Yoga To Increase Testosterone

What is Testosterone?

Men across locations in the world are facing a problem, but no one is ready to talk about it. An issue in men that is on the rise is low testosterone. In a study conducted in America reports that the testosterone levels dropped by 1% every year. So what is this testosterone? A hormone secreted through the organs in both men and women.

In men, the testicles produce testosterone, while in women, they are in smaller amounts. The level of testosterone increases rapidly after puberty and drops after the age of 30. Testosterone is often linked to sex, and it also plays an equally important role in sperm production. Testosterone levels are also known to elevate moods in men. These levels are known to affect sexual development and a man’s appearance as well. It additionally helps build bone and muscle mass.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is also known as low T in men. Few symptoms that are linked to low testosterone are as follows:

  • Low Sex Drive: Testosterone is highly connected with sex drive. Hence, if your sex drive is not high, you could can a low T or low testosterone. However, some men witness a drop in their sexual libido due to age.
  • Hair Loss: Testosterone has a vital role in many body functions that include hair production. While balding can be a natural part of aging, men with low testosterone levels experience a higher rate of hair fall or hair loss.
  • Low Semen Volume: Testosterone is responsible for the production of semen that is the milky fluid. Men with low testosterone levels often notice a decrease in the volume of semen.
  • Fatigue: Men with low testosterone levels experience a decrease in energy levels and extreme fatigue. They find it difficult to go on through the day despite getting enough sleep at night.
  • Increased Body Fat: Low testosterone levels are known to increase body fat in men. They may also develop enlarged breast tissue.

How Yoga Improves Testosterone?

Yoga, in existence and practice since ancient times for its beautiful advantages on the human body. A lot of people are getting into the world of Yoga to find cures for different treatments. One sure shot way to improve or increase your testosterone levels is to perform Yoga. Yoga is known to boost your testosterone levels that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is how it helps you relax and keep stress away. When this system is stimulated, it reduces or decreases the stress hormone called cortisol. The body then responds to the decline in the stress hormone by boosting your sexual libido, which is testosterone. However, some yoga poses have a better effect on the body than others.

Types of Yoga To Boost Testosterone

  1. The Cobra


This yoga pose is known to boost testosterone levels in men after they perform the same for about two-three minutes. Let’s have a look at the posture. Start with your hands and knees with the hands shoulder-width apart. Place your knees together. Next, lower your waist and legs to the floor in a way that your legs are straight behind you. Make sure to keep your upper body in an elevated position. Look up straight and extend your arms to the floor. Place your arms angled. This yoga pose is known to boost testosterone levels in men by 16% if done on a regular basis (1).

  1. Supine Spinal Twist

One of the most comfortable positions, Supine Spinal Twist, requires you to lie down on your back. First, start with lying back on the floor and bend your right knee. This position will make your thigh perpendicular to the floor. Then put your right leg over the left leg, all while keeping your knee bent. You can use your left hand to hold the knee in place. Then, extend the right arm from your body. You then need to switch sides and perform the same with the left leg.

  1. Shoulder Stand

Not as tricky as it sounds. Shoulder Stand, Lay flat on your back with your arms on both sides. Next, raise your legs straight up. Keep lifting your legs so that your hips are off the floor. Keep moving upwards until your body is now perpendicular to the floor. Only your shoulder, head, and upper arm should support your body. Place your hands on the lower back to support yourself. Research believes that this pose helps with improving male fertility as well.

  1. Full Lotus

This is usually the pose people think of when they think about Yoga. This pose is also perfect for improving your testosterone levels. You can also practice the butterfly pose to perform this one accurately. To start with the yoga pose, sit on the floor with your arms on the side and legs straight. Next, put your right ankle in the left thigh crease. Similarly, place your left ankle in the right thigh crease. Then you need to place your hands on the knees while your palm should face upwards. You can try the butterfly pose first to be flexible first by sitting on the floor and bring the feet soles together. This pose helps you flex your joints and open your hips.

  1. Plow Pose

This yoga pose in an inverted posture. You need to start by lying on your back and place your arms on the side. Next, bring your legs up towards your upper body. Make sure to keep your torso, and the floor is perpendicular to each other. Next, you need to extend your legs down till the toes touch the floor above the head. This yoga pose is known to boost your mood and also increase your testosterone levels. It is excellent to improve your energy levels and stay calm.

  1. Wheel-Pose

The tricky and most challenging pose of Yoga on the list is Wheel Pose. If you are a beginner to Yoga, then you might have to be patient and work your way all the up. This pose is known to stimulate the reproductive organs and is also known to boost your energy levels. It lengthens and strengthens your vertebrae. It also increases the flexibility of the back.

To start with the yoga pose, lie down on your back. Then you need to bend your knees up and slide your feet on the floor towards the bum. Raise your feet so that your fingertips touch the heels. Place your feet and take your hands on both sides of the head. Your fingers should point down towards the shoulders. Then, you need to lift your hips upwards. Once you are arched, try to open your hips and elongate arms. Try to stay in this pose and hold for as long as you can, and then you can come back down.

  1. Head Stand

This yoga pose is known to have multiple health benefits and is considered to be the best poses by yoga experts. It relaxes your heart because it doesn’t have to pump too hard. It is also known to get your mid-body and full upper body workout. This yoga pose will strengthen your shoulders, arms, and core. This pose will take some time to ace, though, with practice, nothing is impossible. Start with your shoulder stand. To perform this pose, put your head on the floor and place your forearms on either side. Make sure the floor and your torso are perpendicular to one another. Also, straighten your legs. Set your feet closer to the elbows and lift one heel at a time to touch the butt. When you feel ready, straighten your legs upwards.


Yoga is a great way to work up your testosterone levels. It is inexpensive and a practice that is followed for many years for different treatments. Yoga is a natural way to boost testosterone levels. It is not only useful in increasing your testosterone levels but also has plenty of other health benefits that will help you in the long run. In the market, there are supplements such as Testogen bring health benefits to boost testosterone along with practicing Yoga effectively.

The Yoga poses mentioned here should be practiced regularly for the best results. It is not possible to ace these poses all in a single day, but with practice, work your way up. These yoga poses can also be done along with the prescribed medicines by your consultant doctor.

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