Ways To Find Your Focus When You’re Stressed Out

Too much workload, disrupted relationships, diabetic patients, suffering from high pressure, are some distractions which everyone in today’s world is going through. Due to so much in life, people make themselves aloof from everyone and maintain a distance from society. Slowly and steadily they get into the trap of depression and life gets tangled up instead of getting resolved.

The problem in discussing and concentration increases as one gets older. We can reduce this too much extent with proper lifestyles, treatments related to hormonal imbalances and mental health disorders.

Reading serves as an effective method to relax and relieve stress. Many a time people keep on reading the same lines again and again and starting on the same page. Stress or inability to focus is the reason for such acts.

There are hundreds of ways to work on it. Simply one should walk out of the talks in hand for a moment. Shutting eyes and taking deep breaths works wonders. Stress is vital and inevitable in everyday and everybody’s life. Stress is not just emotions. It’s a response by the body and its physical effect can make one feel exhausted.

During stress, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline help in managing the situation. Cortisol helps in releasing oxygen to the brain and a rush of energy. Sustained stress produces cortisol which suppresses adrenal glands and leads to chronic fatigue.

Sometimes inability to focus exceeds an extreme level. In such cases, it takes the form of physical disorder. Some areas mentioned below:

One can look at a person and understand their mind, either by looking at them or by involving in work relations with someone. For an instance, it is very easy for a teacher to understand her student’s concentration level from their assignments, or for the boss by analysing their employee’s tasks. So what are the signs of distracted minds?

  • Inability to perform normal daily tasks.
  • Restlessness
  • Brain congestion or becoming numb
  • Difficulties in remembering a few things which happened a short while ago.
  • Not able to contribute to decision making.
  • Lack of energy
  • Making careless mistakes like in simple calculation, speaking something and writing other things.
  • Deteriorated performance at the workplace.
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue and tiredness

So what are the reasons behind such instances of distraction in life?

  • Lack of proper sleep:

Lack of deprivation results in several abnormalities in our body such as impairs attention, memory, and ability to decide. It also gives birth to certain diseases such as increased cholesterol, blood pressure. The brain stops working. Proper sleep is more essential than food. An individual can survive without food but lack of sleep turns them erratic. So getting proper sleep can heal the ability to concentrate.

  • Vitamin Deprivation

Vitamins and minerals are the essentials of life not only for the proper working of the digestive system but also for the nervous system. People who lack vitamin B suffer from brain congestion or brain fog.

  • Anxiety and stress

Anxiety has many forms such as fear, anger, depression, hypertension, negative thoughts, nervous breakdown. Continuous surviving in any of these forms may deviate one to survive in the present situation and focus on the work at hand. Well, if speaking to others or closed ones or the people who understand you regarding your worries or fears, who would one to come out of such situations and feel lighter? However, Meditating, positive thinking and indulging oneself in religious thoughts works wonders in such cases. Even if the situation doesn’t improve, one may consult with the psychologists.

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

This disorder includes difficulties in remembering certain things & in concentrating. This disorder has an adverse effect on one’s life. It can be treated by opting for behavioural therapy or medication.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

It is excessive anxiety that results in restlessness, irritation, sleep disorders and difficulties in staying focussed. Medication, psychotherapy and support group therapy can often treat this disorder and provide relief.

Many people indulge themselves in the habit of daydreaming which results in a lack of concentration most of the time. To avoid this, one should be mindful. There are some ways that help people to stay focussed.

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)

This above technique has taught many people to keep their focus maintained at certain tasks they are carrying out. It also improves memory, motivation and autonomy. This technique includes deep breathing, stretching and some awareness exercises.

  • Meditation

Meditation is the most trusted and practiced method to improve concentration. It heals the mind, body and awakens the inner self. It even makes a person calm and helps the person in developing a healthy attitude. It also inbuilt positivism within the self.

  • Mindful Movement

This includes yoga, structured breathing, controlled movement, mental focus is all one need to heal distractions.

  • Healthy lifestyles

Change in behaviours, regular exercises, proper nutritious diets such as vitamins and minerals and proper sleep helps in increasing concentration and also works internally in improving hormonal imbalances.

  • Reducing the intake of caffeine and complete cut on alcohol and drugs helps a great deal. Practising stress management techniques, deep breathing, meditation, listening to music may help.
  • Speak to your friend or your closed one or your spouse.

Speaking your mind out and emptying your heart helps a great deal in lowering your stress. They listen not only to your problems but also advise you on how to deal with a certain situation. Life partners can be one of your best friends. Can help you come out of any stressful situation with no self-interest.

  • Deviate yourself from multitasks

Sometimes we try so many things at a time which turns out difficult for us to carry out efficiently. But in the end, not a single task is accomplished perfectly. It damages the brain and brings down the IQ Level.

Stress helps in increasing energy and motivation. It helps in accomplishing the tasks. Cortisol even interrupts sleep. In the normal state, a vast amount of cortisol is produced in the evening which helps in sleeping.

Adrenaline is another hormone released in stress. That’s the reason our heart beats faster when stressed. But sustained stress may result in stroke and blood pressure. Another effect of stress is increased cravings for carbohydrates.

Stress disturbs the immune system and also affects the metabolic process. People are more prone to falling sick. As mentioned above stress leads to hormonal dis-balances which also leads to acne breakouts. It also results in darkening the areas around the eyes or resulting in puffy eyes, falling and thinning of hairs. It develops wrinkles and fine lines and makes one look older.

It results in constipation and disrupted sex life.

Life is full of stress. Sometimes one who cannot manage stress takes the ultimate decision of ending their life and committing suicide. But what matters is how one manages the stress at their convenience.

Inability to focus or staying stressed  24*7 acts as the hurdles in one’s way of success and holds one back from excelling in their respective fields. Most times, our internal hormonal imbalances, such as testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones play a major role in disturbing the concentrated life.

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