a toy gun. It is extremely safe to be used when you have kids around. Just be careful of making sure that the battery closure of the device is tight and cannot be opened by the little ones. There may be choking off the batteries if you do not pay attention. If you are worried about the Infrared rays, there is no harm that these rays bring for you or your kids and keep them safe and sound.
  • Can be used for pets – The COVID-19 has neither spared pet nor the pet parents. The temperature checks at the vet hospitals happen with the normal digital thermometers. The germs and viruses again can spread from one pet to another. You can use the same thermometer that you are using for your family to check the temperature of your pet too. It keeps the four-pawed friend safe and sound. You can also advise the same to the pet’s vet so that an extra precaution will be taken. I spoke about the Thermosense Thermometer to my pet’s vet, and she ordered one for her clinic. The results of this thermometer are accurate even for the animals, and she says that the animals are much more comfortable with this device than the usual thermometers.

Price and Money-back Guarantee

If you compare the Thermosense Thermometers to the other thermometers, they are pretty reasonable. I had a thorough check on the pricing of such thermometers from most of the brands, and this suited me the most. The actual price of one Thermosense Thermometer is $199.99. Since it is a quarantine season, a very good discount is given by the company. Since I had placed an order for two thermometers, I got an excellent discount on both of them. This is how the pricing goes:

  • If you are purchasing one, you will be availing a discount of 50% on it. This way, you will get the device for $99.99
  • If you are buying 2 of it, you will get to pay for only two units, and you will be getting another Thermosense thermometer for free. In this way, you will be having 3 and will be paying $199.99. This is called the advance pack. I got this, kept one for my home, and gave two to the school.
  • If you are buying 3 of it, it comes under the friends’ pack. You will have to pay $299.99. In this pack, you will be paying the above amount for three of it and getting 5 units. Most of my friends ordered in bulk and availed a very good discount. In this way, they paid only $60 for each unit and saved a lot of money. You too can team up with your family members and friends and get one such pack to avail the best price.

Thermosense Thermometer review

The refund policy of Thermosense Thermometer

Although the thermometers from Thermosense work fantastically well, I am including the refund policy in the review because many of you will have doubts when you are investing so much on a thermometer. Be assured that every thermometer that is made by the manufacturer undergoes several tests before it is packed and delivered to you. In case you receive a damaged product, you can send it back to the address mentioned on their website. Your money will be refunded into your account. The bellow is the email address that you need to communicate on and after writing them a mail on [email protected] you can send the product back.

Customer reviews

“In this situation of covid19, it is better to keep a distance from others. This thermometer helps users to keep a distance. Hence being a doctor it has taken away all my worries”- Sarah

“To check the temperature of workers is made mandatory by the authorities and responsibility of the same was given to me. With my great surprise, I find this device to be sure about the health of our staff. Thank you, makers”:- Sam

The Final Verdict

The product has great customer satisfaction and an amazing response from all the users. I have personally recommended this product to many I know, and all have thanked me for it. You too can purchase it, and it will be very helpful to you and your family members during the corona times. Buy this device and stay safe from COVID-19 and other fever symptoms. My suggestion to you is to buy it in bulk. When you buy it in bulk, you will end up paying only $60 per each of the pieces. Talk to your neighbours and order them in bulk to save money.

Thermosense Thermometer Price

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