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Stretch marks appear on our body when we gain weight, get pregnant, after childbirth, after undergoing operations, during puberty or simply on working out in gym to build muscles. These tiger stripes ruin the beauty of the body. Both men and women may get these stretch marks. There are many creams in the market which claim to disappear these ugly marks from the skin. But after spending a fortune one gets no results. Now after using two, three creams I found out a sure shot solution, TriLASTIN products, viz. TriLASTIN Hydrothermal Accelerator, TriLASTIN-SR cream and TriLASTIN Prevention cream.

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TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Inhibitor was formerly introduced to market in 2005 by EC Research. The Company’s award-winning team of scientists developed a proprietary formulation to address stretch mark scarring. Over these years TriLASTIN products have been satisfying users. It has received worldwide acclaim for its quality and proven effectiveness. EC Research continually strive to improve the effectiveness of its formulas and listen to its customers to improve its products.

TriLASTIN-SR, TriLASTIN-HT and TriLASTIN Maternity cream are all manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory under the strictest quality control conditions as specified in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) federal standard of guidelines.

The TriLASTIN products are suitable for both men and women of all skin types.


Active Soy Protein – Active Soy Protein, made up of 8 essential amino acids. It promote cellular regeneration and growth. It locks in moisture and smoothens the skin.

  • BeauPlex VH – BeauPlex VH is a multivitamin containing B3, B5, B6, C and E. Itis extremely beneficial for skin.
  • BVOSC – BVOSC, a type of oil soluble Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which repairs the skin, reduces skin discolouration from stretch marks.
  • Collagen and Elastin – Structural proteins Collagen and Elastin works on the skin to maintain healthy, plump and firm skin.
  • D-Stria – D-Stria is maintains elasticity of skin, makes skin tight.
  • Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract – Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract produces fibronectin which repairs the tissues and heal wounded skin.

All of these ingredients are not very easily absorbed by the body. So it is advised to couple the cream with the accelerator, TriLASTIN-HT

How Does TriLASTIN Work?

  • TriLASTIN formula works on the principles of a Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System (SDDS®), which enhances the availability of effective ingredients over a longer period of time. It allows the skin to absorb the accelerator and the cream at its own speed and thereby increasing the efficacy of the ingredients.
  • As a first step, it is advised to apply TriLASTIN-HT on the affected skin. This is a skin preparation serum which opens the skin’s pores. It maximizes the effects of TriLASTIN-SR cream which is applied after the accelerator.
  • Then the TriLASTIN-SR cream is applied.
  • TriLASTIN SR also hydrates the skin which is the backbone of the treatment for removal of stretch marks.
  • Collagen and elastin which are damaged and lost when the skin is stressed are regenerated in the skin.
  • Collagen and elastin, once regenerated makes the skin strong, smooth and healthy.
  • It also helps keep the skin away from further stretching, wrinkling or tearing.
  • Thankfully TriLASTIN works on all skin types, tones and stretch marks of all kinds and on both men and women.

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How to Use TriLASTIN

  • For achieving best results, apply TriLASTIN-HT Hydro Thermal Accelerator for opening the pores before applying the TriLASTIN-SR cream.
  • Let the accelerator dry. Then apply the TriLASTIN-SR cream to cover the stretch marks.
  • It is advised to repeat twice daily, morning and at night.
  • Rub each product separately on the area. Make sure every product gets absorbed on your skin, before you apply the next product as directed.
  • The HT accelerator serum is extremely lightweight and smooth. It leaves your skin feeling very soft, like a pillow.
  • The TriLASTIN cream is much chunky and richer than the accelerator, but it does not leave your skin feeling tacky after application.


  • First wash the area you want to treat. Let it dry completely.
  • Apply sufficient amount of the super light TriLASTIN-HT accelerator serum.
  • Wait for 1 minute for the accelerator to dry as it is absorbed by the skin.
  • Follow by applying TriLASTIN-SR cream to cover the stretch marks.
  • Apply twice daily.
  • Repeat the above steps daily for 90 days for desired results.
  • After lightening of the stretch marks, follow up with applying the TriLASTIN Maternity cream for stretch mark prevention. Men, please don’t get put off by the name, it’s a prevention therapy developed by the scientists at EC Research.

Is it Safe to Use TriLASTIN?

TriLASTIN products have been tested in an FDA registered independent laboratory for safe use and its skin friendliness has been certified. Also many users across the world are using the products without any complain since 2005.

TriLASTIN products are manufactured in an FDA-registered lab. EC Research has strict quality control protocols which are already specified in the GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) standard of conditions or guidelines. This is why it is completely safe to use TriLASTIN.

Is TriLASTIN Addictive?

No, the ingredients used to make TriLASTIN products are not addictive. The formulation of TriLASTIN has been developed by a team of award-winning scientists together with the manufacturer, EC Research. It is an unscented, paraben free, hypoallergenic, non-greasy, non-addictive formula. Once the stretch marks disappear there is no need to continue using TriLASTIN. It is assured by the manufacturer and thousands of users world-wide that TriLASTIN is non-addictive.

Benefits of TriLASTIN

  • TriLASTIN uses Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System (SDDS®) to remove stretch marks along side also protects the skin.
  • TriLASTIN is hypoallergenic and very safe for regular use.
  • TriLASTIN normalizes the skin tone and pigment discoloration.
  • TriLASTIN tightens the loose and stretched skin.
  • TriLASTIN restores skin smoothness and elasticity.

Side Effects of TriLASTIN

  • TriLASTIN is a hypoallergenic formula. No side effects on use of TriLASTIN have been reported by users.
  • TriLASTIN is not advised for use of breast feeding and pregnant women.
  • People with nerve diseases can sometimes develop depression in the Central Nervous System.

Purchase & Price of TriLASTIN

  • TriLASTIN products are easily available from the manufacturer’s website. There are many discounted offers presently on the website.
  • TriLASTIN Starter Pack with TriLASTIN-SR and TriLASTIN-HT is available at a discounted rate of $64.
  • TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is available at $46.
  • TriLASTIN Prevention Starter Pack is available at a low rates starting for $64 for a supply of one month, $100 for two months and $169 for three months.
  • TriLASTIN-HT accelerator and TriLASTIN-SR cream supply for two months is available for only $166, three months supply at $259.
  • Get a cream free when you buy three TriLASTIN-SR Cream and one TriLASTIN-HT accelerator at $264 from the Company’s website.
  • However, the best deal is available $396 which includes 6 TriLASTIN-SR cream and one TriLASTIN-HT accelerator.

Presently, the Company ships to Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. If your country is other than those is the list the company also ships the order on a special consideration basis.


Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

EC Research stands behind the quality of each and every product it manufacture with a 90 day guarantee. If customer is unhappy with any TriLASTIN product, Company promptly issues a refund to your credit card or replace an unsatisfactory product. But we do ask that you adhere to a few reasonable guidelines. Please see product returns for guideline details and how to return or replace a product. 

Customer Testimonials

I had been hiding my stretch marks formed after childbirth. Had used many creams with no results. Finally, my childhood friend recommended TriLASTIN cream and accelerator. After use for two months, results were visible. My stretch marks were gone after using TriLASTIN for five months. Now I am on a follow up treatment with TriLASTIN stretch mark prevention cream. ~ Victoria, 26.

Body building became my passion. From a shy kid, I started becoming very popular in college. But I was avoiding beach games and outings with friends for those stretch marks. Then my elder sister advised me to used TriLASTIN. It was very effective, easy to use and results showed in 45 days. Now after using for 3 months I am using the TriLASTIN prevention cream. ~ Richard, 19.

After the birth of my second child, my husband said I must do something about my stretch marks. On looking at my body in the mirror, I saw those marks were visible and ugly. Then a friend recommended TriLASTIN. After six months of use my skin has become as beautiful as ever. ~ Emily Grant, 42.

After my open heart surgery I had scars on my chest. My wife who had used TriLASTIN after her childbirth suggested the product to me. After 3 months of use, surprisingly all the scars have disappeared. ~ Michael, 55

Trilastin Before and After Pictures

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Pros of using TriLASTIN

  • TriLASTIN uses Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System (SDDS®) developed by a team of scientists.
  • TriLASTIN is non-addictive, unscented, paraben free and hypoallergenic.
  • TriLASTIN has no reported side effects.
  • TriLASTIN ensures visible and early reduction in the length and depth of stretch marks.
  • TriLASTIN normalizes the skin tone and pigment discoloration of the affected area.
  • TriLASTIN tightens the loose and stretched skin.
  • TriLASTIN makes the skin beautiful, supple, healthy and smooth.

Cons of using TriLASTIN

  • Results of using TriLASTIN might not be instant and this might frustrate some.
  • TriLASTIN works differently on different persons and so the time taken to show results varies from one individual to other.
  • Therefore, it is important for customers to remain patient, continue using TriLASTIN daily for 90 days and the results will surely follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks which look somewhat like tiger stripes are simply scars on our skin. Our skin is like elastic fabric. When the skin is overstressed, this elastic fabric tears off and stretch marks are formed.

Does TriLASTIN really work?
Yes it really works and makes the stretch marks disappear. It has thousands of satisfied users around the world.

How early can I expect results on using TriLASTIN?
As early as 3 weeks with regular use.

Does TriLASTIN treat discoloration associated with stretch mark?
Surely, TriLASTIN effectively normalizes skin tones.

Is TriLASTIN effective on all skin types and colors?
Yes, TriLASTIN works equally on all skin types and complexions.

Is TriLASTIN-SR safe to use? Are there any side effects?
No side effects reported by countless users over the world from its introduction in 2005. TriLASTIN-SR is a hypoallergenic product. It has been tested for safe use by an FDA registered independent laboratory.

Does TriLASTIN work on general and surgical scars?
Yes. Stretch marks are a type of scar on the skin. TriLASTIN-SR formula reduces all types of scars and stretch marks whatever the cause may be.

Do the company accept international orders?
Yes, EC Research ships TriLASTIN to all over the world at this time.

When will my order ship? Is tracking available?
Products are shipped between 24-48 hours after placing the order. Tracking is available.

What is the company’s terms and conditions and refund policy?
The company has a customer-friendly refund policy. The terms and conditions and refund policy are available online on the website. Customer may also call them for more information.

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So what is my final verdict on a product that is made from ingredients in a technologically advanced lab, has numerous benefits, with no side effects? Of course, you must put your money on TriLASTIN to get rid of those stretch marks off your skin. Customer reviews also assure that whoever used it helped them to get rid of the stretch marks and if it does not, you may avail the company’s whopping 90-day money back guarantee. The time to sleep on what product you should purchase next for getting rid of the stretch marks is over, TriLASTIN is the perfect product for you.

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