Using CBD Oil For Anxiety: Does it Work?

Stress fills every day of life. You dealt with pressure from when you were born and got a slap on your rear to get you to cry. Your response to stress factors as a child was crying. And that cry sorted things out. Your diaper would get changed, or you would get fed. And perhaps if you were wailing to make a fuss, you would get pacified.

As you got older, stress points increased in intensity. Your first day at school probably remains etched in your mind as one of the stressful moments when you left home. Usually, humans have coping mechanisms that enable them to manage the anxiety that comes at different times. But if stress becomes a part of you and takes long durations to let go, that becomes a condition that needs a remedy. It’s possible to find a treatment in CBD oil. Here, you learn the causes, effects, and cure to high levels of persistent stress.

CBD Oil For Anxiety

Anxiety Causes

Anxiety gets caused by different things. It comes and goes, depending on the activities which you engage in. It is an essential, though unpleasant part of life, but you often go through it gracefully as it lasts a short time. The root cause of anxiety becomes elevated stress levels. You can get anxious over the simplest things like crossing the street, talking to a special someone, going for a meeting, taking a test, or even getting out of the house.

The problem comes in when the feeling that should stay momentarily stays indefinitely enough to cripple you. This feeling prevents you from living a complete and fulfilling life. While anyone can suffer from this anxiety disorder, women are predisposed to get it. It is also the most prevalent mental disorder.

Types of Anxiety

Different forms of stress disorder affect humans, but six significant types have gotten studied and documented.

  • Separation Anxiety Disorder: This disorder affects someone when they perceive that they will lose the presence of another in their lives for good or for a time. This condition can stay for weeks in children or last up to six months in adults. While you might think most children go through this disorder, it happens to children who go through normal development, and it is short-lived.
  • Specific Phobia: This irrational fear gets directed to events, animals, or objects. You find yourself overreacting to these different stimuli, depending on what you fear. You can get paralyzed when you think about being near a ledge or hyperventilate when you imagine a spider if you fear arachnids.
  • Social Phobia: This fear stems from being around people. When around unfamiliar faces, it arises when forced to perform in front of people like giving a speech, singing, or even eating. This fear comes from thinking you will get criticized or judged for how you engage or interact with people or even perform.
  • Panic Disorder: This disorder has spread its cold fingers to manifest in people with underlying physical conditions like thyroid problems or cardiovascular issues. In the case where the situation can stem from the physical body, it becomes imperative to get to the underlying problem rather than try and treat the recurring panic. Panic attacks can also arise as in of themselves. They interfere with daily living and can be a way a person expresses their fear. The fear of a panic attack can of itself bring up the attack. These episodes last up to six months to get categorized as a disorder. The reason for this time is anyone can occasionally get an attack based on the stimuli they get.
  • Agoraphobia: This phobia affects people who fear being in a situation they perceive they cannot escape. These people get provoked in places like public space, getting into enclosures like elevators or vehicles, or even being in a crowd.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This disorder affects someone making them a worrywart. They worry about every single event surrounding them and can never be at peace. A person gets diagnosed with this condition when they experience it for six months and above.

Anxiety Effects

Many adverse effects arise from an anxiety disorder. These effects manifest themselves physically and hamper the quality of your life and those around you. Mild side effects can exhibit as sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and darting eyes. An elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, muscle tension, nausea, a pounding heart, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and different excruciating fear levels present the more severe effects. These effects vary based on the type of disorder one is dealing with.

Anxiety Remedies

Two different approaches can treat anxiety disorder. You can approach it from either the psychotherapy perspective or take the medical process. The psychologist will help you find a way to overcome your fears without the use of medication. These remedies vary from meditation to exercise, sleeping early to having a balanced diet, and several other ways. Overall, lifestyle change is what gets propagated in the psychological approach.

The medical approach has a selection of antidepressant and sedative medications that aid the brain to balance hormones and regulate emotions. But what other remedies exist for you outside the conventional approach?

CBD Oil Capabilities

CBD oil gets used today to treat many diseases and prevalent conditions. It comes from the hemp and Cannabis sativa plants and receives worldwide acclaim for restoring the body’s functions to normal.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over a hundred compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. This compound exists in abundance in plant and animal life and enables the functioning of numerous activities.

With age or certain stress factors, your body becomes unable to exercise its roles properly. Conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, insomnia, depression, and mood swings will assail you. These diseases affect you because your endocannabinoid system fails. Commonly known as ECS, this system carries out roles that keep the body functioning normally. These diseases come up when the ECS cannot manage these roles adequately.

CBD oil comes in to bolster this system by supplying much-needed cannabinoids. This compound gets utilized by the receptors in the ECS, and your body normalizes over time. Inflammation, pain, insomnia, fatigue, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure get checked, eradicated, and standardized.

CBD Oil in Dealing With Anxiety

Elevated and prolonged stress levels give rise to anxiety disorder. These extended periods of stress arise because the body becomes unable to moderate its emotions. This condition occurs from a malfunctioning ECS system and can only get checked when it gets restored to proper function. Antidepressants and therapy try and alleviate a problem that they can only lessen. Conventional medicine has the downside of getting you dependent on it.

On the other hand, therapy sessions only deal with lifestyle changes and try to help you control your emotions from a psychological angle. These two methods that try to control anxiety disorder have a downside to them. These disadvantages become a hefty price to pay, especially when you do not have surety that you will get completely cured of the disorder.

CBD oil rids you of constant anxious feelings by stabilizing your emotions. It restores the emotions balance that gets askew when the endocannabinoid system malfunctions or underperforms. In it, you get an all-natural supplement that does not affect the body in any harmful way. And while you can change your lifestyle to help your anxiety attacks, CBD oil attacks the underlying issue and resolves it as you complement it with taking better care of your body. Try it today and regain control of your emotions.

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