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Snoring that is often considered as a mild annoyance caused by snorers can be a nightmare for their partners. Sleep deprivation is what makes the partners irritated. As sleepless nights start piling up, victims become more, resentful, irritable, and find it harder to stay productive in their daily activities. Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause people to make incorrect judgments and unclear speech.

It not only affects the partner, but also takes a toll on the snorer itself. An unsolved snoring problem can cause trouble in marital life too. The ultimate result can get serious contributing to divorce. A study on this was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, which reports that 90 million adults in America snore and 37 million snores regularly. It is no wonder that many products are emerging in the market, promising to give an air of relief to the snorers.

VitalSleep snore mouthpiece

What creates snoring in adults?

The back of your throat and the nose relaxes during the sleep which narrows down the airways in the area. The narrower the way, the air passing through the path vibrates the soft tissues along the way right from the back of the mouth. Studies have found that snoring has been considered as the most annoying habit in their partner by 44 percent of the people. We have also heard enough about the impact it makes on the relationship in couples.

Snoring is more than just a habit; one shouldn’t ignore it. Snoring can make a long-term negative impact on an individual’s body. The night time when you sleep is the best time a body gets to repair and rejuvenate itself. To successfully achieve this task, your body must have sufficient hours of undisturbed sleep. But when you look at a person who snores regularly, you may find them waking up multiple times unconsciously, which will certainly have a negative impact on your body.

To overcome this problem, VitalSleep claims to have brought up an anti-snoring solution. Amidst various breathing devices and undergoing painful surgeries, VitalSleep says that it can help you with an uninterrupted sleep naturally. Hence, we now review VitalSleep to find if the claim made by the brand is true. Is VitalSleep unique compared to other anti-snore devices in the market? Does VitalSleep mandibular device really help a person sleep well?


VitalSleep is the product of The Snore Reliever Company, LLC, which is leading as the industry topper in the manufacturing of products aiding good night’s sleep for people. The company says that customized anti-snore mouthpieces are expensive in the market. Hence inspired by it, they are manufacturing one size fits in all mandibular advancement products for both men and women and selling at an affordable cost.

The company says that their mandibular enhancement devices are at least $30 to $50 lesser compared to other similar products in the market. VitalSleep right from manufacturing to packaging is made in the USA. Additionally, VitalSleep is approved by the FDA.

Ingredients that make VitalSleep

VitalSleep’s mouthpiece is manufactured with the medical-grade, hypo-allergenic ethyl-vinyl acetate also called as EVA. VitalSleep mouthpiece is latex and BPA free. All materials that make VitalSleep are FDA approved for the protection of oral appliances. With normal usage, VitalSleep is said to last for a year or more.

Features of VitalSleep

  • An obvious feature of VitalSleep that differentiates it from other mandibular advancement devices is that it comes in two different sizes and can be adjusted to fit your mouth. The size options that VitalSleep comes are a larger mouthpiece for males and a smaller mouthpiece for females. Vital sleep uses a patented Accu-Adjust System where you can shape it by boiling the mouthpiece for a few minutes. If the first adjustment doesn’t suit you, VitalSleep can be readjusted further twice. You can adjust it depending on the snoring severity. VitalSleep is completely made in the USA.
  • BPA, it is a complex chemical compound usually seen in plastics that is associated with serious health conditions is completely avoided in the product.
  • Materials that make VitalSleep are medically graded materials and is said to be safe.
  • VitalSleep says their mandibular device can be worn over tooth dentures which other mouthpieces normally don’t provide.
  • The VitalSleep mouthpiece comes with a hex tool that will help you make small, incremental adjustments to fit your mouth properly. The lower jaw of the device can be adjusted forward by up to 7mm.
  • VitalSleep uses hinged technology which freely allows you to move your mouth by 25 degrees. This is truly a matter of comfort compared to the other mandibular enhancement devices.
  • Buyers of VitalSleep are guaranteed with the Norton Shopping Guarantee for assured security while purchasing the mouthpiece.
  • Fast same-day shipping available for VitalSleep mouthpiece.

How does VitalSleep work?

Chronic snorers not only give way for spoiling their health but also disrupt the sleep of their family members too. Setting a stop to snoring with a device that can comfortably fit in the mouth would be a life-changing for the snorer and anyone living with them. There are generally two types of anti-snoring devices designed to stop snoring. They use the methods of loud sleep-breathing and airway obstruction.

  • Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD): the work of MAD is to shift the lower jaw forward so that the base of the tongue is moved away from the airway. By doing this, MAD prevents the tongue from blocking your throat which causes loud snoring.
  • Tongue Retaining Devices (TRD): Tongue retaining devices work by using a mild suction to hold the tongue in a forward position and hence keeping it out of the airway. This prevents obstruction of the air passage helping the snorer breathe easily like any others.

VitalSleep comes under mandibular advancement devices that help to move your tongue and jaw forward. It also holds it in place so even if you are sleeping on your back, the airway block that causes snoring is free. The VitalSleep mandibular device is also custom-fitted. What is required is use the boil-and-bite method like most MAD (mandibular adjustment devices) are used.

How to use the device?

Initially, you can try this mouthpiece without adjusting to find if the fit is right for you. If you find VitalSleep mouthpiece needs adjustment, the brand recommends you to allow your mouthpiece to stay in hot water for up to 10 minutes. By the time, the device will be softened and just bite the device as it cools off. It will automatically mold itself in your mouth and will fit well.

If you still feel the mouthpiece did not fit well, you can very well follow the same procedure until you are comfortable with the fit. Once you are comfortable with the VitalSleep mouthpiece, it is recommended to immerse it in ice water for some time to make the mouthpiece harden. When you are ready to go to sleep, just insert the mouthpiece and sleep

Additionally, VitalSleep mouthpiece uses a hex key. You can turn each screw clockwise to move the lower part forward. When doing this you have to make sure you adjust both the sides for proper symmetry.

You can estimate the improvement by measuring your snoring after the usage of VitalSleep. If you feel that the snoring persists, you can slowly move the bottom part even further forward until it stops. Simultaneously, the hinge technology in the VitalSleep is impressive which will allow the person to open his mouth up to 25 degrees for greater movement.

Benefits of using VitalSleep mouthpiece

While reviewing the product and customer reviews, we have found that the device has the following major benefits:

VitalSleep review

  • Improvement in snoring is seen right from the first day of using VitalSleep
  • The throat aches and dry mouth which is the common problem with snorers is reduced.
  • Good night’s sleep Increases energy level and improves sleep quality
  • BPA and latex are not used.
  • Promote breathing during sleep using Accu-adjust system
  • Overcome depression and other sleep deprivation health issues.
  • VitalSleep is FDA approved and is manufactured in the USA.
  • It comes with 2 sizes for a perfect fit for both men and women.
  • It can be adjusted easily by just boiling the product.
  • VitalSleep has a 60 night’s money-back guarantee.
  • A free e-book “33 Tips To Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep” comes with every purchase
  • People with dentures can use the product.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

VitalSleep mouthpiece comes with 2 models, one for men and other for women which are 10 percent smaller. The regular and smaller size of the VitalSleep mouthpiece can be purchased at $69.95 at the VitalSleep official website. With your purchase, VitalSleep promises the following:

  • VitalSleep pays your shipping charge.
  • VitalSleep offers same-day shipping.
  • The exchange of the mouthpiece is easy and hassle-free.
  • VitalSleep 60-night money-back guarantee.
  • The company pays the shipping charge for your exchanges as well.
  • The product comes with a hassle-free 1-year warranty.

Post usage should the customer is unhappy with the product, the company offers to give a no return refund for the product. All you need to do is contact VitalSleep for a refund or any other queries. You can also send them an email or generate a refund from their website’s returns page.

VitalSleep cleaning and maintenance

It is advisable that you clean the VitalSleep mouthpiece after each use. Rinsing the mouthpiece with cold water and brush it with a toothbrush. You may use regular toothpaste as a cleaning agent for VitalSleep. Dry the device and keep it in the plastic case that comes with the VitalSleep package. The instructions in the VitalSleep package mentions that the mouthpiece can be immersed in a denture cleaner.

Who should not try VitalSleep?

For an adult who wants to buy VitalSleep to stop snoring, make sure you do not have the following conditions.

  • Sleep apnea
  • Any kind of respiratory disorders, for example; asthma or emphysema
  • TJD also called Temporomandibular joint disorder or any jaw pain
  • If you are using retainers, braces, or have undergone recent dental implants

Side Effects

The manufacturer of VitalSleep does not advise that this device might have some side effects like soreness in the jaw and mouth, drooling saliva during sleep and the hurdle of oral breathing. However, these side effects of VitalSleep are similar to any other MAD mouthpieces as our mouth initially tend to behave the same while using foreign devices. In many aspects, VitalSleep seems to outweigh these effects by its benefits.

When choosing the MAD device, it’s crucial that you look at their features and how it will satisfy you and your needs. Finding the right mouthpiece can highly reduce or even cease your snoring and replace it with a good night’s sleep, happy relationship with the partner and more energy.

Customer Reviews (Video)

While checking for the customer reviews of VitalSleep, we found that most of them were positive. We are sharing a few of the VitalSleep reviews here:

VitalSleep testimonial

Lorne Ray from Hendersonville, NC, said that he finds VitalSleep amazing. He said that it had greatly improved his relationship with his wife. His wife now takes a good uninterrupted sleep throughout the night and Lorne said that the difference after using VitalSleep mouthpiece is unbelievable. He said that he now feels energetic during the day time and is happy with using the amazing device. Lorne thanks VitalSleep for making an incredible difference in his life and would recommend it for anyone who is snoring.

Alan Hedge, from NY said that snoring disrupted his sleep and he woke up many times during the night. Alan also said that he would feel tired after he wakes up in the morning. He tried throat sprays, nose sprays, etc. and it did not stop his snoring. He says finally he thought of trying VitalSleep and now he doesn’t snore and his wife gets a good night’s sleep every night.

Conclusion - The Final Verdict

Overall, after reviewing VitalSleep, we come to a conclusion that is efficient in eliminating snoring. VitalSleep claim that it can be used with dentures is an added advantage. However, we would strongly recommend people with dentures to consult with the doctor before using the device.

We also feel that the price to strength ratio of VitalSleep is great. Combined with their money-back guarantee, we strongly recommend people with snoring issues to try it and see the results.

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