Why You Should Be Lifting Heavy

Many steps into the gym fitness routine only with one purpose and that is to lose those extra kilos and get into good shape. You will always hear these phrases from such people – “I definitely don’t want to end up looking like a bodybuilder”, ” I just don’t want to look bulky”, “I want to lift lighter weights so that I can just burn fat” and “I want to tone my body down not build up those muscles all bulky.”

These are the people who do the high repetition, less-rest between exercises and low lifts kind of workouts — they believe that this is the best way to lose those extra pounds. However, some people do exactly the opposite— they lift heavy weights, take a good amount of rest in between their workouts. They end up losing more weight and looking more toned than ever!

You see, insanity is usually termed as one doing the same thing on repeat but expecting different and amazing results out of it. This applies especially in the world of fitness and gyming.

Understanding The Body’s Mechanism Matters

The adaptation syndrome here is the manner in which our body responds to the exercise stimulus. We are all very much familiar with the “shock phase” when you are applying your exercise stimulus for the very first time. This phase is then followed by the adaptation phase which is approximately 8 to 12 weeks— this is the phase during which the body experiences the greatest response to its own response to stimulus. Your body shows the best results here.

Then comes the last phase where one must pay attention to what the body is trying to say— the exhaustion phase. This is the phase where the exercise regime you’ve been doing since quite a few months stops having its effects on our body. This is because your body is used to the regime and doesn’t look at it as a way to work on your body anymore.

But you might like the workout regime you’re into and might also want to stick to it, so how do you try and continue it? The only answer here would be to lift weights and make a few variable changes in your usual routine that you don’t want to let go. Here are a few reasons to throw light on why you should be heavy lifting right now to achieve those body goals.

Lifting With High Repetitions Causes Upregulation Of Stress Hormones Like Cortisol

We hope that everybody knows that a set is an ideal set when it can be performed in a recovered state where one is experiencing minimal fatigue in their muscles. One way for you to achieve this is to perform it by taking a minimum of 90 second rest. Most of them end up doing repetitions of heavy weightlifting with a very short question period resting period – this will in fact lead to fat gain and increase chances of muscle damage. When one trains the muscle Fiber is of slow-twitch nature then this will lead to production of more and more cortisol in our body.

For those who don’t know cortisol is nothing but the stress hormone that suppresses growth hormones like testosterone.

Muscle Mass Gets Increased With Heavy Lifting. More Of The Muscle = Increased Metabolism

The more muscle mass your body will have the more energy it will require even when it isn’t at rest. This is precisely why an athlete who lives 95 KG can actually take a fortnight of his or her training schedule and eat plenty of food and still not gain even an ounce of fat. Meanwhile, someone who is overweight is trying to lose weight, they will know that if they discontinue any form of exercise they need to be extremely careful about the food intake otherwise the wrong diet can actually pile on more pounds of weight.

When you lift heavy weights, it equals to your muscle growing faster

It is the type of muscle fibres that matter when you’re looking at growing muscles. Heavy resistance engages type to muscle fibres which is responsible in generating extreme muscle force. So when you go and lift something heavy, you feel that your muscles are shaking. This happens because our nervous system starts to work and engage more motor units as well as muscle fibres in order to produce the force that is required to move any heavyweight. It is the type two muscle fibres that are responsible for the definition and size of our muscles. Therefore by lifting heavyweight you will activates type two muscle fibers and will be benefited with immediate results.

Heavy weight lifting improves coordination in intramuscular areas — very important for improving overall strength of the body

If you’re wondering what is intramuscular coordination, it is nothing but the ability of different sections and different numbers of muscles to work as a family in order to produce a particular movement. It is the fibers that form a muscle and make a muscle work or move. For a muscle to move it requires force and that force is provided by the fibers that are connected to the muscle. So when you’re lifting heavy weights intramuscular coordination is at its peak and this will make you more efficient in terms of the overall strength of the body.

When you lift heavy weights, your muscles get stronger and do not get bigger

Most of us are terrified of lifting heavy because we might think that we might end up looking like hulk, isn’t it? However this is just a myth and it need not always be the case. When someone does strength training, muscle fibers tend to become denser and thicker in response to the training. Using heavy weights focuses on this kind of strength training where only the muscle gets thicker and stronger but they do not become larger. So when you are lifting any optimal amount of heavyweights, the resistance that is developed by doing so is great and this doesn’t bulk you up but only makes you stronger!

Your resting metabolic them increases when you lift heavyweights

They say that 1 pound skeletal muscle tends to expand 5 to 7 cal per day approximately while you are at rest. Now adding that 5 to 7 pounds of muscle might increase your metabolism at resting rate to up to 50 cal per day. This definitely sounds like a lot, however, over the course of say maybe a year there will definitely be a difference of at least two-thirds of one pound of fat that you end up burning by doing absolutely nothing.

It is very true that when you use heavier resistance, it can get very intimidating as it is always harder and we are scared that the applied force can cause muscle damage. Therefore, we think that the safest method for heavy weights would be machine training. If you want to achieve the best result, plan using weights with just five repetitions that are incredibly challenging and after 10 or 12 weeks change your exercise routine. Never let your body get accustomed to one particular set of exercise routine then it will start showing results.

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