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Even though the name sounds extremely generic, and perhaps a bit misleading, Volume Pills are among the most effective pills when it comes to male ‘volume’. No, they’re not meant to make your hair shinier, neither are they made for building muscles – Volume Pills are male enhancement pills that will step up your game in no time.

The fact is that women love sex, perhaps as much as most men do, but they will never know how it is when you’ve been ‘let down’ by your little buddy. Now, with the invention of the Volume Pills, you won’t have to worry about that either.

In this review, we’ll talk about what Volume Pills are made of, how they work, what ingredients are contained in the formula, the benefits you should be expecting from them, and later we’ll see what others had to say about them. Without any further ado, let’s dive in the Volume Pills Review.


VolumePills Ingredients

Volume pills feature a blend of various natural ingredients, some of which are incredibly strong and potent, others which act as catalyst – shields that are used to protect us from the side effects of the former. The most important ingredients of Volume Pills blend are:

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate is commonly known as Zinc Salt. There seems to be a variety of reports about what Zinc Gluconate is actually used for, most of which are not backed by clinical verification.

What we do know about this ionic compound is that it was mainly used as a dietary supplement and in treatment of the common cold. Most people would wonder why such an ingredient is even relevant to a male sex performance booster’s formula, but its actual side effects are what make it so great.

Namely, Zinc Gluconate, when absorbed in sufficient doses, makes the user feel a bit different. In the most severe cases (when taking Zinc Gluconate in extremely high doses), people were reported to have experienced anosomia (which is basically a loss of smell). In other, more controlled cases such as this one, this particular ingredient enhances focus of whoever ingests it by ‘shutting off’ unnecessary receptors in the brain (for a time).


Drilizen is maybe the single most popular male booster ingredient we know today. It’s used for a variety of penis enlargement pills and tablets, semen boosters, and basically everything related to it.

Essentially, what Drilizen does is that it enhances the nitric oxide levels in our body, which are directly linked to the levels of testosterone in our bodies. In short, it indirectly enhances our testosterone.

Furthermore, Drilizen regulates and improves blood vessel dilation, significantly improving the blood flow. Logically, the better the blood flows, the better and longer erections are.

Those are not the only functions of this particular ingredient. Namely, Drilizen also contains Protodioscin, which also enhances the levels of testosterone in our bodies. Protodioscin significantly improves the secretion of various hormones linked to the testosterone production.

Ling Zhi extract

LingZhi (or Lingzhi) are mushrooms commonly used in the Chinese Traditional methods and practices of medicine. Before its medical properties were ever discovered, it was used as a very potent ingredient in the culinary sphere. The Lingzhi mushroom tastes extremely bitter, it was often cut or sliced very thin. Of course, since we’re talking about its medical aspects, let’s take a turn back to where we were headed.

The LingZhi mushroom extract produces a very particular group of ganoderic acids which are called Trierpenes. They have a very distinctive molecular structure which is in many ways similar to the structure steroid hormones have.

The synthetic process of isolating the sterols from the LinghZhi mushrooms is a complex one, but it yields ganoderol, ganoderiol, lucidadiol, ganodermadiol, and ganoderenic acid. All of these sub-ingredients promote better health and better erections, making them more efficient and less risky to consume than actual steroids.

Emblica officinalis

Emblica officinalis is an Indian berry often referred to as simply Emblica. This ‘wonder berry’ of sorts has two main functions. First and foremost, it was used to improve the general vitality of men, but it was later found that its components had a strong cardio vascular impact as well.

Not only does Emblica improve the regulation of blood in the vessels, but it also clears the debris therein, substantially improving the transportation of blood from one vessel to the other. Logically, this means that the blood will flow to your penis in a faster way, ensuring more ‘reliable’ erections.

Simply due to the fact that it increases the overall vitality in men, Emblica also increases the sperm quality and overall sperm count.

Fucus Vesiculosis Root

The root of the ‘rockweed’ is another component in the Volume Pill’s formula. One of the main reasons why it was used in the mixture of a male enhancement supplement is because it’s exceptionally rich in iodine.

One of its main functions is that of a catalyst – the Rockweed (Fucus Vesiculosis Root) enhances the potassium levels and is a natural catalyst of the acetic acids. Basically, it makes the other ingredients remain as potent as they are while minimizing the strength of their natural side effects.

Rou Gui Bark

People who have studied Rou Gui Bark often refer to it as Chinese Cinnamon. It derives from Cinnamomum Cassia which is native to the country of China, although Rou Gui can be procured from several other types and species of cinnamon.

The Rou Gui cinnamon is greatly superior to the basic ‘cinnamon spice’, mainly due to its medical properties. It affects the kidney, spleen, liver, heart, as well as meridian systems. It’s yet another catalyst ingredient in the Volume Pills formula which produces a robust shield which protects our system from the potential side effects other ingredients pose.

Tian Men Dong roots (Wild Asparagus)

Wild Asparagus, or Tian Men Dong, is sometimes referred to as Shatavri in India (which roughly translates to a ‘woman with many husbands’). Even though it’s commonly used by women o treat PMS and menopause disorders, there are many benefits it provides to the male population as well.

Basically, this is a type of herb that generally promotes healthier lungs and kidneys, its other uses refer to moistening. While this is a obvious benefit for women, in men it greatly helps with semen quality and volume, although there are no traceable medical records which would prove that it improves semen count as well.


How does it work

It’s pretty hard to say how Volume Pills work simply because the ingredients the formula is comprised of are very versatile, due to a lack of a better word. When isolated, all of the aforementioned ingredients have so many different medical uses, and almost not a single ingredient (apart from the Drilizen) is primarily used for sexual boosters and supplements.

However, when bonded together these ingredients enhance various sexual functions of whoever is using them. From improved blood flow, over increased sex drive, to superior sperm count and quality, there are many benefits to be had by using this supplement.

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Just like we’ve already mentioned, there’s a plethora of benefits you should expect to reap once you start using Volume Pills. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Increased sperm count, volume, and quality – one of the basic goals of the Volume Pills formula is to enhance the quality of your sperm by a long shot, in every aspect possible
  • Natural blend of ingredients – even though certain ingredients had to be extracted and then later added to the blend in a synthetic way, all of them are completely natural
  • No need for any kind of prescription – most, or better said the vast majority of sperm boosters come with a prescription, which can’t be said about Volume Pills
  • Substantially increased testosterone levels – one of the positive side effects of having a better quality sperm is increased level of testosterone. You will start experiencing a stronger sex drive, and you are also most likely to last longer in bed

Price and Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The Volume Pills ‘protect you’ with unmatched money back guarantee. You will be able to receive a full money back guarantee (minus the shipping and handling costs, of course) within the 67 days of your purchase. On top of that, the pills are very, very affordable.

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Side Effects

We can’t say that there are ‘no’ side effects altogether, but the ones that do occur in marginal cases are mild in the worst case scenario. Mainly due to the increased level of testosterone, some people have experienced different kinds of sex urges, and in the worst case scenarios, mild baldness. The reason why we accentuate the ‘marginal cases’ part is because only one person out of ten thousand does actually experience these side effects.

Customer Reviews

First of all, ‘Volume Pills’ is a bit too generic for a name. Some people might get misled by it and think that it’s a supplement for stronger hair volume, others might think that it’s a steroid package, but it’s in fact a sex performance booster.

That’s the reason why, if you plan on doing any form of research, you’ll stumble upon various, and often misleading reviews. We’ve scrounged the internet for plausible and legit ones, so we decided to share with you what others had to say about them.

First up is HealthEIron’s review of the Volume Pills. This is a trusted and well-established website that has helped us gather information about numerous sex enhancer pills and supplements, Volume Pills included.

This particular review is comprehensive in many ways. It does start off pretty generic in every way, but there are tons of valuable information regarding the formula, how these pills actually work, the benefits you can expect from using them, side effects, and more.

The only thing that we didn’t exactly like about this review is the fact that they’ve simply listed the ingredients and briefly had a couple of words to say about each individual one, assuming that people know what Drilizen and Solidin are, for example. That’s the reason why we went a bit further in our review.

They close down the review with a ‘safety section’ rather than a full blown conclusion. That’s pretty much it, they accentuate the fact that you simply can’t know whether certain side effects will appear, although they do also point out that the chances of you suffering from any of them while using Volume Pills is minimal.

The next website we turned to for consultation is Ahcaf. Though the platform is a bit more flashy, they too provided us with numerous valuable information pieces. They straight up number the features of the Volume Pills and accentuate the notion (not a fact) that you’ll be able to increase the volume of your ejaculations up to five times.

This review also touches upon a rather interesting question – it features a section which asks you why would you even want to have a ‘bigger load’ for a lack of better words. Though this section is pretty small and has no medical background to claim it, it’s still interesting to think about why would you even want to use such pills.

This site also features numerous other (smaller) reviews, and surprisingly, most of them are rather negative. The reason why this surprised us is because the writer of the main review praises Volume Pills over and over again. Be it as it may, the vast majority of users do agree that Volume Pills actually work, and the reasons why most of them are negative is because people had technical problems with the support staff of the brand.


Overall, Volume Pills are actually pretty legit. In all honesty, there are so many male sex enhancer pills and boosters out there that you should be sceptical about these things. However, take into account everything we’ve said so far and decide for yourself. If you ask us, Volume Pills do a major bang for the buck, and then some.

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