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Did you know that there is a major muscle in your body that can get rid of your back and joint pain?  You can work this muscle to release the inner athlete in you and it takes just 15 minutes.

This is the premise of the book by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj.  The book named, ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors” talks about how you can treat your sleeping issues, back and joint pains,  digestive problems and many other health problems by unlocking your hip flexors.

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About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock your Hip Flexors  is a book written by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj.  It deals with an issue called tight hip flexors and what we can do about it.  You may or may not have heard about tight hip flexors, but it is a condition that exists in reality. This book will teach you how to address the problem and release the hip flexors. The result is more strength and energy.

This program is the most practical way to release the hip flexors.

About Tight Hip Flexors

In today’s world, most of the work can be done through other computers on phone and one place.  You can order food or pay your bills.   You can even book your tickets online. You don’t need to go anywhere.  What does this mean for your body and your fitness? It’s definitely not good news for your fitness.

Sitting all day can  have a bad effect on your fitness.  If you are going to sit all day to work you need to know how to address the issue of fitness.  You will be plagued with an issue called’ tight hip flexors’. While a lot of you may have heard of the term before,  it is possible that many of you may not have heard about it.

Tight hip flexors is a condition that occurs when you keep sitting for long periods without moving.  You are putting your hips in a constantly locked position. Even if you are an athlete or a sports person and always on the move,  you may still suffer from tight hip flexors. In fact a lot of people have this problem.

A CNN report says that most Americans sit for about 10 hours before their computer screens.  This leads to problems like indigestion, and unsatisfactory sexual performance, discomfort while walking,  lack of energy in the gym, sleeping problems, circulation problems, back pain, joint pains and bad posture to name a few.  All these problems are indicative of tight hip flexors.

A lot of people suffer from this problem without being aware of it.  The hips bridge the upper and lower body and therefore, tight hip flexors will affect the entire body. There is a muscle in the hip area called the psoas major muscle, which is the connecting muscle for the lower and upper body.

When you have tight hip flexors  you have a lot of side-effects, some of which are: –

  • Back pain,  joint pain and leg pain
  • Trouble in sleeping,  fatigue and dizziness
  • Inadequate and unsatisfactory sexual performance
  • Depleted energy
  • Stress anxiety and depression
  • Digestion problems

While the problems may seem general when taken individually,  together they have a serious impact on your health. The flexibility of your hip muscles are indicators of the health and strength of your body.  When the psoas muscle is healthy, it aligns the pelvis neutrally, providing increased core strength and mobility.

Who Are Mike Westerdal And Rick Kaselj?

Rick Kaselj

Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj are both famous personalities. Mike Westerdal belongs to the fitness industry and has sold many bodybuilding and fitness programs. These programs are raging success.

Rick Kaselj helps in the rehabilitation of injured athletes. He teaches how to exercise with injuries.

What Do You Get When You Purchase Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

When you buy the program,  you will get a DVD video series and a pdf manual.  The DVD contains 10 exercises carefully chosen by the authors to help unlock the hip flexors.  It contains a series of exercises called ‘Sequential Flow Method’.

You can read how the exercises are done and follow the video as you do them.  The exercises are easy to as they have been clearly explained.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Video

The video is the foundation for the entire program.  You will learn about all the exercises in detail.   The program has been divided into two parts.  In the first part, the author Rick explains all the exercises in great detail with explanations for performing them.  The second part is actually doing the exercises without stopping. There is no explanation because Rick says that you have to continue with exercises without stopping and create the sequence which unlocks the hip flexors.  Hence, the name ‘Sequential Flow Method’.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

The manual is a pdf that gives you knowledge about the  psoas muscle. You will learn every single thing about this muscle.  The manual also contains pictorials of exercises that you can combine with the DVD.

In addition to the pdf and DVD videos you also get to bonus as given below:-

  • Unlock your tight hamstrings
  • 7 day anti inflammation diet

When you are sitting all day and have a sedentary lifestyle,  your hamstrings become tight. They have to work properly to ensure that your performance is at its peak.  Tight hamstrings are also susceptible to injuries and take a long time to recover, not to mention the excruciating pain.  Athletes get regular massages to ensure proper blood flow to the hamstrings so that they are fit.   But,   you do not have to invest in a massage. The instructions in ‘Unlock Your Tight Hamstring’ will help you keep them healthy  by devoting a few minutes each day.

The next bonus teaches about healthy diet. You   cannot really be fit unless you back it up with a proper and healthy diet.  A healthy body is 70% diet and 30% exercise.   But the two have 2 complement each other.  The 7 day anti inflammation diet is a complete nutrition plan that gives you a list of meals including your grocery shopping list for those meals,  food recommendations and finally a list of supplements also.

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Advantages of The Program

Given below are the advantages of unlock your hip flexors program:-

Easy To Follow –  This program contains practical and easy to do exercises that can improve your general health.  You don’t need to devote too much time as the exercises are quite easy to do. Do them for 15 minutes every day and  you are done.   You don’t have to be a sportsperson or an athlete to do these exercises. Anyone can do them. However,   a word of caution here. If you suffer from back or knee injuries, please consult your doctor before you start with this exercise program.

Money Back Guarantee –  If, for any reason, you find that the program does not deliver the desired results,  then the authors offer a 60 day money back guarantee. You need to email them and you will get a complete refund.  One advantage of this program is that you do not need any equipment to do the exercises.

No Fillers  – The book and the DVD do not contain any superfluous content to make it  voluminous. The manual has 65 pages and contains only information about the program and the psoas muscle.

Proven Exercises –  The exercises have been created by professionals who are well known in their field.  They are qualified and have a good knowledge of what they are teaching. These exercises have been proven to be successful for many people.

Require Less Time –  You need to devote only 10 to 15 minutes a day to do the exercises.  However, if you follow the anti-inflammation diet plan, you need to shop for it and plan your meals accordingly.

Social Media Support –  The program has an official Facebook page with a lot of followers who help each other.  People love this program and have benefited from it.

Disadvantages of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

There seems to be only one disadvantage which is that if you have a knee injury then this program is not for you.  In fact, you should consult your doctor before you start doing the exercises in case of injuries.

Key Features of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

  • This program teaches you how to target the muscles.  You get a DVD that works you through every single step.   Rick demonstrates the moves very clearly and you will be able to do them easily.
  • You learn about the importance of posture and why the hips are the key to a healthy body .  If your hips are not healthy then your performance, whether walking, running, standing or sitting, is severely impacted.
  • You learn how the psoas muscle affects your spiritual emotional and physical well-being.  This has an impact on day to day routine life
  • You learn how to lose fat quickly and gain more energy by switching off the ‘ the danger mode’ into which your body has gone into because of the unhealthy state of your hips.
  • You learn the main reason for the changes in the psoas muscle which is a signal to your body.  Any change from the natural structure has a major impact that it sends signals throughout the body causing other muscle groups to react accordingly.
  • You learn the reason why you  can be affected by this problem even though you are not a couch potato.
  • You  learn why people with desk jobs and those with driving jobs need to act immediately.
  • The reason why your core workouts could be more harmful than benefiting you if the hip flexors have not been unlocked first.
  • The reason why strong glutes and  legs are important for overall good health and why too much hip flexion is not good.
  • You learn how stress, injury and trauma affects  posture and psychological state
  • You learn how you have to target the affected muscles proactively to reverse the damage that a desk job causes.
  • Rick  make of situations you need to be consciously aware of when you are glute training to ensure that they are being properly activated for peak performance.
  • You learn how you can clear your mind and re-energize it by relaxing the psoas After reading the manual you will understand how relaxing the psoas muscle can de-stress you and your mind immediately.

Price of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

The program is available for just $10 instead of $50,  which is the regular price. With $10 you can get the pdf manual,  and the two powerful bonuses.

Buy Unlock Your Hip

Money Back Guarantee

The authors are offering you a 100% risk free money back guarantee.  All you have to do is try the techniques that have been demonstrated for the next two months.  Incorporate the techniques into your work out and do them regularly every day. It takes just 15 minutes.  If, after 60 days, you are dissatisfied with the results, you can claim a refund and you get your money back.

Customer Testimonials

Jason ~ I have been an athlete and have had numerous knee surgeries.  Later on, I developed a hip problem because of the continuous coaching throughout the years.  I had reached a place where I found it difficult to perform. I could not even coach my clients productively.

I got an MRI done and realised that I had an  irreversible degenerative hip condition. I did not want to consider surgery and consulted Rick.  He recommended the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program”, which I began applying in my life.   I have regained my strength and speed.  I can still complete and also coach my clients productively.

Alan ~ I am a diplomate of the International College Of Applied Kinesiology and have a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.  I know how the body works and realise that the strength, mobility and flexibility of the hips is very important for a fit and healthy body.  I am excited to read about Rick’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and have watched the DVD series. I have implemented the program with my clients and it has been very successful.

This is a comprehensive system to free the hips and restore flexibility.



Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is ideal for people who do not have time for the gym.  These people can implement the techniques demonstrated in this program at home and achieve  overall good health and fitness. Many people, who have used this program, have reported benefits and improvement in their health.  In case, the program does not work for you for any reason, you can email them and claim a refund.

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